Daily Devotion

September 18, 2013

Be Single Minded (2)

“Fix your gaze directly before you.” Pr 4:25 NIV

It doesn’t take much effort to let your mind drift and dream. But it takes great effort to set your mind to the task of developing a clear goal, of having a clear and compelling dream. One leader says: “For me the whole process begins with questions I must ask myself. The dream is always rooted in the dreamer, in his or her experiences, circumstances, talents, and opportunities. I ask: ‘What am I feeling—what are my emotions telling me? What am I sensing?—what is my intuition telling me? What am I seeing?—what is happening around me? What am I hearing?—what are others saying? What am I thinking?—what do my intellect and common sense say?’ A clear picture may come to you all at once, in lightning-bolt fashion, but for most people it doesn’t work that way. Most people need to keep working at it, clarifying it, redrawing it. If the process is difficult, that’s no reason to give up. In fact, if it’s too easy, maybe you’re not dreaming big enough. Just keep working at it because a clear dream is worth fighting for.” If you can get a clear sense of where you are, what you know, and what you want, you’re well on your way to understanding and embracing the thing God put you on earth to do. Moses spent the first two-thirds of his life figuring out what God wanted him to do, trying to do things his own way, only to fail. But he had a heart for God, and a vision from God, and eventually he succeeded. And you will too!