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Daily Devotions

Chosen and appointed by God (3)

February 06, 2018

“I will arise and go to my father.”      Lk 15:18


Once you grasp the fact that God has “chosen and appointed” you to accomplish certain things, many of your unanswered questions will begin to make sense. Like why you see things differently from others, or feel compelled to move on while they’re happy to stay where they are. Paul said, “Long before we first heard of Christ…he…had designs on us for glorious living” (Eph 1:11 TM). You’ve been handpicked and designed for the job! Why? Because God has certain things He wants to do through you. It’s the reason you’ve made it this far. It’s why you keep bouncing back each time Satan tries to destroy you. Here are two reasons you need to grasp this truth: (1) If you think God chose you because you’re a great prayer-warrior, or read your Bible for hours on end, or you’re of sterling character, the minute you let up or fail the Devil will pounce and tell you you’re no longer accepted by God. (2) Knowing your status before God enables you to say, “Even though I struggle and stumble and sometimes don’t have it all together, I can go to God at any time because He chose me.” That’s powerful! It’s information the Devil doesn’t want you to have because it will change your thinking, your outlook, and your confidence level. Even though he crashed and burned and ended up smelling like the pigs he fed, the Prodigal Son could say, “I will arise and go to my father.” Rejoice, God is still your “Father” even though you’ve messed up. Repent, return, recommit—you’re “chosen and appointed.”


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