What is the connection between fasting and answered prayers? - Day 9

January 15, 2018

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What does fasting have to do with getting my prayers answered?
What is the connection between fasting and answered prayers?

After a week of fasting, you may begin to question if the discipline of prayer and fasting will truly connect you to God. Rest assured there are several examples in the Bible that point us to a very clear answer: there is a connection between prayer and fasting which Jesus himself shared with his disciples. In the Gospel of Matthew 9:21, Jesus taught that "However, this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting." Although Jesus was addressing a supernatural circumstance, the application of fasting and prayer cannot be separated from a belief in God's Word as the infallible truth. Jesus admonished the disciples for their doubt and unbelief. Seeking God through fasting and prayer keeps doubt from your mind and helps us to understand the importance of relying on God's word as truth.


Abstaining from food by fasting brings God into clearer spiritual focus when in prayer. We can see how God answered prayer when people fasted in the Bible. Let's take a look at Ezra for an example. Ezra's assignment was rebuilding the temple in Jerusalem. And there were moments when it felt overwhelming. So, here's what he did: "We fasted and entreated our God for this, and He answered our prayer" (Ezra 8:23). When you are willing to go without food and take time to seek God with all your heart, He will respond to you. Let's observe three things Ezra fasted and prayer for:


"To seek from Him the right way for us," (Ezra 8:21 NKJV). Without God's guidance you are left to the mercy of your own best thinking, and that can get you into trouble you may not get out of in a hurry. God doesn't want you traveling blindly into the future, hoping for the best. His promise is "Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know" (Jeremiah 33:33 NKJV). Like Jesus taught the disciples, Ezra sought God through prayer and fasting and so should we, especially when we face a challenge or decision in life.


Keep in mind that God Himself is a father. This much is sure: when you petition Him on behalf of your children He gets involved in their lives! "And for your little ones," is what the scripture reminds (Ezra 8:21 NKJV). Ezra and the other priests fasted and prayed for the next generation of Israel's children as well as the future priests of Israel. He knew this was not just a personal prayer, but a God-connected desire to see generational striving cease. Eventually, Samuel was molded into one of Israel's greatest prophets by the prayers of a godly mother called Hannah. The community of prayer and fasting that Samuel was raised into allowed him to grow in God and see many prayers answered.


Ezra also prayed for "all our possessions" (Ezra 8:21 NKJV). God cares about the daily concerns of our lives, even financial ones. If unemployment, the foreclosure rate or the stock market are anything to go by, you'd be wise to consult God before you make a financial decision. God has promises for you financially, if and when your heart is in harmony with His. If and when you are being obedient to the spiritual guidelines for giving, His will and your desire come together in an amazing way.


You may have already read that fasting is the duty of every Christian. Keep in mind that like any other spiritual discipline, fasting is about strengthening your relationship with Christ. Answered prayers are a product of a strong relationship with God and right alignment to His will. By submitting yourself in fasting and prayer, you also submit your own will to His.


God has plans for us that are good (Jeremiah 29:11) and we can rely on that never changing. However, sometimes what we think is good and what God knows is good for us differ. Fasting with prayer can clear up that confusion and prayers get answered because the alignment between God and our hearts is finally banded together. As our Father, He takes no greater joy that joining with us and answering our prayers. Keep seeking God with all your heart, both in fasting and in prayer, as you grow closer in relationship with Him, He will meet your needs in abundance.


Now it’s your turn! You can simply read along with each post but for those of you who desire a more interactive experience, sign in to comment below! Our team will be moderating and commenting on your posts as well as others from all over the world. The next 21 days will be an adventure, that is certain! I say let’s do it together!


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account_circle Nancy Gaston-Peterson

I am working on a better realationship with God. I been going through many months of marriage, financial, physical, and emotional issues. I am on my 13 day of a 21 day fast and pray. And I am confused on the emotions . How will I know if I am hearing from God and I am praying so that he hears me.

account_circle Emmanuel Bako

I really want to see God directing my every step. And its my desire that you all will be pleased to pray with me along this line. Thank you

account_circle Shirley Davis

I have realized how spending time in fasting has helped me tremendously, however, I do feel as if God has spoken to me about distractions, yet, I have no transportation to a church, nor I have not given my tithe this month. Is this in vain?

account_circle Mary Hayes

Wow 😮 God honors and Bless obedience!!!

account_circle C Wilson

Let me lose myself and find it in You Dear Lord. Bless me with health and strength on this glorious journey, I cannot do this without you and as you tell me in your word not to lean on my own understanding, Father, I look to you as my only source. Bless each and everyone Father and let no one on this 21 Day Fast be ever weary. You are AWESOME in all Your ways.

account_circle Mary Hayes

Fasting for a clearer understanding, wisdom and knowledge concerning for situations in my family!! Lord I do believe you are able to meet our needs . Like it is written in your word fasting and prayer can clear up confusion and prayers get answered because the alignment between God and our heart ❤️ Is finally banded together. As in the word how they fast and pray and their request was honor !! Faithful God I am fasting and prayer for many concerns but I know concerns turn into blessings and miracles !! Need a miracle for A , Y situation, Enrollments, healing, peace , joy , protection, deliverance and a gift of faith and not doubt and unbelieve . Children’s schooling , financial blessings!! I do believe God is able to meet my needs in abundance

account_circle Liya Maydanyuk

Praying for My husband's salvation!

account_circle Miracle Lotus

I went to Church last night and we had Pastor John Gray as a guest speaker. He talked about the story of JESUS healed the man with legion of demons possessed." A crowd soon gathered around JESUS, and they saw the man who had been possessed by the legion of demons. He was sitting there fully clothed and perfectly right Mind and they were all afraid."-Mark 5:15 .For sudden GOD gave me a revelation about that scripture.GOD told me:"you know why they are afraid of that man now that he in his right mind, then when he was cutting himself with stone and live in the cemetery?" He says, " they was afraid because now the man knew Who he really are." The point is when you come to your senses with the Revelation God has given you to know who you truly are. That's is Power and Authority JESUS died to gave all of us. We don't have to walk on this Earth with powerless and not knowing about Christ has given us His Power and Authority to walk on Earth in Complete Victory over any kind of possessed of the Kingdom of darkness. But we have to Believe and Receive that Power&Authority. And The Holy Spirit who is living in us, who is guiding us and helping us to know exactly WHO WE ARE and to do the will of God. We are all here to heal the sick, raise the death, cast out demon as JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD did. HE gave us so much Power but we haven't really BELIEVE and put it in too works.My prayers for us all in this fast: May GOD our Heavenly Father will show Himself strong and give us all Revelation about HIM. May we walk on Earth with Power&Authority to do the works JESUS commanded us to do." And greater works that you shall do." Says JESUS.May Love&Peace Be In Our Hearts Always.May The Name Of The Lord JESUS CHRIST will Be Exalt Throughout The Earth Forever. May Peace Be On Earth and Goodwill Towards Mankind.In JESUS's Name I Pray.Amen🙏🏻❤️🌍🕊

account_circle Sandra Early

God is answering prayers in big and small matters. I am grateful that I am getting confirmation from the Holy Spirit about things I believe I know. Thank you Lord for all you've done for me. May God continue to bless all who are fasting with a closer walk with Him.

account_circle John and Kim Neill

We have seen three situations in less than a week that could have been very serious but became quickly resolved without harm to anyone. This reminded me of what Ezra prayed and fasted for.

account_circle Maria Barnes

I pray for a closer connection to God and answers to some problems, i need the closer relationship to God. At the end of 21 days I hope to have better direction in my health, my family and their finances my future job decisions

account_circle Karen Comer

I have been fasting since it started and the devil seems to still try to attack me but I am holding fast to my faith believing that God will answer all of my petitions during this fast as long as they are in alignment to His will. I pray for strength to stay focused so that I can become closer to Jesus and hear His voice when He's speaking to me.

account_circle Anahi Romero

As I read today, it gives me a burning desire to do his will in this fast as our church is doing it as well. I feel a spiritual warfare in my home. My family's lukewarm attitude is not honoring the Lord. It saddens me so, especially in my spouse. Please help me stay strong, committed in this fasting time. I want a breakthrough in my husband, children. Especially in my life. I want a change permanently. Only through this fast and prayer. Im currently unemployed in need of finances. I need God to direct,guide me in his way for the right job. I want to return to being in ministry in my church, get the passion of reading, praying and seeking His face. I want to expose the spiritual hypocrisy in my home. Its hard at times when the Home leader is blind to not sensitive to God, especially when he is in ministry. God bless you all.

account_circle Cindy Black

I am participating in this fast. Been hit with a bad cold. Took Oct med last night and going to Dr tomorrow. Still on Daniels plan.

account_circle Renee West

Good morning family in Christ, reflecting over my past week its been a blessing to me. Listing to pastor Jentenzen yesterday got me thinking how my father must feel to see me fas. This fast is not a mere desire for me wanting a relationship with God our father, it's being able to freely give of myself mind, heart, body and soul, it has me reaching into places I never knew existed I know I can not be the same ever again after this fast I can't put into words what I'm feeling right now. All I know his Jesus robbed the grave. Hallelujah Jesus glory, Great Grace, Great Mercy, Greater Blessings.

account_circle Angel Mac

I find that the hardest part is to get up out of the bed to pray early in the mornings which is the best time for me as I have a family. Sometimes I even miss the time sleeping in. But you know what ,once I get up I find strength beyond measure, thank you Jesus. Sometimes I walk around praying to stay focus, sometimes I read some declarations over my life to stay focus. I have now decided to set the clock to alarm for prayer times. I'm going all out in this fast so i must make the sacrifice by God strength. Amen

account_circle Angel Mac

So its being 9 days now. Thought it would have been a bit easier now but my flesh was stil fighting, particularly on day 8. Flesh must be conquered so now im going on a full fast in Jesus name. But folks I want to encourage you and myself with a word from my devotional. It says give of your best to God. Instead of trusting God for victory David decided of his own volition to count the number of groups in his army to see how strong he was,2Sam24. God considered it a "slap in the face" and a plaque hit Israel that wiped out thousands. In order to break the curse David was told to build an altar,offer a sacrifice. The place and oxen for the sacrifice was offered to him free, but he insisted and buying them. David said I will not present/ sacrifice (burnt offering to be exact) anything to God that cost me nothing. The moral of the story is that in order to break the plaque in our lives(whatever it is)we have to make a sacrifice with our time, our sleep, feeling hunger pangs, worshipping, giving, you name it, in this fast. The Bible says honour the Lord with your wealth and the best part of everything,Pr 3:9

account_circle Martin Peeples

I would like to live in my purpose God called me to speak but every time i pick up a mic i feel attacked by evil and i am timid and discouraged. I pray fast this entire year and it seems God has no memory of thethings He has placed in my heart. I pray for spiritual guidance and leadership in the name of Jesus Amen.

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