When Bad Times Become Unbearable

June 16, 2017

Every day, life happens! You’ve been there. I’ve been there. Everyone has experienced some level of frustration and pain in the daily throngs of life. No one is immune to the realities of life. That begs the question, “What do you do when Bad Times turn into Unbearable Times?” The answer to that question alludes far too many of us, even in the Christian world. Why? Because we have all made the naïve and foolish statement, “Can things get any worse?”

If you have ever uttered such sentiments, you are in good company. The children of Israel made the same declaration. The power hungry Pharaoh got wind that God’s people wanted to leave for a few days to dedicate to worship. Sounded like a reasonable request, but the outcome produced more hurt and difficulty for the children of God than they had ever known.

Don’t give the slaves any more straw to put in their bricks. Force them to find their own straw wherever they can, but they must make the same number of bricks as before. They are lazy, or else they would not beg me to let them go and sacrifice to their God. Make them work so hard that they won’t have time to listen to these lies (Exodus 5:7-9 CEV).

In an instant, an already bad situation now becomes unbearable! Ever had a day like that? A month like that? A YEAR like that? Do you have an overloaded life demanding more from you? Do you have relationships that continue to make withdrawals without adding in any deposits? Do you find yourself in the depths of your soul asking God how you can keep your head above water? Drowning lives get God’s attention and drowning people give more attention to God.

I am sure you can identify with the Hebrew people in this timeless story. Bad yesterday! Today unbearable! What a great place to find oneself. What happens next is usually life-changing The Lord God told Moses:

Soon you will see what I will do to the king. Because of my mighty power, he will let my people go, and he will even chase them out of his country (Exodus 6:1 CEV).

When we become desperate, we cry out in desperation, which is an entirely different kind of prayer. Desperate cries for help create divine deliverance. God heard the cries of the Slaves and moved on their behalf. He will for your circumstances as well. The next time you find yourself in a desperate and ‘unbearable’ situation, consider the following:

  1. Relax – Psalms 116:7 (TLB)

 Now I can relax. For the Lord has done this wonderful miracle for me.

  1. Cast – 1 Peter 5:7 (CSB)

 Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

  1. Rest – Psalms 62:5 (NIV)

The fear of the Lord leads to life; then one rests content, untouched by trouble.

These three words: Relax, Cast, and Rest describe productive actions you can take when life goes sideways. Relax – God is working things out for your good in spite of what you see happening around you. Cast – Like casting a fishing pole far from the bank, God wants you to cast your troubles far from the bank of your soul. Rest – Resting content, untouched by troubles is available to you in the midst of the unbearable times.

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This week, set aside time to consider the challenging decisions or circumstances you are facing. Grab a piece of paper and write them down. Place them in order of weight or heaviness on your heart. Try to limit the number to the top three. One-by-one, you can spend time in prayer asking God to help you Relax in Him, Cast off the concern, and Rest over the outcome. He’s a BIG God and He can provide BIG comfort, hope, and ultimately peace in the middle of the storm. When bad become unbearable, God will always be there, waiting for your eyes to lift off of your circumstances, and to rest on His unfailing gaze.

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What to do When Bad Becomes Unbearable