Winning the Battle of Addiction & Depression

October 25, 2019


Maria's story is not uncommon. Like so many other women in our country, she fell into the grips of addiction, and before the dream center, saw no way out.  Sadly, prevention and treatment programs are largely tailored for males and do not address the unique risks and issues women face with substance abuse. Programs specifically designed for females, help reduce the number of addicted adult women by 25%! We're so grateful for the support of our friends and partners like YOU who make it possible to fund life-changing programs like the Dream Center, and save mothers, daughters, and sisters like Maria. Here's her story:


I struggled with depression and an alcohol addiction for 27 years. I felt lost, empty, and hopeless. Because of my drinking, I had been admitted to the emergency room several times, and even got into a car accident that put me in a coma. My life was miserable, dark and without purpose or meaning; and most days just felt the same to me. My depression made it so that I couldn’t find anything to light up my days. So, I finally decided to get help from the Dream Center.


I entered their recovery Discipleship Program and found such a strong community of brotherhood and friendship. The program and people at the Dream Center started to change my life in a way that I could never imagine. Everyone here has helped me to cope with my depression. They’ve been there for me when I had no one else. I found God, and I’m building a close relationship with Him.



Now, I can look back and see that my life is a miracle. For the first time, I have hope, faith, and happiness. Everything that the enemy stole from me, the Dream Center has helped to return it to me. Honestly, I would be dead or homeless on the streets of Echo Park, in the hospital or in jail, if I had not come into the program. I owe my life to the Dream Center, and I’m just so thankful.



This program is teaching me how to find peace and healing despite my past, and I’m growing emotionally and spiritually. My mental health is the best it’s ever been, and I’m actually hopeful about my future.

-Maria Gomez


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