Will fasting change the way I feel about my church experience? - Day 15

January 21, 2018

Abraham Lincoln is known for making the statement, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the ax.” When life becomes dull and boring, and when adventure is something you only see in a movie, the problem isn’t your life … the problem is you. You have become dull and stopped taking risks.


Fasting sharpens the ax by enhancing your focus and dependency on God. It forces you out of the boat and onto the dangerous waves. Fasting and praying show you the life you have been missing because of the relationship you have been neglecting. Lincoln was an experienced and skilled woodsman who knew the value of a sharp ax. Draw near to the Lord through fasting and prayer, and you will soon see yourself sharpening in ways you may have forgotten were possible.


Today’s Topic

I’ve grown weary of my normal church routine. Will fasting change the way I feel about my church experience?


Absolutely. Fasting allows you to die to your flesh in order to fulfill the greater things God has in store for you – including your impact on the Body of Christ. If you’ve grown tired of your normal church routine, you should look inward and ask yourself a few questions. Have I stopped drawing near to God? Reading my bible? Making time for devotion with the Lord? Tithing and giving?


Remember what the Word says in Galatians 6:9, “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”


Let’s Talk.


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account_circle Christine Chela

Amen and Amen. This is power packed.

account_circle Mary Hayes

Thanks Kelly truly a word of encouragement!! God is truly amazing 💫😊💥🌟⚡️

account_circle Kelly Granitz

I have learned that fasting gives us more discernment and clarity to God’s work and blessings in our lives. We might not always see huge, colossal miracles, but even the small ones are evidence of His presence and His hand in our lives. Even though Free Chapel is over an hour away, I needed to be in the church body yesterday. I prayed all the way there that God would give me a good seat inside the auditorium. I was walking in as the 11:00 church bells were ringing. I was fine with sitting in the very last row, as long as I was there. Each usher asked how many, “party of 1” with my one index finger pointed upward. I was passed usher to usher until a seat was found...4th row center. This might seem like a very small thing to most people, but to me it was just one of God’s many ways of letting me know, “I’ve got your back.” The service was just what I was needing - the Holy Spirit’s presence was undeniable, and God’s Word was conveyed wonderfully by Pastor Jentezen’s message. I went alone, but did not feel alone while I was there. Surrounded by a body of believers, praying for each other, the Holy Spirit filling that place...definitely a God-thing.

account_circle C Wilson

This message is encouraging me even more to hold fast through this 21 day because there are great rewards awaiting me. As I go along I am asking God to remove from me everything that is standing in His way of letting His Holy Spirit work in me. I am craving to be more Christlike on this journey with the rest of what I am fasting and praying for. So I will continue to follow His lead knowing I can never go wrong. There can be no losses only wins!

account_circle Margareth Larose

We can't give up. The Holy Spirit will never allow that. We keep pressing on. God is seeing all our efforts and He will reward our obedience in due time. With this last week left, this is the time to buckle up. Don't let the spirit of discouragement - which is not of God - cause us to give up. This is the time to pray more, read more, and fast with more conviction. In Jesus' name, I pray for all of us to be stronger, more encouraged and determined during this last week of fasting. Amen. Thank you, Jesus, for leading us in this fast. This is great. Glory, Alleluiah!

account_circle Bukelwa Qwelane

Yes! since I started this 21 day fast church has just became exciting, am earger to join in in praise and worship. It has become easier for me to give a word of encouragement to fellow sisters as am prompted by the Holy Spirit. I know now after reading this message that its because I've been drawing closer to God through prayer and fasting and because of that am more receptive to the Holy Spirit to reach out in fellowship and love.

account_circle Cindy Black

Thanking God for a more fervent burden for family who are not saved ❤.

account_circle Mary Hayes

This topic was confirmation. Yes I am looking and expecting God to do great and mighty things through me 🤗I am asking God to use me this year to touch life in my church . Give me wisdom, understanding and knowledge which I know he will to be a kingdom builder !

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