Why is fasting referred to as a “spiritual makeover?” - Day 18

January 24, 2018

Have you ever watched any of those extreme make-over reality shows? You know the ones—they highlight people’s personal struggles with weight, relationships, wardrobes or careers. Some people tune in for motivation, while others tune in just for entertainment. There are even home improvement shows promising the family will have a new home and new outlook on life by the end of the hour. Watching people struggle against a personal battle can be motivating and inspiring.


Maybe you’re going through a period in your life where you don’t feel like you measure up. Your confidence is drained, and you’re not sure where to go from here. You feel like Satan is just sitting back and watching you struggle, just for his amusement.


Today’s Topic

Why is fasting referred to as a “spiritual makeover?”


What you are doing now by fasting is a type of makeover, but it’s of the kind that really matters—the spiritual variety. “God said to Samuel, ‘For the Lord does not see as a man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart’” (I Samuel 16:7). It doesn’t matter to God how good things appear to be going on the outside if we remain empty and void of His presence on the inside. Fasting cuts through all the junk. Fasting opens the door for the Holy Spirit to come in and do surgery on those weak, withered areas of your spiritual life, replacing them with life and power.


When you begin to feel the least bit of bondage or sin creep back into your life, run to Jesus in fasting and prayer. He is waiting with open arms to help you become who He wants you to be.


So what about you?

Do you feel like God is doing a spiritual makeover on you during this fast? How has your outlook or perception about situations changed? Can you see a difference in any of your relationships?


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account_circle Cherie southerland

Yessss.... so much has changed in the past 24hrs... it's seems like God took that dark cloud that was over my spirit and brought sunshine... Lord thank u so much... I was in a really dark place but God just showed up and removed the darkness... never give up... continue to pray and surrender to God and he will make a way... Thank u Lord you are so good so Awesome... I love u lord... and I pray that God will continue to bless every one on here and that's fasting.. love you all!

account_circle Jose and Cindy Flores

Definitely feel more calm, more assured of God's help and direction. The clarity of mind is outstanding!! Makes me feel absolutely clean and becoming prepared to serve with 100% all in this year. It has helped me to continue to wait on the Lord for breakthroughs in our busines and guidance for the future. It has given me great peace and hope as my husband and I pray for our grown children's spiritual lives. Thank you so much for teaching me how to fast. God Bless you all.

account_circle C Wilson

Yes I do believe God is doing a spiritual makeover on me during this fast. I have felt His Spirit move through me that I haven't felt in a long time, becoming more secure in my conversations with the quoting of scriptures, and I am experiencing a renewal of my weak, withered areas of my spiritual life being replaced with life and power. My outlook or pereceptions about situations has not changed much, because I am one who always believe my battles are not mine to fight alone so I just turn them over to God through prayer and release them. Throughout the years I have a mantra where I don,t sweat petty stuff no matter what because that one way to avoid stress and worrying about something which sometimes doesn't even warrant my attention. What I learn from these messages do help to solidify things though. In terms of of difference in relationships, I am drawing much closer to God and that is what I crave more than anything else! I am just loving this fasting period and it's many blessings! God bless you all!

account_circle Maria Clara Chang

My make over is my words. Help me, oh God! I want to only speak what pleases the Lord! I don't want to speak my emotions nor what I see... . I want to speak according to His will .words of faith,encouragement, words to built others. Psalms141:3 "Set a guard,O Lord,over my mouth; Keep watch over the door of my lips." Psalms51:10 "Creat in me a clean heart, O God, And renew a steadfast spirit within me."

account_circle Heather Stephens

During this fast, I am learning to rest and be still in his word. Trusting in his timing and not mines. Though there are times in which I fall weak in that department but I am trusting that God will continue to strengthen my faith.

account_circle Mary Hayes

Dr . Roger your posting was confirmation to me !! During this fast I have really seen things in my life that needs a spiritual makeover and have realized a heart ❤️ check is what someone really needs and this fast has jump start that !! This fast has been a spiritual makeover because it has revealed things to me and has allowed the Holy Spirit to come in to do surgery on my weak , withered areas in my life and praying and fasting for the replacement of new life and power in Christ 💫✨⭐️💥⚡️🌟☀️🙂

account_circle Margareth Larose

Dr. Rich Rogers, Good morning. I know it's late during the fast to ask this question but can we have a list of the foods we can eat during the Daniel's Fast. I had the list last year and I misplaced it. Where can I find it? One more thing, can I use honey in the Daniel's Fast? What's your take? Thank you!

account_circle Margareth Larose

Surrender. That is my makeover this time. I didn't set out with that word or that feeling when I started this fast. I just found myself surrendering more and more to the will of God. Progressively I found myself letting go of all the challenges and the distraction and I am finding out that there is so much peace is surrendering. God's in charge. He has my burdens and your burdens under control. No need to fret. Peace to all of you. Keep the faith!

account_circle Christine Chela

Absolutely. My daily prayer coupled with my other prayer points in my time of seeking God is "LESS OF ME MORE OF YOU", and what a work God is doing in me. Daily i go before Him and He does a spiritual make over. The reactions I would have given before this fast are not the ones I am giving now, the things I would have let get me down before this fast no longer get me down, the things I would have said before this fast I no longer say. It's a DAILY makeover God is doing on me and I am beyond blessed to be experiencing this with my maker. I am seeing growth and improvement with every passing day as the Holy Spirit takes over. Oh how i love you LORD!

account_circle Deedy Williams

Gm Family, My family I and I seek after God daily and have been in a battle for years regarding my husbands addiction. I believe we had a breakthough this past weekend. My daughters and I sat around our kitchen table and ask my husband to join us. I led us in prayer, then we talked to him, each expressing our concerns regarding his addiction and the impact it has on on lives and has had on our lives. There were tears all around the table, but God was in the midst of it all. My husband is a God fearing man, loves the Lord, and our family - there's no doubt... but this satanic strong hold has went on for far too long. I know, we know, something shifted in the atmosphere for our family that night, and my prayer is that you all will join in with us and pray us all the way to victory!

account_circle Mary Hayes

After reading this blog!! God is seeking ones who is trusting in him regardless of what is coming their way!! During this fast I needed a spiritual makeover and having a Thankful heart 💜❤️♥️💗! No matter what the situation is !! Having a heart ❤️ to trust him !! So Dr. Roger your post was noteworthy

account_circle Gwendolyn Daley

I feel such a presence with HIM and closeness so close. I began to weep and cry that this is coming to a end Sunday really next Monday. I am hearing "HE" has downloaded messages I will do this year. Oh my my I am being refreshed in the Holyghost it's awesome thank u Jesus!!!!

account_circle Dr. Rich Rogers | Free Chapel Pastor

Here's another good one from a member of our writing team, Alexis: Prior to a fast, many people find themselves ready for a change, a breakthrough, or desperate for a restart in their spiritual lives. We can try to cover up as much as we want outwardly but internally is what really needs to be dealt with. We notice things that we don’t like, may be toxic, and can usually pinpoint the minor issues that others may not typically notice. We realize that a heart check is just what we need, and a fast is just the thing to jumpstart that! In 1 Samuel 16:7 God said to Samuel, “For the Lord does not see as a man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart”. God knows how much we compensate to look like we have it together, He bypasses all of that and sees straight to our most coveted possession, our hearts. Fasting can be looked at as a spiritual makeover, because it strips away what we use to cover up our blemishes. Fasting opens doors for the Holy Spirit to come in and do surgery on our weak, withered areas, and replaces them with life and power.

account_circle Brian Milbrett

God, I pray the you will teach me, lead me to take the faith I have in my head, that you will provide for my family and my business, and move that faith into my heart.

account_circle Dr. Rich Rogers | Free Chapel Pastor

Thought I would post a blog written by one othe teens in our youth ministry and it goes with today's theme of "make-over" as God begins to create a new you in certain areas of your life. Her name is Alex and she is a HS senior: I remember I was thirteen when I’d decided to tell myself that I didn’t have to listen to the radio to find good music. And not everyone had to understand why I drifted off of the grid of what the world calls “the top hits.” I don’t recall when or how exactly but one moment, I would be hearing one of Atlanta’s big radio stations, then next moment, I just started getting tired of pointless lyrics -- even the vulgar kind -- and repetitive beats when I couldn’t find a moral behind the speakers. It wasn’t that all songs didn’t have a moral because I did find some with meaning. It was just me listening to most of the songs that go on the radio and at that time, I didn’t feel like I could connect to any of them. Except for maybe one song. Actually make that two songs from the same band that I found some kind of pleasure in. Those two songs led me to the band’s first hit album and ever since, I became such a fan. Currently, I own all three of their albums -- both on vinyl and CD --, have seen them live twice, and know every single word to all of their songs. That same band brought me to the depth of others that are below the surface of the number coded radio. In other words, misfit and “un-radio worthy” music became my outlet I always went to. Problem was, it became the only outlet I had in life -- besides writing of course and everything else that goes on in life. That was all that played in my room the entire day. It got to a point where I would just skip the worship songs and don’t hear them until church came along. That was when I new in the fast of 2016, it had to be secular music that I would sacrifice. Not because I decided upon it since we all should know that it’s never really our flesh and bone’s decision when it comes to fasting. God will tell us what we need to do to focus on him. And back then, I knew that He told me that was what needed to be done. During those 21 days, I was reminded that worship music was just as good as any music out there. Even after it was over, I was able to balance out my ears with worship and secular music. That's the thing about fasting -- you have to remind yourself that there's a balance between your flesh and your spirit that must make the spirit the greater percentage of your life. I pray that when you fast, you'll be able to accomplish such goal such as I did/doing for my spiritual life. Good word Alex!!

account_circle Joann Jackson

God is so good. These past few days have been filled with sadness and a test of faith and trust. Yesterday we loss a loved one (tragically) and three days prior my best friend mom's home caught fire and her loved one was severely burned. These trying times are so hard to endure. As I think of the words to Yolanda Adams song "This Too Shall Pass", God has not given me more than I can bear, and in this process I am being made-over, pressed, stretched, pulled and shaken. And like olives that get rigorous pressing to release the best oil, my Father in Heaven is releasing the anointing oil of His love on me. I want to make God smile and as a child of His, I want Him to be proud of me, so if that means some bumps, bruises, hard hits and pain, for His glory, it's worth it. Love On Him Today❤️ Lean on Him Today💖 Depend on Him Today 💝 Trust in Him Today💞

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account_circle Dr. Rich Rogers | Free Chapel Pastor

Never forget, Joann, God is near to the broken-hearted and He is not blind to your situation. Cry out to Him today...He is so much nearer than we have been led to believe. Call out His name and allow Him to wrap His arms of of around you. As the song by Casting Crowns says, "Just Be Held." Peace

account_circle Karla Cole

Yes, I can see changes in me throughout this fast. I’m seeing areas in my life that need to be cleaned up according to the word of God. One example is gossip and backbiting. I read in Proverbs 21:23 TLB, watch my tongue, and keep my mouth shut and I’ll stay out of trouble. I have been tested on this throughout the fast and I’m a work in progress But God and his mercies are new every day. So when I slip, I’m quick to repent and keep moving. This is just one area God has been dealing with me on during this fast. Sin is sin and it needs to be rooted out of our lives. So I’m thankful for this makeover time to get in His presence and deal with these things in my life that keep me from God’s best. It’s great to hear clearly from God during this time of separation from things of this world. Stay strong everyone be encouraged! He sees us and hears our prayers. Lastly, a quick testimony, I received a check in the mail the other day that was an answer to prayer. Thank you Lord!

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