January 13, 2018

Would God be mad if I broke my fast? - Day 7

Day #7


Welcome to day 8 of the 21-day fast. You’ve already completed the first week and are well on your way to day 21. You may be a little hungry, but don’t worry; you’re not alone in more ways than one. Keep praying and seeking God and He will be there to help you and pick you up when needed.


Today’s Topic: 

Would God be mad if I broke my fast?

Keep in mind; the purpose of a fast is to draw closer to The Lord. You are setting aside a specific time to fill up with more of God. It’s not a competition; don’t overthink it. Jesus lived as one of us for over thirty years, and fasted often. He understands what you’re going through. Matthew tells about one of Jesus’ fasts in Matthew 4:2, “After fasting forty days and forty nights, he was hungry” (NIV). This happened just before Jesus was tempted in the desert and then started His full-time ministry. Don’t underestimate the power of taking a step closer to God.


Often when we slip up on a fast, we can let ourselves feel condemned and defeated. Breaking your fast in NOT a sin. If anything, you’ve proven your humanity, and 2 Corinthians 12:9 states that, “My strength is made perfect in weakness” (NKJV). God’s strength often shows up in our weakest moments. Don’t let a momentary lapse define your fast. We’re not pushing towards our stomach, we’re not even pushing to ourselves, but we are pushing to be closer to God.


If you find yourself eating that sandwich, and start to beat yourself up, stop. We as humans fail at many things, but God’s love is proven time and time again. Eating on the fast does not make you a failure. To be considered a good hitter in baseball you only need to hit thirty percent of the time at-bat. If you eat something you meant to be fasting, just get back into the fast and finish strong.


Don’t forget that God loves you so much that He sent His only Son to die for you. His love is stronger than any thing you’ve ever done. When you decide to commit to fast, you’re going to want food. This isn’t abnormal, it happens to everyone. Unfortunately, for all of us, we’re human. Sometimes our stomach gets the best of us on a fast and we grab a bite of something we’re supposed to be fasting. This isn’t the end of everything. It doesn’t even have to be the end of your fast. Pick back up where you left off; we’re in a marathon not a sprint.


Now we’ve been over what to do if you break your fast, but what if it’s an accident. You always grab a soda when you eat dinner and without thinking you take a sip before you realize it. God knows your every thought, he knows you didn’t mean to. Just put the soda down and jump back on board.


What are you doing to stay encouraged and accountable during your fast?

Let us hear your story or your thoughts. Thousands are fasting together, and many of us are going through the same thing you are. Join the conversation; you never know whom your story might help. We’re all doing this together and putting Him first—where He should be!



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