Why Should I Fast? - Day 3

January 9, 2018

Here we are on Day 3 of the Fast! For many, the third day is significant because you made it through Day 1 and Day 2. There are three key ingredients for your success during the fast: submission, sacrifice, and commitment. Day 3 is when your body and your mind begin to realize that your spirit is serous about the fast.


Today’s Topic

Why Should I Fast?

You can fast for several different reasons. For most, it is a way to press in and a desire to get closer to God. Do you need to hear from the Lord about a situation in your life? Are you in search of a fresh encounter with Him? Is there an obstacle in your way keeping you from accomplishing something important to you? What about spiritual wisdom, direction, or healing? Do you need a MIRACLE? How many times have you been at a crossroads or even worse a dead end? Fasting puts you in a position of intimacy with God so that you can hear from Him. You become tuned in. That intimacy with God is powerful!


God speaks to us in many different ways. You could hear from Him when you are reading your Bible, studying a devotional, talking with another person, or even when listening to a song while driving to work. However it may be, fasting enhances your senses to the presence of God. You become more sensitive to His voice, and He speaks. When you fast, you are letting God know that you need Him, you want His input, and desire to be near Him.


Think about all the people in the Bible who fasted: Moses, David, Elijah, Esther, Daniel, Anna the prophetess, Paul, and Jesus Christ the Son of God. Why were they fasting? They needed to hear from God. They needed their mountain moved. They knew they had exhausted all their own resources. They needed a miracle!


Moses wrote the Ten Commandments while fasting for 40 days. David asked God to heal his child. Esther needed God to move on behalf of the Jewish people. After Daniel fasted, an angel spoke to him in his dream reassuring him that he was favored and God would take care of him. Paul fasted for wisdom and insight.


Can you relate? What mountain are you facing today that needs to be moved?

In Matthew 6:16-18, Jesus talked about the expectation for fasting. He said it was to be done in private but he also said be expectant! Expect God to move on your behalf!


Today, I encourage you and challenge you to submit, sacrifice, and commit! God has big plans!


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account_circle Brian Milbrett

I desire a greater, closer relationship with God. I pray that God will heal my marriage, bring our children back from drug addictions and perform financial miracles in our business and personal lives. I ask that God will lead me away from worry, anxiety, fear and unfaithfullness this year. I ask that God will soften my hard hard, rid me of my selfishness and teach me how to be compassionate, patient and loving towards others. I pray God will help me to become more Christ-like in all that I do.

account_circle Mary Hayes

Lord please remove mountains in my life ! Such as fear, doubt , guilt , lack of faith . So I can Walk by Faith 😊❤️

account_circle Miracle Lotus

I believe in the power of Fasting&Prayer.Last year, one week before I got water baptism, God told me to fast for the whole month of January.And I obeyed Him.Throughout 2017, The Lord healed me from emotional traumas, sexual abused,mental disorder and addiction from drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, sexual immorality, materialism, new age , and self-will...Above all that, God reconciled my family back together( me, my son, my parent and siblings), for we didn't talk to each other for 10 years. God helped me to forgive all the people has done me wrong in the past.With the resurrected power of The Holy Spirit, I can be able to Let Go. I am now a free woman in Christ. I'm healed and Whole.My spirit-soul-mind and body are aligning and lead by The Holy Spirit daily. All of these happened because I obeyed God's guided to fast&spray Bday seek God with all my heart.Glory to our Heavenly Father in highest.I will continuing to Fasting&Prayer from this day till the day I'll be with JESUS. I'm sending Love&Peace&Support to all of you on this fast. May God grant you strength to complete this journey strong. May God will show Himself graciously for you all. May your prayers be answered. May we all walk in Love&Peace knowing our Heavenly Father is Kind-Merciful-Faithful-Loving-Gracious and Powerful God.May The Holy Spirit will guiding us throughout our lives, to walk on Divine Purposes which God has for all of us. May Peace Be On Earth and Goodwill towards mankind.May The Name Of The Lord JESUS CHRIST Be Exalt Throughout The Earth from Now to Eternity.In JESUS's mighty I pray.Amen🙏🏻❤️🕊🌍#Fasting&Prayer2018😍

account_circle Rhonda Crockett

In 2009 God called me into a fast. I had never really fasted before so being urged by God to fast was something serious. I didn’t know just how serious it was until two weeks later my husband was killed in a motorcycle accident. I know without a doubt that God prepared me through fasted. Since then I have fasting corporately with this ministry and I’m not even a member of the church. I love and esteem Franklin Jentzen 😀 for his gift of ministry. God Bless

account_circle Tami Dreher

I need God to remove the mountain of distractions...These have been trying to keep me 'spinning' and not giving him the time He and I need. Thank you Lord for never leaving me or forsaking me. I desire more intimacy with You.

account_circle Comfort Amiekumo

My mountain is clarity and commitment. My expectation from this fast is that God will give me direction and guidance. I want to do the right thing for my children by ministering to them and having a closer relationship with God but I need God's help in transforming my life, increasing my income to provide for us without leaving them and remembering to God in my encounters with them (those opportunities that present), I need clarity in my career, and my life and my emotions/feelings. There are so many different pulls that I find myself distracted and indecisive. Lord, I thank You for Your indescribable gift and trusting that You will change my lift and family life for Your good. In Jesus name I prayer, Amen.

account_circle Joel Henriquez

Greetings from Spring, TX. I'm fasting for more of the Lord in my life. I'm also fasting for breakthrough. I've been feeling stuck, unmotivated and discouraged lately. I can't put my finger exactly on where it is coming from, but I need prayer. Please also pray for my family that Christ would be the center of our lives.

account_circle Michele Brock

Need to hear from God His wisdom, knowledge, direction regarding daily habits of time, money and resources. God to turn my husband's heart, mind and soul back to Him then heal & restore our marriage if not then for God to give me the courage to move on with my life.

account_circle Stephanie Reinhart

I am fasting to get unstuck. At the age of 58, and after many years of ministry, lay ministry, to women, and as an Intercessor, I now sense I am in a metamorphosis stage ( which feels like a strange nothingness in the secret place with God) and I am seeking God for transformation to be used for his glory and the way that his heart desires, and the area/mountain that his heart desires. I am praying that I will not lose heart, but press in to him fervently during this time. I am praying for revival in me and in my family and church, city, state, country and world.

account_circle Donna Wilson

I need a miracle for my sons and my self. But most importantly for my sons.

account_circle Ellen Roth

This is not my first time to fast, however the first time to join in with the Daniel Fast.. I was praying for direction in how to fast and the best way to fast for the miracle we need.. when God reminded me of this 21 day fast. We need salvation in our family. I am praying that our children and grandchildren come to KNOW God not just know there is a God, but to know Him as their Savior. 15 years ago my husband and I bought a bed and breakfast. It met every thing we had prayed for in size, looks right down to the color of the paint. We had hoped to run the b&b for 6-7 yrs then go home to our family. It has been a facinating journey meeting lifelong freinds along the way. 10 years ago we put the house on the market hoping to go home to our family. It has not sold! I have learned so much through this journey. Especially about God’s delays and timing. I pray that God is now ready to release us and will grant us time (as we are much older now) to go home.. I am believing through this fast our home is sold!

account_circle Ntombizodwa Maria Mavundla

There is stagnancy in my family, my niece and nephews are unable to get permanent job. Please pray for them to get permanent jobs.

account_circle Makisha Patterson

I am fasting for my oldest sons mental stability and recovery. I am praying God's grace and favor to continue to be with me while going through trials and attacks. I am fasting for financial breakthrough. I am fasting for my dad's mental and physical recovery from castastrophic stroke he had two years ago. He is unable to to do barely anything such as lift his head, let alone get up, he is paralyzed mostly and on a feeding tube, his vision is very bad. I'm praying for my other 3 children. Praying for my job transfer to go through and promotion and financial increase. I pray for my for my ex-husband and stepmother.

account_circle Laron Snead

I have been distracted on my third day . I felt a little edgy this morning and a little week but I was still encourage to pray and praise the Lord ! I have a couple of distractions that standing in my way of my fast . Please pray for me. . . A sister from my church was homeless and came to stay just when I started my fast which is a big issue because she is angry with God and I feel I can't be free in my own home to fast with peace and

account_circle Angela Mwape

God has been speaking to me about worshipping him in spirit and in truth....and now is the time . For when we do so , something happens that we can’t even explain . There’s a war goin in in the heavens and this war can only be faought when we worship God in spirit and in truth. Worship - acknowledge who he is as the maker of all creation . He is Lord and he controls everything if we let him in our lives he will order our steps and lead us to green pastures. Spirit - GOD is a spiritual being so we must worship him in spirit Truth - he is the way the truth and the life. Worshipping in truth requires the we acknowledge who he is and this can only come from reading his word and also acknowledging our own truth ( Bering really honest before him withholding nothing) for instance during this fast I admit that I am weak and I need him more and more . Whatever life has thrown at me does not stop me from worshipping him and I acknowledge who her is -I am engaging him in my life for 2018 because unless he takes the wheel I am nothing without him . He’s the air that I breath. Father God Listen to the cries of your children we are gathered here in this fast to chase after you even if it means goin with no food and in every fast that we have chosen . May you be Lord and speak to us . May we worship you in spirit and in truth for your word says there will come a time when true worshippers will worship the father in spirit and in truth. May our fast be acceptable in your sight. We acknowledge that we have strayed from you and now we are coming back to the heart of worship. Remove every mountain that we are fighting and be magnified in our lives. We want more of you , decrease us and may you be increased . Let us be more aware of your presence. Speak to us Lord like only you can . In Jesus name we pray Amen

account_circle Desiree' Thomas

I am fasting for everything that Isaiah 58:6 said and to hear His voice and obey He. I am fasting to ABIDE in the VINE.

account_circle Uklin Homer

To draw closer to God. My family needs a miracle for our son to be healed.

account_circle Martin Peeples

I am praying for my church today the leadership and all of us members become focused on being Godly and our church membership grows this year.

account_circle Rennae Gschwend

I'm fasting because my daughter Leigh needs to pass the C.O.T.A. exam to obtain a professional license and a job. The test is 1/22/18. Thank you for your prayer and may God bless you!

account_circle Ntombi Xamela

I need Gods presence and a miracle in my financial area.

account_circle C Wilson

Yes I can most definitely relate! I have applied all three ingredients: Submission, Sacrifice and Commitment for this 21 days fasting. I know my God is Awesome and that He never back pedals on His promises. Today, I am praying for Him to remove all hinderances, obstacles, and to help me to maneuver the stumbling blocks that is standing in the way of me serving Him with all my heart. I am craving more of Him and less of me. I am aslo faced with a financial mountain and for my son to stop procrasting, get his priorities together and start college. I am releasing it all in God's hands as Jesus intercedes on my behalf.

account_circle Sandra Early

I need to fast to get back my Joy. I need to fast to ask God to restore my health so I can continue to take care of my mother, cousin aunt and others that need my assistance. I need to fast to be able to hear from God about the things I wish to accomplish this year.

account_circle Karla Cole

I’m fasting for change in my life! Seeking God 1st in all I do.

account_circle Linda Taylor

I'm praying for Gods favor in my Real Estate, many agents out there and in cape coral florida I'm praying that God move on my behalf, thanking him for the country I live in that we are free, praying that he brimg my adult sons and all my grandchildren closer to him and he give them financial blessing, praying my husband quits drinking, pray he stop looking on the dating sight, I know God is so good and has done so much for me and I need his plan for my life in all this as well as my family so I'm fasting for that.

account_circle Timothy Harris

Fasting that my heart would fall into alignment in such a way that would I seek and thirst after God and His righteousness more than anything else in this world (Matthew 6:33). Also, that God's grace would open the windows of heaven and end my wilderness of unemployment as I stand in need and in faith for a financial breakthrough and miracle in the name above all names, Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior!

account_circle Mary Hayes

Spiritual healing , salvation, protection for my family members , wisdom , understanding, guidance for my Pastor and leaders, and for my newly established business ! Breakthrough for our church

account_circle Joan Young

Hello again it's now 9:00pm in the UK and I was studying the message Pastor Franklin brought us on First things. I just realised that there are seven things and seven alignments today's happen to be the allignment of Authority wow! I just realised how my helper Holy Spirit has orchestrated encouragement. I have been given the authority to bind the strong man of fear, inadequacy, human resources and budgets God is good to Him be all the praise

account_circle John and Kim Neill

I can relate. There are things we just aren't getting answers for, but then I heard the sermon, "Seek ye First", by Jentezen Franklin. It can happen in such a subtle way when we get busy, even after reading a devotional, etc, before we realize we are doing it backwards again. I talk with Him all day but that isn't quality time or the same as "seek ye first". Seek ye first, ... seek ye first,... seek ye first the kingdom of God,... meaning Him and all that He is and then let your request be known and He will answer in the perfect time. Be patient. He has never been an unfaithful God. It bothers me that I got it so backwards again so this fast came at just the right time.

account_circle k collins

I'm fasting for break thru spiritually, financially, family, marriage, job, in-laws salvation, our nation.

account_circle Liya Maydanyuk

Getting out of debt!

account_circle Pat Yao

This is my first time trying the Daniel fast but not my first time fasting. I am fasting for breakthroughs, debts cancellation, family reconciliation, a God fearing companion, health for dad who has cancer and for sister doctors don’t know what the problem is, for citizenship, a house, see I am a mess. I need help but I am praying for all of you. To God be the glory. Amen

account_circle Deedy Williams

I am fasting to honor God. I have never asked for anything from God during this first fast but have always and anticipated to hear him more, to hear him more clearly and to recieve direction; and I always have. After reading todays Blog, I have now made a request from God similar to Daniels request, but now I want to make it more personal. We had a major struggle in our finances, my husband and I are still employed, however, our pay has been cut and reduced over the past year and a half and its taken a toll. We need Financial restoration and deliverance for my husband.

account_circle Mary Hayes

My family , business and ministry need a supernatural miracle

account_circle Sherrell O'Neal

I want to be closer to God and hear his voice. Praying for my marriage and my husband. Financial breakthrough and new job promotion.

account_circle Rita Mays

I need the Lord's guidance. I need to hear His Word to make decisions in every area of my life-- finances, health, my business, my prayer life and my family.

account_circle Stephanie Storie

I am fasting to have a closer real relationship with GOD. I will also be praying for my marriage that is full of bitterness and resentment. I want GOD, love, peace, kindness and respect in my life.

account_circle Roger Essome

I am joining the crowd!! Glory be to Jesus. Roger from France

account_circle Roshaun Rogers

I pray to get closer to GOD, marriage restoration, and finances.

account_circle Tammie Parrott

@MichelleJoy God bless you! I am so happy to have the God made family that I do. Sometimes God has to bring us out from amount them like He did with Father Abraham, but He is sooo faithful to put us where we can grow abundantly in Him! Don't be scared to stand out for God's glory!

account_circle Tammie Parrott

I am currently homeless, I have a roof over my head with an overwhelming amount of comfort but with 3 children and as a child of THE MOST HIGH KING I want His best as a home to assist Him in raising these boys up, to offer space to those in need when given the opportunity. I am currently working in a position that I love and am given many opportunities, I pray God removes management abuse and the hindrance of growth financially and in my stability. Isaiah 58:6-12 be manifested fully in my now life and forward

account_circle Emma Vosloo

Thank you, this is valuable. I need a miracle regarding provision, I also desire to know God's will for me going forward. My unsaved siblings a heavy burden on me and seeking God for saving them. Praying also for the Body of Christ worldwide to come into unity., Christian leadership that will speak the truth in love and not misinterpret the Bible. Pray for Revival in church. Thank you. From South Africa

account_circle Melissa Ferguson

I am believing for a miracle of a 2nd healthy baby. My husband and I are believing for a better, living and stronger marriage.

account_circle Donna Wilson

I need a miracle for my sons and my self. But most importantly for my sons.

account_circle Joy Hawkins

I need to hear God more clearly to make family and personal decisions. Healing from diabetes

account_circle Destiny Eme

I and wife are kids are believing for a miracle after this 21 days fasting, we need a new home

account_circle tiffany Harris

I thank God for reassurance and strength to push through. When my mind suggest I make adjustments to my fast to accommodate my flesh. My spirit urged me to stand still. Im expecting big things so I won't give up or give in.

account_circle Seab Campbell

I’m seeking an ever new closeness with God!! For Financial Breakthrough and Spiritual Breakthrough. For more clarity and vision. To hear him clearly. To really know and comprehend what he wants me to do to bring Glory to his Kingdom!!

account_circle Michelle Joy

I am fasting with you in pursuit of restoration of my realtionship with The Lord. I once was walking side by side with Him and over time, life got the best of me and I am not as close to Him as I remember I once was. My Heart yearns for Him. This is my first time joining your fast and I want to say thank you, I am so grateful for your ministry. I am the only believer in my family and have recently moved and had not even had a church family for a long time. But The Lord, in His never ending love for me has brought me home! On the first day of the fast, I found my church and now have a local family and once again I have a Pastor, and my road home has been made clear. I am so full of expectation and everyday I look forward to growing cloaer to The Father. Thank you all so much for faithfully serving His Kingdom. I am just one of His children in a small rural town in Nevada that you are reaching and my life is changing - Thank you!

account_circle Renee West

Good morning family it's a blessing to be able to communicate with God's people. To have more of the savior in my life. Speaking in faith now there were mountain's that needed moving in my life, family members needed to come to Christ our savior, and my love for Jesus Christ has become one that my every waken moment is dependent only one him. Renee from N.J

account_circle Ultressa Diamond

The mountains that I am facing today are the heavy weight and bondage of financial debt and dissension within my immediate family with myself, my mother, father, and brother.

account_circle Tandy Butcher

Salvation for my household, deeper more intimate walk wit God

account_circle Michele Green

Praying for God to work a miracle in a marriage. That the Holy Spirit would be in the midst and walls would come down and the enemy will flee from the relationship. God will be honored .

account_circle Latisha Jacques

Yes I can definitely relate. God is real! He has done so many great things for me. Mentally, emotiinally, physically, and spiritually. Looking forward to see the great plans that he has for me unfold.

account_circle Maria Barnes

I am fasting for a breakthrough in my life about my career choices, my deep fear of something that if removed can make my life more abundant, my family needs repair

account_circle Libbi Stuffle

Because I need a miracle!! My husband needs a miracle!!!

account_circle Cynthia Bryant

I Need A Fresh Annointing In My Life. I Pray For The Spirit Of Lack and Poverty to Be Removed In Jesus Name!

account_circle Monchita Davis

Every year for the past 5 or 6, or maybe longer, I have taken time out to fast with Free Chapel. One thing I know for sure, if you give God all you have, He will give you all of Him. I've tried Him and I know for sure, no matter what the situation He is an on time God. Stay strong Saints, your body may feel week, you may be missing the things you love. Trust in Him, and give Him what you got, He will restore you, and your situation. Blessings

account_circle Desiree Gopaine

I’m fasting this 21 days in pursuit of a fresh encounter with God. It feels like there is an obstacle in my way keeping me from accomplishing my purpose or recognising the move of God in my life.

account_circle Elsie Mokoena

I pray the Lord will increase my capacity to submit, sacrifice and commit - three elements of my life that were much shaken from the challenges of last year. I pray for an awakening and quickening in my spirit. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ.

account_circle Joan Young

Today I am fasting with expectancy I am committed to the cause of Christ God has laid a plan on my heart for unwed mothers here in the UK it's so big it's very intimidating but when I see that plan as a gatekeeper to populating the kingdom making a difference in the lives of young mothers trapped in our Welfare system I am charged with passion and determination to support them by showing them the Kingdom way of living. So I have promised God that I will present myself sacrificialy to His cause because He did it for me and i know He is ready to do it for them I seek the prayers of the fasting community at this stage of God's project that His wusdam knowledge and understanding undergird every decision and every step I take will be done in submission to His plan His way and His principles in Jesus Name.

account_circle Barbara McKee

So I am looking to bring people to Jesus i asked God to bring me people to tell of Gods love.

account_circle Barbara McKee

While I was driving today the Lord brought back something that I wanted to do awhile back. I remembered one of my reasons for becoming a driver was to meet folks and share Jesus's love. I picked up a gentleman who had had a hard life and felt not good enough...I asked him to remember that when God looked at him that God saw someone He loved enough to sacrifice His only son for. I told him no one is to bad for God to love. He said he didnt have a Church so I gave him one of our Church I D Cards. We exchanged numbers and I gave his name to one of our Pastors so he could be ministered to by another male. Its something to realise that so many think they are beyond Gods Love...Will update later.

account_circle Laurice Carr

I am expecting a change in my thinking. So as a man thinks so is he.... I want a renewed mind in Christ.

account_circle Cynthia Festa

Day # - Ive never fasted before but am doing and feeling fine physically. I'm not sure what I should be reading and specifically how to pray for direction and healing for a very troubled marriage. Husband who will not honor vows.... Need PRayer! Need guidance!

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