Why does it feel like I face more opposition and trials when I am fasting? - Day 19

January 25, 2018

We are in day nineteen of our fast. And, yes! You may feel like you have literally been hiking up a mountain! Some days (I hope) you’ve felt rejuvenated and alive, like you were walking in a spring meadow on a beautiful, sunny day. Other days (I’m sure) you’ve felt more like you were stumbling through a dreary valley, hungry, exhausted, just trying to survive the day, and honestly … thinking of quitting. The reality is, we all experience ups and downs like that regardless of if we’re fasting or not. It’s life. But, this time—it’s for a purpose! You are almost there, and I promise, day 21 will be a “sunny” day, so don’t give up!


Today’s Topic

Why does it feel like I face more mountains of opposition and trials when I am fasting? Am I the only one that experiences this?


I encourage you to focus on how much you have accomplished so far. The beauty of fasting and prayer is that during this time, these diverse experiences help us look to God for His responses and perspective over our situations. What does He want us to see, feel, and learn through those circumstances? How much do we desire a breakthrough? How much do we trust in Him when facing opposition?


Opposition will come, but our God is greater. “Great is our Lord, and abundant in power, his understanding is beyond measure” (Psalm 147:5).


I have been fasting for years and I can tell you that this does not necessarily make it physically easier. However, I have learned to face opposition from a different perspective. As a child of God, I feel Him empowering me to face different mountains, and by faith ordain them to move (Matthew 17:20). Sometimes the hardest challenge is trying to be in control of the situations and emotions. Once you understand that is not by your strength, but by His power, then you can keep moving forward, and face opposition with confidence!


“He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” Isaiah 40:29-31


Remember, when Satan tested Jesus the first thing he said was, “If you are the son of God…” “IF.” Stand strong in your identity as a child of God. You have a heavenly Father who sees all and His Spirit abides in you. There is no reason to fear. Fasting removes fear from you.


“What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?” Romans 8:31


How have you overcome opposition during this fast?


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account_circle Rosemary Turner

So grateful for Jesus going to the Cross for me/us and grateful for this Community of Believers to encourage each other. When Jesus told the disciples for "us to cross over to the other side," He went to sleep in the boat. So I am grateful for God's promise of peace and that He wants to bless us so much. So grateful He wants us to cast our cares on Him. God already has Barnloads of blessings for us.

account_circle Rhonica Hinds

My opposition was in many forms my body took long to adjust to the fast. Many day I felt like just eating what I want to eat but I held on. Then my emotions were all over the place there were days I felt like I was wasting time fast it seemed not to be productive but I kept remind myself that I can't trust my emotions and God was there with me. Then there were distraction in my family and their behaviour so I had to shut then out and speak God's word to comfort me

account_circle Kelly Granitz

I have done this fast for a few years in January, and then I do the Daniel Fast a few times throughout the year. Every time, I do feel more attacks from the enemy. I have learned so much each time I fast, and I definitely have a deeper relationship with Jesus. However, this fast there have been more attacks than I have ever seen during a fast. With my adult children, my job, family, friends, health, finances...I even had a little fender bender. I've spent more time in the Word, in prayer, watching messages, listening to only Worship music, etc., than ever before. I have to claim these scriptures constantly and know that God's timing is perfect. Many things I am fasting for have been for a few years. I have to remember Joseph, Moses, Naomi, Job, David, Jeremiah, and of course Paul. In all honesty, I often ask God, "How long?” Some of the pain and suffering has gone on for so very long. I keep claiming Psalm 51:12, "Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me."

account_circle Mary Offei Buabeng

Dear Saints, please we did not receive the BLOG for DAY 20 and 21. God bless you

account_circle Sandra Amezquita

Hello, Since I started the fast and prayer, having several oppositions and today the last one was on my Job ;I got layoff and my job was my only source of income, I cry and cry but I ask God why this is happen to me since I want to do the right thing, but later a peace fill my heart and I know God is in control of my situation and finances as well my marriages, and now I'm not stoping and I'm going to continue my fasting and prayer until God answer all my prayers, because is better had peace them a million things. Please keep me on your prayers

account_circle Dr. Rich Rogers | Free Chapel Pastor

Another precious blog post from one of our students- Alex. Alex is a senior in high school and I have asked her to jump in and contribute throughout the fast. I pray this post blesses someone: “I need answered prayers.” I said as I take another bite of my celery and try to appreciate the taste I've been tasting for almost 21 days. “Like a cleanser for your body?” “In a way,” I replied, imagining that my salad was a big brown paper bag of Five Guys’ fries… or better yet, Chick-fil-A fries. “Really, it's for the body, mind, and soul.” “Dieting?” “No, just sacrifice to make a statement to God.” Let me tell you, fasting never becomes interesting to others unless they know you well enough to know something is wrong when you are actually rejecting free pizza at work and eating your sautéed veggies from home instead. Such a conversational starter and it gets pretty funny. Once my friends and colleagues know about it, they do their best to support me…. in their own way that is. I joke around that I was hangry for the first week and a half but started to sizzle down once my body adjusted. And after they ask about how I'm doing and support me by saying that it's a good thing I'm fasting, I always love to come back and say, “I need answered prayers.” with a smile. In all seriousness, I have many prayers that need to be answered on this commitment. Most may know that I'm soon to be eighteen and graduating in less than 5 months. I know -- or I believe I know -- the calling God has called me for but how I get there from here is like me asking how do I go overseas by walking -- it's a long path. I'm asking for a guidance when I take those next steps after graduation, to help provide me with a car of my own, even steps in knowing where to find my significant other. We fast because we are desperate to get these answers and here I am desperate enough to eat salad out of all things because I believe in a God that will see me and know that I'm doing this for Him. For Him, for my future, for my life. So when the fast is over, don't be discouraged if your prayers weren't answered right away. They may be answered in a different time -- in the right time. We fast at the beginning of the year but that doesn't mean all blessings will come quicker. It's in His time. Desperation will turn into determination. And God favors those that are determined to give everything to Him. “I need answered prayers.” I replied, “That's why I'm doing this. That's why I'm fasting.”

account_circle Rosanna Miller

I think I might go for 40 days. I am so PUMPED for God. BTW does Jentzens band have an album? I could listen to them all day long. Someone please let me know at proverbs2828 @ gmail I LOVE their songs.

account_circle Elaine Boyd

Hello Saints, I have really enjoyed this time of fasting. Every time I am faced with opposition I begin praising God and the Holy Spirit will bring scripture, concerning the opposition, to memory. Glory to God!

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account_circle Dr. Rich Rogers | Free Chapel Pastor


account_circle Calista Onu

I had the challenge of making peace with someone i exchanged words with but was finding it difficult to do so. But after reading this article i was encouraged and so i called the person and made peace with my soul. Thanks for this.

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account_circle Dr. Rich Rogers | Free Chapel Pastor

This is HUGE! All heaven looks on to situations like this and cheers! Blessed are the peacemakers!!!

account_circle Tanesha Clarke

I have experienced opposition against my mind as soon as I get glimpse of his promises manifesting the enemy comes to steal it; but I stand firm each day reminding myself to not look at the physical but to keep hope as the battle is the lords and already has the victory. My hope is to stay in his joy and laugh at the enemy as he never fails and I know I will be amazed by how he works everything out . Pray for me so my faith may not waver!

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account_circle Dr. Rich Rogers | Free Chapel Pastor

Prayers for Tanesha's faith Lord!! in Jesus name!

account_circle C Wilson

This is so true about feeling dreary, stumbling and all those emotions. I hit them all as listed even earlier today! But I just call upon my Father for strength plus I let the devil know he isn't getting this one and rebuke him. I also ask God to uphold me with His right hand of righteousness. Then little by little my strength is restored. God is good brethren and He hasn't brought us this far to leave us!! Let's press towards the mark!!

account_circle Lydia Daniel

I was going on very well with fasting from January 1st until 21st. 22nd onwards I am completely down with flu. I don't have any appetite. I can't do the fasting as the way I wanted. Praying god will guide me. Can I do at a later date ?

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account_circle Dr. Rich Rogers | Free Chapel Pastor

No rules in a sacrifice---just guidelines. Fasting isn't a set of rules you have to strictly follow---it is a gift to God. God saw all those days before you got sick and He cherishes each one as sacred. And when and if you decide to resume your fast, He will be right there the way He is now in your sickness. Heal Lydia's body I pray Lord, in Jesus name.

account_circle Margareth Larose

During this fast, 2 cars went into my children's cars rear-end in 2 cities totally away from each other in Florida. They called me. The accidents were minor but I didn't even fret because I know that God is watching over my children. I praised God for keeping an eye on my children and keeping them alive from crazy drivers. God is in control. Satan tries to distract me but God strength is greater. I also come to the blog and I find a lot of helpful hints from the bloggers on this site. I hope my words will be as uplifting to you as yours are to me. I find hope in your comments. I find strength in your comment. I know that the struggle is real and it affects all of us but, through our faithful prayers and supplications, God will listen and respond to our needs. I also find that I complicate my fasting but God revealed to me to be still, just fast, pray and meditate on the word. Avoid distractions as much as you can. Read the Bible in all your spare time if you can't think of any more prayers to send up to Him. Read a book about fasting if you have more time. I dreaded the first day of fasting when I have to cut coffee and carbs and meat from my daily diet but guess what, now I feel like I am ready for next year. I am not dreading joining the Fast next year because God has taken away the pain of hunger and the desire for unhealthy eating. He has replaced it with a feeling of cleanliness and peace, joy and strength in the Lord. Glory to the King of kings and the Lord of lords for choosing me to be part of this wonderful experience. Thank you to Pastor Franklin for this initiative. Thank you to all the contributors. I am blessed.

account_circle Gwendolyn Daley

So I feel my spirit man is soooo excited even though I in my flesh do not understand. My spirit is rejoicing as expecting something wonderful to happen.Sometimes weeping before the Lord in my devotional times. Singing songs to "HIM". I am so happy to be "HIS" daughter. What blows my mind is we all know Jesus loves us it is almost lost its appeal in our society. BUT when you think that Jesus "likes" you and wants to hang out with you daily. that BLOWS my Mind truly!!!!!

account_circle Maria Clara Chang

To overcome opposition, I quate bible verses, pray and worship ! Knowing that He is faithful! Thank you Jesus!!

account_circle Mary Hayes

Topic : how have you overcome opposition during this fast ? To be honest during the fast it seems like it was one after another and have a situation last night !! Rejoicing in hope ; trying to be patient in the tribulations and continuing instant in prayer & fasting , believing and trusting 😊🌟✨☀️⚡️💥⭐️💫

account_circle Christine Chela

Praise the Lord. His strength is made perfect in our moments of weakness and i can add in moments of opposition. We have a loving Father who will move heaven and earth for us if we fix our eyes on Him and cry out to Him for help. This 21 days (with the remaining days left to clock 21) have been the BEST in my spiritual journey. Thank you Pastor Jentezen, your family and your church family <3

account_circle Ntombizodwa Maria Mavundla

Greeting saints, i thank God for this opportunity to be part of this movement. It was not easy but it was worth every minute and second of each day of my life. When face with opposition during this fasting it takes me back when Jesus was tempted by satan after His fast. The only answer he gave to satan was that "it is written". Every time im faced with opposition, i always quote the scripture.

account_circle Angel Mac

Praise God for victory. The greatest opposition was my the flesh. It was very hard to start but I did. It was very hard to get up to pray but I drag my body out of the bed and God did the rest. When I felt like a failure as I was depending on my own perfection, God reminded me that it was by his strength and power and not by might that I will make it. When the aroma of food , exhaustion, weakness and doubts assault me, I remember all the issues that were in my life that I needed break thru for. To God be the glory for other bloggers and JfFM team for life support and bringing focus to my fast. Hallelujah, God is faithful.Amen

account_circle Mary Phosa

Note that Jesus conquered the devil after 40days and nights of fasting, the amplified bible explain it better. So ought to know that fasting does have breakthrough please watch on yotube sermon of the power in pain by t tenney

account_circle Mary Offei Buabeng

Dear Saints, its been an amazing time joining in the fast this year. My husband and I had, almost every year joined the fast. This year, he decided not to. He did not say why, but I assume, he thinks, he has not realised any breakthroughs yet. The problem is, he has not made it easy for me this time at all. Trying to convince me to eat, interrupting my orayer times, and asking me to cook meals, although he is now on pension nd the whole day at home. But expects me to cook for him after work. I have been obedient ans´d submissive, playing it cool, in HIS strength. Thank God, even my taste buds were dead. THANKS FOR THE UNITED PRAYERS. We shall not grow weary. Amen and amen.

account_circle Mary Hayes

Trusting , believing, praying and fasting God doesn’t mean a problem-free life. Challenges and difficulties don’t disappear simply because we trust God. Why? Because God wants us to grow. It’s through life’s ups and downs that God transforms us to look more like Jesus in spirit, character, and purpose. 💥😊💫😊⭐️🌟 overcoming opposition during this year Fast is to keep the faith don’t give up God is faithful and keep a thankful ❤️

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