Would God be mad if I broke my fast? - Day 7

January 13, 2018

Day #7


Welcome to day 8 of the 21-day fast. You’ve already completed the first week and are well on your way to day 21. You may be a little hungry, but don’t worry; you’re not alone in more ways than one. Keep praying and seeking God and He will be there to help you and pick you up when needed.


Today’s Topic: 

Would God be mad if I broke my fast?

Keep in mind; the purpose of a fast is to draw closer to The Lord. You are setting aside a specific time to fill up with more of God. It’s not a competition; don’t overthink it. Jesus lived as one of us for over thirty years, and fasted often. He understands what you’re going through. Matthew tells about one of Jesus’ fasts in Matthew 4:2, “After fasting forty days and forty nights, he was hungry” (NIV). This happened just before Jesus was tempted in the desert and then started His full-time ministry. Don’t underestimate the power of taking a step closer to God.


Often when we slip up on a fast, we can let ourselves feel condemned and defeated. Breaking your fast in NOT a sin. If anything, you’ve proven your humanity, and 2 Corinthians 12:9 states that, “My strength is made perfect in weakness” (NKJV). God’s strength often shows up in our weakest moments. Don’t let a momentary lapse define your fast. We’re not pushing towards our stomach, we’re not even pushing to ourselves, but we are pushing to be closer to God.


If you find yourself eating that sandwich, and start to beat yourself up, stop. We as humans fail at many things, but God’s love is proven time and time again. Eating on the fast does not make you a failure. To be considered a good hitter in baseball you only need to hit thirty percent of the time at-bat. If you eat something you meant to be fasting, just get back into the fast and finish strong.


Don’t forget that God loves you so much that He sent His only Son to die for you. His love is stronger than any thing you’ve ever done. When you decide to commit to fast, you’re going to want food. This isn’t abnormal, it happens to everyone. Unfortunately, for all of us, we’re human. Sometimes our stomach gets the best of us on a fast and we grab a bite of something we’re supposed to be fasting. This isn’t the end of everything. It doesn’t even have to be the end of your fast. Pick back up where you left off; we’re in a marathon not a sprint.


Now we’ve been over what to do if you break your fast, but what if it’s an accident. You always grab a soda when you eat dinner and without thinking you take a sip before you realize it. God knows your every thought, he knows you didn’t mean to. Just put the soda down and jump back on board.


What are you doing to stay encouraged and accountable during your fast?

Let us hear your story or your thoughts. Thousands are fasting together, and many of us are going through the same thing you are. Join the conversation; you never know whom your story might help. We’re all doing this together and putting Him first—where He should be!



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account_circle Shane Roberson

I’ve just started a one week fast and I’m on day #2. I’m not so sure I can make it the full week but I really want to. I need help fighting this hunger!

account_circle Marcella Russell

I does a lot of Bible reading when my head is not hurting and I pray like an hour some times twice daily or more... I also meditates. But I am on a 21 days fast now for the first time and it is not going to well because I have stopped taking some of my meds. I dont want to break the fast so what qpuld be your suggestions.

account_circle Samuel Hogge

This was an encouragement to me I'm in day eight, but ate two meals over the weekend, I don't guess it's considered an accident. I purposed to eat, but I'm not giving up moving forward best I can. Thanks for the encouraging words

account_circle Jason Mckenzie

What if we eat right before fasting. I had a set time to start fasting but I wanted to gain weight at the same time. So I ate a big meal right before going into fasting. Is my fasting still excepted of GOD?

account_circle Pamela Robinson

God has reminded me the importance of preparation. I am not much for planning or preparing food in advance. However, since beginning the fast, the Lord has shown me that if I don't plan and prepare my food I will trip, fall or fail. There are so many temptation in an office setting. But, I was reminded that it is the same in the spirit. If I don't prepare by seeking him in prayer and worship daily, I will also trip, fall or fail.

account_circle Lisa McCall

Emefa Dzide and Maria Gallo, I prayed for you both today! Blessings as you continue your journey with the Lord!

account_circle Nkwateleng Mohau

I am always encouraged by the Word of God even when negative thoughts of discouragement God is faithful and able. He's God.

account_circle Rosemary Turner

So so grateful for Jesus going to the Cross of me and us and so grateful for the body of believers to encourage each other. We are not alone. So grateful that Jesus is our strength and Understands. There's strength in community. So grateful that Jesus gives us the (His) desire. Praying for each other.

account_circle Doreen Boyle

I've been doing this fast with Jentezen Franklin for many years. I have seen miracles done, he healed me from addiction to alcohol! I know these fasts are hard, the spirit is willing, but the body is weak! I've fallen on past fasts, but asked God to forgive me, and went on. It's a physical struggle, but oh so worth it in the end! Please don't give up. 21 days is nothing compared to what's waiting for you at the end, and during the year! I've done the water only fasts, as well as the Daniel fast, which I'm doing now, that in itself is a struggle for me, as I don't care for fruits and vegetables much. God is his mercy and Grace see's each of our hearts, and knows we yearn for his closeness, but also he knows we are weak. Please keep praying and seeking, you won't be disappointed.

account_circle Maria Gallo

Hi I'm happy that I was able to accomplish this 1st week...but I would honestly say that I feel tired and want to sleep.....I prayed and try to stay connected with my heavenly father, but honestly it is really hard when you are fasting alone and you still need to continue with a regular schedule...such as cooking for your children....go to work....and attend different activities that are required. Please pray for me so I can continue this fast but on another level, I need strength, motivation and continue with the main goal that is a closer and meaningful relationship with Him. :(

account_circle Renee West

I am just besides myself right now I'm so happy I'm alive and living for the savior. I am freely serving Jehovah God. I keep my headphones in while on route to work I take bus and trains I talk to my savoir walking, and I am so bless I play my songs and or listen to pastor Jentenzen while working I must admit I got a little distracted today but his Grace oh his sweet Grace.

account_circle Ntombi Xamela

My TV is on Christian channel only. Praying n reading the word. This blog also help's a lot. Thank you. Going well so far.

account_circle John and Kim Neill

I hope this encourages someone. This morning I got into an argument with someone. (that isn't the encouraging part of course) I became so discouraged and did not want to go to my office and try to talk with God about anything at that point. And I wanted a cup of coffee but tried to stay away. Finally I felt the Lord say to me that if a cup of coffee was going to keep me from spending time with Him then have the cup of coffee. I made my cup, went to my office and logged into pastor Jentezen's blog. And I cried and cried. I just couldn't pray but I could listen. I clicked on his sermon, "Right People, Right Place, Right Plan" and God said some of the sweetest and most encouraging things in that sermon. Please stick to and fight through your fast but don't let anything you feel is a slip up keep you from what's really important. If I had let that cup of coffee make me feel unworthy of seeing God this morning then I would have been out of the biggest blessing of hearing His Words to me.

account_circle Judith Namai

Meditating on scripture verse that I have read below to keep me focused on God. I slipped this week but continued by grace. Trusting God to give me the strength to finish strong

account_circle Barbara McKee

Thank you for this blog.

account_circle Francoise Milinganyo Wanyimba

While I am working in my office, I use my head phones to listen to worship songs or preachings from men of God that the Holy Spirit will lead me to listen too. That helps me to concentrate on my work and prevent me from having distractive conversation with my co-workers. To keep my self in God's presence I do the same while I am driving, listening to worship songs and teachings. I decided to not watching movies which I like to do and read my bible or books to remain encouraged.

account_circle Maria Barnes

Praying more and removing myself form the things I am abstaining from help, I have detoured slightly this week, but I keep trucking and surrendering each time,

account_circle Bari Thomas

Thank you Going good so far Wrote down my prayer requests for breakthrough

account_circle Mary Offei Buabeng

I am so very grateful that my church has joined the fast for the first time and the Lord has really sustained us all. Thank you precious Saints. God bless you all.

account_circle Margareth Larose

These words are so uplifting to me in my journey. God is great all the time. Thank you! I pray that everyone is lifted up on this journey. I am blessed and I feel blessed. It feels great to be on this journey. The body feels good. The mind feels good. The Holy Spirit is at work in me and within me. Like the pastor says: Stay on course. Don't be defeated by the spirit of failure. God loves YOU. If you are here, it's because God drew you here to be uplifted. Stay on track. Blessings to all of you today and beyond!

account_circle Vanessa Anrhony

Thank you for that word. Last night I was sick and weak and could not sleep. I got 4 club crackers and a sprite to calm my stomach. Help me to be strong, to resist the devil.

account_circle Emefa Dzide

I've been finding it difficult to make time to pray. I don't know why but I feel it's getting more and more difficult everyday. I think I need some encouragement.

account_circle Jocelyn Worley

For beginners, fasting is not easy my mind is constantly battling food thoughts due to various reasons. I am daily taking a good vitaman/mineral/potassium . 2 Fiber tablets which work very good considering I have not had any food all week. When I feel hungry pains I have 1/2 protein drink, at night i sip on peppermint tea. STAY ENCOURAGED STAY FOCUSED on CHRIST

account_circle Cherie Lea

The struggle is real at times to not to eat especially since food is so much a part of my life. In the moments were I am craving a pizza or chips is when I have to pray and listen to gospel music. Then I begin praise and worship and the Lord strengthens me and revitalizes me. It will not be easy these 21 days but when you are totally dependent on God He will definitely bring you through.

account_circle ROXANN Wilson

Please pray for my husband to overcome the bonds of addiction and heal our brokenness and family

account_circle Christiana Donna Duncan

Today is my first day of the FAST

account_circle Angel Mac

Praise the Lord im still here. Had a little stumble yesterday but the Lord reassured me thats its not by my might nor power but by his spirit and strength. So im more determined to stay committed make the sacrifice and submit. Amen. Im a working person, so I have set times in the morning 12am and 5am(devotion) when I pray. In the evenings I listen to praise and worship and sermons, read my bible or listen to audio bible, visit the blogs. Visit church services-bible study, fasting, Sunday etc, as often as possible to keep focus. At work I keep away from idle jesting and keep my head phone with me to listen to the same as home. I assign some of my casual leave to attend prayer conferences and fasting services that occurs in the day time. I'm willingly to make the sacrifice as I need more of God. In Jesus' Name.Amen

account_circle Emma Sesh

Fasting is like a marathon, & it is not a competition, should you fall into temptation, just get back up and continue. My way of staying motivated in this fast is watching testimonies of people who fasted and saw a breakthrough, and I also watch sermons on the power of fasting & prayer.

account_circle ROXANN Wilson

Feeling so encouraged I am committed

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