What to Expect When Fasting - Day 1

January 7, 2018

Welcome to Day 1 of the 21-Day fast! This is our favorite time of the year as we gather literally millions from all over the world and fast together for 21 days. Each day we will look at a different topic that people have asked about or talked about in past 21-day fasts. Today we will discuss a question that we all have at the beginning of each fast, especially for those who are fasting with us for the first time.


Before we go one step further, please remember, you should consult a medical professional before fasting if you have any concerns or health conditions.


Today’s Topic:

What can I expect to experience physically when I fast?

The start of anything meaningful, be it a home project, new marriage, or commitment to Christ, comes with some initial challenges. These are not insurmountable, but may cause you to wonder if you made the right decision. Joining the 21-Day Fast will be no different. Knowing what to expect will help you prepare mentally, and allow you to prayerfully put these concerns before the Lord. God will give you strength as noted in Philippians 4:13, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" (NKJV). Lean into God during this 21-Day period.


When you fast, your body detoxifies which eliminates toxins from your system. This can cause mild discomfort, especially the first three days, resulting in such things as severe headaches and irritability as your body withdrawals from caffeine and sugars. In addition, you will naturally have hunger pains. This is a normal reaction and something you can expect to experience. Each day will lessen these effects as you move into the fasting period.


As your body adjusts to the lack of food, your energy levels may diminish a bit the first few days of the fast. Use caution doing physical labor and exercise. Be sure you are drinking plenty of water! Next, take time to get proper rest. This is a key ingredient during the duration of the fast. Allow your body to get ample restoration time. God created the sleeping hours to benefit you in mind, body and spirit. This is paramount during the fast as your body compensates for your loss of food.


Remember, water will be your best friend during while fasting. You should keep some with you at all times. Water serves to remove the toxins released in your body as you fast. The flushing of your body’s toxins will aid in the reduction of your headaches as well. You may want to try drinking water at room temperature, as this does not shock the body due to temperature variations. Drink as much water as possible!


Despite how you feel physically, your body is rejoicing as it releases toxins and takes a rest from such a daily grind, especially after coming through the Holiday season. While you are fasting for spiritual reasons, the physical benefits are numerous. Many people express feeling more energy, less lethargic, and more focused during the fast once they push through the first few days. But you know your body—so at any time you have doubt or questions, consult your medical professional.


To benefit from the fast spiritually, keep a spiritual focus. Spend time listening to praise and worship, engage in prayer as often as you can throughout the day, reflect on God and look for Him at work around you during this time. Enjoy His Word while allowing the Holy Spirit to speak to you. If you can, get away from the normal distractions, as much as possible, and keep your heart and mind set on seeking God’s direction for the New Year. You are following Jesus’ example when you fast.


The most important thing to remember in any fast is the reason you are fasting. If you aren’t careful, you can make this just a physical challenge … minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour as you strive to endure the physical challenge. View your fast as a spiritual journey rather than a physical challenge and dive in expectantly! Replace your physical cravings with a spiritual hunger and allow Jesus to be your Bread of Life (Matthew 6:16-18) (John 6:35).


What are YOU expecting out of this fast?

Why are you fasting? Be sure to sign in to answer this question in the comments below and join the conversation! We want to hear from you, too! Just click on the person icon in the top right corner of this page to sign in or sign up. We’ll send you an email confirmation and then you can log in to comment, ask, and answer questions on our blog each day!


Our team will be moderating and replying to your comments each day! It’s the best way to experience the encouragement, prayers, and support so critical to this corporate fast. Even if you’re fasting alone, you’ve got this community! The next 21 days will be an adventure—that is certain! Let’s do it together!


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account_circle Tiffany Wilmore

Want to know God’s plan for my future and see Him restore my marriage and family for His glory!

account_circle Rosie Anguiano

looking for a fresh and new touch of God in my life. I need God's wisdom to make decisions to be in His perfect plan.

account_circle Daniel and Patty Downer

We've been streaming live with FreeChapel for many years and fasted with you previously. This year is no different. My wife and I were fasting for a deeper presence of the Lord in our daily lives. But just recently I had severed a business relationship which has left us unemployed. Now we've added a BREAKTHROUGH for new direction and God's provisions to be showered down upon us. We are trusting and believing Him with expectation! We love the ministry of FreeChapel!!!!

account_circle Gloria Costello

I have fasted before but this is my first year doing the Daniel Fast I need more of god and less of myself I need a breakthrough I’m fasting for my Relationship with Jesus to be stronger I want to be closer with him then I ever was before since a few months I’ve fallen but I’m ready to get back up and rededicate my life to Jesus For my marriage for the Lord to renew it to give me and my husband both strength to make us have more unity in our marriage and less fighting and complains I’m praying to have a baby we’ve been trying for six months and we’ve grown in patient and worried and I know the Lord will bless us with fasting and prayer For financial blessing for friends and family salvation for healing upon parents

account_circle vania zignago

Believing God for a baby.

account_circle Lorna Brangman

This is the first time joining this fast..I started yesterday so am on day 2..have had only water so not sure if that is the only liquid to drink. I want to walk by the Holy Spirit and be obedient to him in everything; I know that when I have this alignment right everything else will fall into place.

account_circle Jose and Cindy Flores

Praying for the direction of our lives as we reach retirement age. What does God want to do with business? Finances. Our children and their walk with God/spouses. Believing God for complete healing of allergies and skin issues that I believe he has previously healed.

account_circle Ntombi Xamela

This is my first time to fast with you. U havevalso invited some few friends to join in. I am expecting a more closer walk with God and His favor in all areas of my life. God bless everyone involved.

account_circle Mignon White

I am expecting that God will show me Me. I am praying that God will reveal his plan for my life and give me direction and show me where he wants me both in my personal and work life. I also want to experience God and his presence in a very profound way, in which I never have before.

account_circle Sharon Stovall

I am seeking freedom from my addiction, a closer relationship with God, my finances and my family.

account_circle EVELINA MCCARTHY

Desiring a closer walk with God to know him better and have more joy. Relationship restored with my adult daughter. Breakthrough in my health. Salvation for my family. Increase in business.. My first time busy learning

account_circle Evelyn Cintron

that my soul prosper, deepen my relationship w the Lord and the Holy Spirit.

account_circle Kelly Goglin

Kelly Goglin about 48 hrs Praying for direction and for my adult kids who are not walking with Jesus. Also praying to be more focused on God and less of myself.

account_circle Jeri Steele

I am seeking restoration in my relationship with God and breakthroughs in several areas of my life.

account_circle Lisa Planck

A total transformation. In all areas of my life. Healing in family relationships. Revival in my church family.

account_circle Jeanette Davis

Jeanette Davis Day 1 Praying for my realtionship to go to another level in God Praying for My marriage My Husband, Children, Grand children, and for Friends and family members to become saved. Praying for a content expert for my dissertation-regarding Veterans and theie tranisition from mil,itary life to academia and theircompletion rate

account_circle Cynthia Asante

For the year 2018, I am seeking God for wisdom to finish writing our book and to get a Publisher contract. I am also believing to be at the right time, place, a divine connnection to meet a great man of God and to get married.

account_circle Diedre Archer

I am fasting this year to draw closer to God, my Father. I am expecting a breakthrough that will enable me to be a better wife. I know I am not ready for a relationship now, but I am sensing it coming.

account_circle Miriam Mitchell

I have Fasted several times with the church and on my own. I normally begin with the first and last three days of liquids only. This year for the first time I have class on Sun, 7 Jan. Not a good scenario, but Praise Him, I made it through. Now to finish this Grad degree this year.

account_circle Jeanene Burns

Praying for 5 areas that are under attack - Family & Friends (family member involved in lawsuit), Work (laid off Dec. 20th need a job), School (working on Capstone Project for Doctorate), Health, Finances, and Personal (desire to be a wife and mother)

account_circle Angela Shelton

I am fasting and praying for my marriage, and my children to have a blessed year. I want God to move in the lives of my lost loved ones to see them saved, sanctified, and filled with the Holy Spirit. I need direction in my life to reach them and find my purpose.

account_circle Patsy Muri

Simply wanting God to be in total charge of my life. I'm weary of being a "fixer". Here I go and Here HE comes.:)

account_circle Sandra Early

I am fasting for salvation of my nephew's girlfriend; deliverance of addiction for my brother, physical healing for my body, finances; a Godly male relationship leading to marriage, sale of a rental property, finding an apartment for my own space;family and friends, my church family, but first and foremost, a closer walk with the Lord that will give me the wisdom and guidance to live for him.

account_circle Danielle Gutierrez

I am praying for my relationship with God so I can grow closer to him and hear his will for my life. I am also praying for my families health and protection as well as protection for my marriage.

account_circle Francine Herrmann

2018 Buzz-Words: OBEDIENCE = OVERFLOW !!! As we prioritize, and set ourselves apart, and be True (John 4:24) Worshippers...POSITION ourselves to (yes be aligned in the Spirit...we’ll b victorious in the overflow !!! ;)

account_circle Ann Applin

I am wanting a closer walk with God. I want discernment in all decision making in my life, including spiritual, physical, financial and relational.

account_circle Jarti Rongo

My 2nd time to join but 1st was not 100% committed. Pray & hope I will complete this fast as the Holy Spirit leads...more importantly, I am Fasting & Praying for 1) more revelation of power of the Holy Spirit as He uses me to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom of God; 2) New HR Manager job with a reputable company with flexible hours of work and good benefits; 3) Scholarship for MBA study program; 4) my wife and father to make Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour; 5) my elder brother to receive total healing from mental illness and be normal again; 6) raise funds for Kingdom Mission trip to Israel this year; 7) a land to buy and build my family house in Port Moresby.

account_circle Yvonne Douglas

I am seeking a closer relationship with God and a better understanding of his word. Seeking guidance and peace of mind. Hoping can protect and guide me children. Retirement and financial increase for my family

account_circle Yvonne Douglas

I am seeking a better relationship with God and a better understanding of his word. I am seeking guidance. 1.Health and happiness for my family. 2. retirement and debt free.

account_circle Wanga Mosha

This year, I would like to hear God give me the direction and guidance for my life. I have left this open to be guided. less of me and more of him

account_circle Felicita Izaguirre

Thank you Lord for this fast. I am believing for a deep insight of who God is and for my obedience to align with his plan and purpose in my life

account_circle Boitumelo S

This is what I'm expecting from this fast is to be realigned to God's purpose for my life, my marriage restored, devine direction in my career and financial breakthrough.

account_circle tiffany Harris

I am fasting for protection and restoration from current attacks on my character, and employment based on events from over 10 years ago. I'm expecting financial increase and clarity regarding my career. Also, more discernment of God, and wisdom to live an abundant life. 2018 I also expect my husband and my house, along with seeing my family bond.

account_circle Chad Gloetzner

I’m fasting and praying for God’s favor on every area of my life and for an increased sensitivity to His Spirit this year.

account_circle Marvene Blueeyes

I am fasting to be closer to God than ever before, for my family/church family, and complete healing.

account_circle Leo Baan

This is the 3rd time I join the fast. I pray for a breakthrough in the life of our son who battles with addiction and for him to return to the Lord. 2. For my wife 3. for the mission in Swaziland and its staff 4. for guidance 5. For the many guests who will be coming this year 6. for the mission house here to be used for His glory 7. for the church in Swaziland 8. Finances 8. for the start and planning / preparation of a trainingschool, starting from September.

account_circle Leo Baan

This is the 3rd time I join the fast. I pray for a breakthrough in the life of our son who battles with addiction and for him to return to the Lord. 2. For my wife 3. for the mission in Swaziland and its staff 4. for guidance 5. For the many guests who will be coming this year 6. for the mission house here to be used for His glory 7. for the church in Swaziland 8. Finances 8. for the start and planning / preparation of a trainingschool, starting from September.

account_circle Tracey Stanton

I am seeking a closer relationship with the Lord and direction/plan/wisdom on marriage, finances and ministry.

account_circle Cynthia Partey

I am excited for this year's 21- days prayer and fasting. My purpose for this event : Is to draw more closer to God Healing in my mind, body and soul Deliverance for my kids from evil spirits A great job with great training, and benefits Gifts of the womb for my sibling and friends. I can't wait to share my testimonies with you.

account_circle Barbara McKee

Also the things I am praying about are: organisation, focus, family...especially youngest daughter....Finances....they always seem messed up....Best hours to drive for affordable vehicle option for driving that wont eat up the profits...Wisdom about all things Finance...and what courses to take with my grant for school....and Help remembering that when God looks at others He sees someone He loved enough to give His son For...I want for peopke to know that by how I treat them.

account_circle Stephanie Storie

This is my first fast. My main reasoning is seeking a closer relationship with GOD. I’m very excited about this new journey.

account_circle Barbara McKee

Hi. I started the Daniel Fast this morning and have had quite the day. I have supplies for the fast which I got last night before driving for Uber. Drove for about 5 hours and was exhausted and felt the need to go home and rest and go to the 11 am service instead of the 9am. Part of me was wondering why even go to Church? Which is not like me at all. I am also seeking purity in heart and body in my walk with the Lord. Can anyone please tell me why...when I try to fast the devil puts impure thoughts in my head. This both hurts and upsets me and I cast the thoughts back to Hell from whence they came. I am quick at casting those thoughts down but I want them GONE never fo return. Whats upsetting is that I have never really been impure or inappropriate with males...but especially not since coming to know the Lord. I just want God first and IF he sends me a Godly man thats fine. But right now thats not the case. So I seek the Whatsoevers...just....Holy...pure...etc. I think its in Philippians. Anyways one of the things I am seeking in this fast is closeness with my Heavenly Father and answers to alot of things going on in my life...I am in a major transition right now and EVERYTHING is being started over...When I try to focus....My head gets heavy and I am unable to concentrate for any length of time...When I am out and alone I thank, and praise the Lord and I talk to Him. Why cant I focus otherwise? In the mornings I listen to my Bible and pray each day but I feel something is missing. Can anyone explain why when I try to fast the devil plants impure thoughts. What can I do about this? Thanks for the blogs. Hope this isnt to long.

account_circle Karin Haysbert

I am expecting clarity as I move into this new year and new season of my life and the assignment that God has given me. A closer walk with God. The ability to hear Him even more clearly and greater courage to do what He's saying. Growth in the fruit of the Spirit in my life. Transformation in my relationships with my children. Healing and deliverance for my parents. Healing in my own body.

account_circle Hannah Foong

I have started to fast regularly and weekly for about 3 weeks. Initially, I felt the joy of the embracing presence of God, breakthroughs and healings. Last week, I felt myself under intense spiritual warfare, for no reason, i felt down, oppressed, conflicts and misunderstanding with my spiritual mentor and friend and that greatly affecting me. Worst, at certain times when I fast i was so down that I could not get into prayers just a sense of depression. Tho' am feeling this way, I still find the sense of God's presence when I disciplined myself to focus on God and His Word, I do not feel overwhelmed tho emotionally down i.e i am able to be calm and sober tho in my heart i am very lonely and sad etc. I believe it is due to spiritual warfare as I am not going into serious weekly prayer and fasting praying for my family salvation , healing etc. I hope someone can give me some insights as to what I am experiencing as described above. At times, i feel very discouraged and wanted very much to back off and give up but i refused to give in to my feeling I need some supports, advise and insights as to what i am experiencing. thank you

account_circle Sharon Hawke

Joining in from Australia 🇦🇺 This is the first time I will have done a corporate fast, actually any fast really.....not before time! I want more of HIM! I want to burn with the FIRE of God!.....burning hot love, reaching out to a lost humanity!!! 🔥

account_circle Tammie Parrott

I am praying for: 1. Guidance - stabilizing my focus in life; clear communication with God 2. Relationships - love others like I've never been hurt; be loved regardless of man's emotions towards me 3. Career - Where should I be serving God 4. Divine health for my family including complete healing for my father whom resist diabetes 5. Buying a house; desiring a home 6. Salvation for all the man-the Love of God falling upon our generation 7. Living promise Psalm 23 to promise Philippians 4:19

account_circle Stephanie Davis

This is my 6th year fasting along side of Free chapel. As I look back over journaling during these time , I’m amazed at what God has done. Today I’m giving thanks for the past fasts and remembering His faithfulness! I love this time of year, it’s challenging but so worth it! Journal your process! God bless! More of You Lord, less of me! Stephanie

account_circle Sheryl Charles

My family and I started participating in the 21-day fast for about five years. This year, I am fasting for direction, financial breakthrough, a closer relationship with the Lord, and that I will come to know his will for my life. I am also fasting for bondage to be broken off of my life and my children's lives. I am fasting for my children's success in their academics. I am fasting for my unsaved family members and for the spirit of lust to broken off my husband's life, so that he will surrender his life to the Lord. Let's stand together and believe that our God can do exceeding, abundantly, above all that we can ask or think.

account_circle Martin Peeples

My name is Martin my entire life God has spoke to me calling me into the ministry and i have allowed fear and being timid prevent me from being successful. I hide my purpose with drugs alcohol and now all of my friends and family is doing well and i am following them in the dust. I want God to reveal the why of my purpose and anoit me to do great in the kingdom. God has promised so much in His Word and i no longer want to limit God in unbelief.

account_circle Cheryl Roper

I have participated in this 21 day fast for several years. I am fasting for my children and family complete salvation; healing; finances; our government in the US; co-workers; a closer walk with my Heavenly Father most of all. Thanks for your continued commitment in providing a way for millions now to come together as one in fasting and praying as believers in Jesus Christ!

account_circle Maria Gallo

Hello... My fast this year is for a closer relationship with God, at the same time for Family unity, debt cancellation and Gods direction for my family and myself. Blessings everyone!

account_circle Joan Young

Hello again I have joined the fasting movement this year with an expectant attitude not for personal things but for the elevation of my relationship with God I know the plans he has for me but I have been a procrastinator so this year I want change in this area stepping up in spiritual maturity will certainly eliminate all fear of failure in Jesus name I am Back to where I need to be in my relationship with God

account_circle Sandi Folkerts

My two daughters and a very dear friend with multiple addictions, and my single women friends waiting for their Godly man

account_circle Kathie Carter

This is my third year to be a part of the fast. My first year was a year of being set free from my past. This year I’m seeking release from some anxiety and seeking answer to a specific prayer for my husband and greater trust in knowing God is my refuge.

account_circle Maria Barnes

I will pray and fast for a closer walk with God; better control of my health; my family and our issues

account_circle John and Kim Neill

"The Lord will perfect that which concerns me. Your mercy oh Lord endures forever. Do not forsake the works of Your hands." Psalm 138:8

account_circle Beverly Moorer

I am fasting for a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and to walk in obedience; when God speaks to me I want to be able to say yes without hesitation or reservation, to know and walk in God's calling on my life, a good job, healing and restoration with an estranged adult daughter and sister, to meet my husband, salvation of loved ones, financial restoration, emotional and physical healing for myself and others. My desire is to be an acceptable vessel used by God with power for such a time as this.

account_circle James Brestin

I appreciate Pastor Frankin and the congregation in holding this fast every January. One of the challenges with fasting is staying motivated. When I know that there are fellow brothers & sisters who are fasting along with me, it encourages me to stick to it. I know this opportunity only happens at the beginning of the year, so that also motivates me to finish the 21 day race. God Bless.

account_circle Karla Cole

Thank you for the encouragement. It’s been a few years since I’ve joined in this fast. I look forward to the time of consecration and just getting back to my 1st love. Jesus. It’s great to know other brothers and sisters in Christ all over the world are participating. It encourages me to know we are all seeking direction, guidance, wisdom and answers to our prayers.

account_circle Kelly Granitz

I have found since starting this fast a few years ago, my relationship with Jesus Christ has taken on a whole new meaning, whole new depth, and a continuing and intensifying thirst and hunger to know more of Him. Even though these past few years have been the most difficult of my life, I have found His presence more real and constant to me, and even when crying tears in prayer to God, I still am filled with that “unspeakable joy” talked about in the Bible. He sharpens my discernment when I fast, fills me with encouragement, peace and hope. I am fasting for healing and restoration with an estranged adult daughter, spiritual and emotional healing, financial healing, physical healing for myself and others, a good job, to know God's calling on my life, salvation of loved ones, and a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. I'm excited to see how God is going to work in my life, and in the lives of those around me. I'm very thankful for Jentezen Franklin. I thank God for him often! I have used the Return to Me Fasting study guide several times of fasting throughout 2017, and plan on using it through 2018 as well. I pray for all of those participating in this fast, that they will see God's great and marvelous plans for each and every one of our lives. Jeremiah 29:11

account_circle Belinda Simon

First time I fast this length of time.i am expecting spiritual journey,closer to God and for direction

account_circle Mamy M

Praying for few subjects : 1. My relationship with God, 2. To meet my husband, 3. My family, 4. My career, 5. My Health, 6. My country and my Finances.

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