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Yair Netanyahu delivers care packages to Holocaust Survivors for Jentezen Franklin

June 3, 2020

Children of the Holocaust are now living out their final days in poverty and isolation in Israel. But we can help! Just 5 years ago there were roughly 240,000 Holocaust survivors alive in Israel. Today that number has dwindled to 190,000—there’s no time to waste. Now, with the threat of COVID-19, these elderly men and women are more at risk than ever before. That's why Jentezen Franklin Ministries wanted to start as soon as possible, and do as much as we can to bring comfort to these people. 


We've partnered with YEL, an organization on the ground in Israel and hard at work providing food, housing, and even visits to care for and comfort these remaining Holocaust survivors. Yair Netanyahu, son of Israel's Prime Minister, was on hand to volunteer and help deliver packages during our first sponsored outreach.


Yair Netanyahu delivers care packages to Holocaust Survivors for Jentezen Franklin


Our first delivery included food for the Jewish Passover, basic necessities and even a tablet allowing recipients to connect with emergency services, call for help, and contact their medilcal providers without leaving the safety of their home. This delivery was not only timely in helping them celebrate Passover, but also urgent considering lsrael's strict lockdown rules due to the pandemic.


This is just the beginning. There is so much more we can do to bring comfort to the people of Isreal; to bring safety and warmth to the men and women who found their way out of the Holocaust, yet today struggle to find shelter and food. Help us fulfill God's Word and Comfort His people. 


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