Will fasting help me in seasons of change and transition? - Day 17

January 23, 2018

Sometimes it seems as though life is nothing but one big transition after another. Just about the time you get good at something you’ve been doing for a while, a shift takes place, and suddenly you are facing brand-new territory and uncharted waters. Maybe you’ve just been changed jobs or moved, or maybe you’ve been blessed with a new addition to your family. Or maybe you are now facing an empty nest or mourning the loss of a family member or friend. You just can’t figure out how you are going to adapt to this new way of doing things. Life can throw scenarios at you that you could never plan for or dream up.


Change is a difficult process. We fear change because change is uncertainty and we feel the loss of control that comes with it. The key to navigating these seasons is to learn to worship, to humble yourself with fasting and prayer, and to seek God’s face no matter the transition. Remember, one thing is certain: God is in control, and fasting will help you draw nearer to Him. Fast, pray, and seek God. Embrace the change, and see what wonderful new blessings God will bring to you even when you fear it the most.


Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship. Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will. ‑Romans 12:1


Are you experiencing a season of change now? How is fasting helping you?

Be sure to login and answer below in the comments. With just a few days left, we're eager to hear what God is doing through your fast!


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account_circle Cherie southerland

This message was well needed... I'm going through a transitioning.. I'm a new nurse and I'm trying to adapt in my transition and I'm struggling I feel confused about my career path.... But I KNOW GOD didn't bring me through nursing school just to leave me to figure it out on my own... I know he is with me and he's going to see me thru this trying time in my life... I surrender my all to him... I pray God you take control over my life guide me the way you want me to go... I want to follow you and your plans for my life. I want to do your will God.

account_circle C Wilson

Oh yes! I am enjoying, and experiencing a season of change now. Fasting is bringing me closer to God. I am experiencing an overflow of blessings by learning new things. I have experienced Spiritual growth which I really crave. I am learning and growing each day. Thanks so much Pastor Jentezen for all the materials you have provided, they do help me a lot and I look forward each day to indulge. I am just looking forward for everything God has in store for me! God bless you and your ministry always!

account_circle Angel Mac

I'm really in a transition right now. I'm really trusting God for the way forward during this fast. Amen

account_circle Emma Vosloo

I have lost my job and as a single mature woman, need to have an income. I am in this fast for various issues of which revival in the Body of Christ is one, salvation for family members etc. However, I am calm, have my focus on the Lord and trust him for a breakthrough! My spiritual hearing has improved and the Holy Spirit confirms every day that God is in control, I must be still. Praise His Holy Name!!!

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account_circle Dr. Rich Rogers | Free Chapel Pastor

You HANG. IN. THERE. God has you and God is with you and He has NEVER lost a battle! And your battle is His! He is your strong tower...that place you run i to in a storm. Trust Him! Cry out His name! He is always alwaya always so much nearer than we have imagined. Peace

account_circle Christine Chela

I am so loving how my faith is growing everyday of this Fast. Thank you Pastor Franklin and your awesome Ministry for your obedience. You truly are called by God. May He just amaze you and enlarge you this year and beyond. 100 fold blessing and much more for you in Jesus' name!

account_circle Sandra Early

Thank you Dr. Rich Rogers, I needed to be reminded that I have been praying for more of God for the past year and not just "church". This fast at this time helps me to get back to seeking the voice of God through His Word that shows me Jesus and the focus that allows me to hear the Holy Spirit. I love the post from Mary Hayes that give the different names for the Holy Spirit. I have need of them all. Blessings to all who are doing this fast all over the world. May God bless show Himself to us all, is my prayer.

account_circle Christine Chela

My season of transition is on the horizon, but because of this Fast I have the confidence to approach it and embrace it with worship. Glory to God in the highest!

account_circle John and Kim Neill

Pastor JF, you said it so on target when you said, "We fear change because change is uncertainty and we feel the loss of control that comes with it." My husband pointed out once that I am always asking two questions: "What if" and "What about"? I know where that kind of thinking came from but it then became a habit. Then Dr. Rogers said: "He (God) bypasses all of that and sees straight to our most coveted possession, our hearts. Fasting opens doors for the Holy Spirit to come in and do surgery on our weak, withered areas, and replaces them with life and power." I have confessed weaknesses and faults to the Lord and my husband that I could finally admit have come from self protection. Very few people can you trust your heart with but the Lord is 100% guaranteed. He said so and He cannot lie.

account_circle Karla Cole

I just read all the posts thus far and you all encouraged me with your words. It is so true what Dr. Rogers said about God seeing the inner me, my heart. This is a time of transition and change. I welcome it, the spiritual renewal, cleansing that my soul has been hungering for for months. This year I've made to the commitment to not just fast once a year, but throughout the year to keep the fire burning from within. Praise God Martin for your new job! God is control, let him lead and guide you. When you look back at this time in your life, it will be revealed to you why things happened this way. Blessings to everyone and keep pressing in these last days! Victory is ours! Healing is ours! Deliverance is ours! Restoration is ours! Believe it and receive it!

account_circle Maria Clara Chang

Worship has been great part of my life. No matter what comes my way, I worship! That is when my heart will filled with His greatness and I am filled with thanksgiving to Him. Psalms51:11-13 is my heart cry during this fasting. Thank you Jesus!

account_circle Dr. Rich Rogers | Free Chapel Pastor

This is from a member of our writing team here at KC and I thought it would bless you: Prior to a fast, many people find themselves ready for a change, a breakthrough, or desperate for a restart in their spiritual lives. We can try to cover up as much as we want outwardly but internally is what really needs to be dealt with. We notice things that we don’t like, may be toxic, and can usually pinpoint the minor issues that others may not typically notice. We realize that a heart check is just what we need, and a fast is just the thing to jumpstart that! In 1 Samuel 16:7 God said to Samuel, “For the Lord does not see as a man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart”. God knows how much we compensate to look like we have it together, He bypasses all of that and sees straight to our most coveted possession, our hearts. Fasting can be looked at as a spiritual makeover, because it strips away what we use to cover up our blemishes. Fasting opens doors for the Holy Spirit to come in and do surgery on our weak, withered areas, and replaces them with life and power.

account_circle Margareth Larose

Good Morning, All. Today I woke up and all I could do is praise the Lord. I felt His peace. I felt the joy. I raised my hands up and offered my Thanksgiving. This God is good, and merciful, and wonderful. There is nothing else that can take you to the next step. Your help can only come from the Lord. He has come through for me countless times. Don't fight the blessings from God. Surrender. May the peace of God be with all of you today.

account_circle Martin Peeples

Yes. Big transition i got a job that is bigger then i qualify for the pay is not as good as to take care of my family but it is more then i have ever been paid and the experience i need to be better in Culinary from which i study. I preach and teach in my church one year ago i was sleeping in port a pottys but although i am so much behind i have hope one God will make i clear why my life is taking so many turns

account_circle Ismael Martinez

We just transitioned from California to Kentucky. We really miss FC OC but we’re trusting God for a new church to call home. Transitioning is difficult but, it forces you to adapt and overcome.

account_circle Mary Hayes

After reading day 17 ! It reminds me there will be seasons in our my life and this consist of unseen situations some not wanted ! But I must still realizes God is still in control. during this fasting month and this year coming I have to stay on course That he is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that I ask , think , fast , and pray for !! THE HOLY SPIRIT – 💫⚡️🌟⭐️✨💥💥💥⚡️ "But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all that I said to you." - John 14:26 Here’s something interesting. The verse above is from the New American Standard version; it translates the Greek word “paraclete” (which means the “Holy Spirit”) as the Helper. Compare this with other translations: The King James Version translates Helper as Comforter. The New International Version translates Helper as Counselor. The New English Version translates Helper as Advocate. All four translations give us a more complete picture of the Holy Spirit. He is Helper, Advocate, Counselor, and Comforter. Helper = He empowers us with a “want to” to follow Christ in faith. Advocate = He reminds us that God is for us and loves us. Counselor = He is our teacher and guides us in how to understand and apply God’s Word to our everyday life. He gives us wisdom. Comforter = He is our greatest, most compassionate encourager in a time of need. To know God – know Jesus in faith. To know Jesus is to receive a great gift – the gift of the Holy Spirit.

account_circle Denise Allen

Change is never easy, but it is a part of living.....Gotta keep trusting the Lord that He knows what's best for us during our time/season of CHANGE!

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