What is a Daniel Fast? - Day 2

January 8, 2018

Welcome to Day 2 of the 21 Day fast! We pray your first day went well and you came out of it with a hunger for the Lord. As we do every January, we give our first fruits to the Lord. We count on literally millions from all over the world to fast and pray together and spend time with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. On the blog, each day we will look at a different topic that people have asked about in past 21-day fasts.


Today’s Topic

What is a Daniel Fast?

The Daniel Fast, which is a very popular fast, is based on scripture found in a few different verses of the book of Daniel, but none greater than in the first chapter of Daniel. During the reign of Nebuchadnezzar, who was king of Babylon at the time, several Israelites, including Daniel were asked to join the king’s service, making them eligible to partake of the royal food and wine presented. The problem Daniel faced was that this same food and drink were also offered up to the Babylonian’s idols that were worshipped during that day.


Daniel 1:8 explains that Daniel did not want to defile himself with the king’s meat and drink. It goes on to say Daniel asked that he, along with three others, be put on a 10-day test, eating nothing but vegetables and drinking only water. Then let their appearances be compared to the king’s other servants who ate the king’s food, and see who was more fit. After the ten days, their appearance and features were much better than the other servants. "As for these four young men, God gave them knowledge and skill in all literature and wisdom; and Daniel had understanding in all visions and dreams" (Daniel 1:15).


Daniel proved by his actions that this type of “fast” had all the earmarks of giving someone greater health and a sharper mind. The Daniel Fast is a biblically based partial fast that omits any type of meats, sugars, and processed foods. Sorry, but steaks, cookies, and your favorite ice cream are three items you will not find at your local Daniel Fast restaurant franchise. On the menu, however, you will find fruits, vegetables, and water. To put it simply, if it comes out of the ground, it is on the Daniel fast menu.


Daniel Fast Specifics

While we agree that the emphasis written so far is on what you are to eat and not eat, this by no means is meant to be legalistic in nature or that a particular set of rules exist or must be followed. We fast because we seek a more intimate relationship with God. We fast because we want to honor God with our first fruits of the new year, and to thank Him for what He has already done and what He will do in our lives in the future. We fast because for many of us we have lost sight of who God is and need to come back to Him, to put Him first in everything we do (Matt 6:33). We fast to praise his worthy name and the investment He made for us in saving mankind—the sacrifice of his son, Jesus.


With this said, we should look at a few specifics concerning the Daniel Fast. Education is crucial to understand fasting and for you to have the best possible experience with your individual fast. While each topic listed below is a chapter within itself, and certainly not the definitive list of all food types, we will give some very basics. None of the following are fasting disqualifiers, and in fact, a critical and judgmental spirit is a far greater danger. However if you must err, err to the side of grace. Most important of all is to stick to your fast to get the full benefits you desire.


Spices and Condiments

The technical answer is that the Daniel Fast implies only food that comes from the ground. However, since salt and most spices come from the ground or plants, technically these fall into this category as acceptable. A salad dressing, however, or ketchup and mustard, are processed foods. Oil and Vinegar is a much better option. Look at it this way: when in doubt, don’t. (Matt 23:24). Moderation, wisdom, and the right motives will give you the greater purpose of what your fast is calling you to do.



The technical answer to this question would be no. Dairy products come from an animal and are not plant based. However, there are numerous plant-based substitutes such as soy or almond that you can use if you need help adding flavor or texture to your food.


Coffee and Tea

Oh, I know many of you have been waiting for this category. Coffee comes from a bean and tea is plant-based as well, however with caffeine there is a risk when it comes from a change in diet. Caffeine is a stimulant and may have a different effect with a more plant-based diet. On the other hand, many people who fast insist on eliminating their favorite drink as part of the sacrifice. In the strictest understanding of a Daniel Fast, if Daniel didn’t eat or drink it, we shouldn’t either. Do what you feel is the right thing for you. A quick side note: anytime you stop drinking caffeine, expect a strong headache for the first three days as your body rids itself of the toxins you have consumed over time.


Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial Sweeteners may make food or drink more palatable, but the word artificial should be a give-away. Even medical science agrees that artificial sweeteners are unhealthy and can actually be worse than sugar, let your heart be your guide and let the Holy Spirit do the tugging on your use or not. Don’t forget, fasting is a sacrifice.


Diet Soda

Yes, sugar free sodas contain no sugar, but they certainly were not a part of the fast Daniel talked about. You will need to exercise your free will mixed with wisdom. The goal of a fast is to deny the flesh, so eliminating soda from your fast would make sense. Denying yourself is part of the process and sticking to water and some real fruit juice would make logical sense.



Many people on a fast are concerned they will not get enough protein, which is normal for cell structure and function. Naturally, protein is found in meat, eggs, and milk, three of the fasting “no’s.” As you recall, these come from animals not from the ground. There are alternatives to these to receive the protein you are afraid of losing: almonds, tofu, and beans. Legumes, such as a variety of beans, lentils, and peas, are a great source of fiber, while fruits and vegetables are a good source of vitamins and minerals.



As each person’s health issues and concerns are unique to only him or her there is no single answer that fits every person. When it comes to vitamins and other supplements, different people have more sensitive stomachs than others. Use wisdom and let your stomach be your guide and take it slow. Follow the recommended instruction about taking medication or vitamins with food, and always consult your physician before fasting if you are on prescribed medication or have health concerns.


As it relates to the Daniel Fast, you will likely be getting more vitamins and minerals the way God intended, through the healthy foods you eat!


What can we pray about for you today?

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Our team will be moderating and replying to your comments each day! It’s the best way to experience the encouragement, prayers, and support so critical to this corporate fast. Even if you’re fasting alone, you’ve got this community! The next 21 days will be an adventure—that is certain! Let’s do it together!



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account_circle John Bonfiglio

2018 is going to be a breakthrough year bc I'm ALL IN.

account_circle Oina Seiuli

This is day 1 for me on the Daniel fast for 21 days. I am fasting for a lot of reasons. But the crucial reason is to have a closer and meaningful walk with God this year. To strengthen my resolve and increase my desire to thirst and hunger for His Word and Will to guide my life from this year onward to walk the true purpose of my life. I also fast for a breakthrough on health issues that I have had for 5 years now. For my feet to be healed and I will be able to walk again without pain and tendonitis, for my wrist to be healed, for chronic fatique that comes over me from time to time. These issues have prevented me from getting back to a job, and have prevented me from serving in any calling in the church fully. I want to give my life to God this year, to walk on my faith and not my issues and barriers. Please pray for me this year...I am going out on a leap of faith, and have signed up to do Internship with my church this year. I pray for God to intervene and give me the strength physically and mentally and spiritually to finish my internship this year, with a faith made stronger, and a more solid relationship with God.

account_circle Denise Davis

This is day 1 for me on the Daniel fast. Please pray for me as I seek to build a solid relationship with the Lord. I usually have a difficult time in the beginning of a fast. With your prayers and support I know that I will succeed. I will be praying for everyone on this fast. God bless

account_circle Wanda Gardner

This fast will be the best one yet. This is the Year of Holy Spirt and Fire. I'm believing for a more intimate walk with God, and to be well favored, and skillful in all wisdom, and endowed with knowledge, intelligence and discernment and to be quick to understand. I want to operate in God's peace and rest in knowing He will fight my battles. I want my love and passion for the things of God to be restored. I know God hears my prayers, so I know that He will keep my two boys so they will grow up to be Men of Valor, and my husband will began to cry out for Jesus with massive hunger and thirst with great zeal and tenacity for God with Love.

account_circle Mary Hayes

Daniel fast is what I try to do every year !! This information was very needed ! It was in detail and explained what this fast is ! Need breakthrough with my family, members at my church , clients. Healing from sickness and diseases , protection!

account_circle Rosemary Turner

Thanks for clarifying #10 in the book. That was a big help in Jesus name. Also Job 23:12 was precious. God gets the praise and thanks. Yes and Amen

account_circle Gloria Steptoe

Please stand in agreement with me to have my son return back to the Lord, increase my relationship with God, help my ministry to grow so that I can bring people to salvation. Pray for favor in our business for prosperity, financial prosperity, spiritual and physical health. This is my second year following you with the fast. God gave me blessings that I could have never achieved without it.

account_circle Guillerminia Mencias

I am praying for Luz de Vida church in Plymouth, IN. The finances, ministries, commitments of the body to the Lord, and firmness as well as Spiritual maturity. For myself, i am believing for favor & a deeper relationship with the Lord as well as my calling. I’m believing for the conversion & commitment of my 2 adult children to the Lord. For my husband’s spiritual growth. My city a revival. Strength & peace for my mother.

account_circle Mignon White

My prayer request is for God to show me where I need to be. Specifically, am I to stay in my current position on the job, go back to an old position, or move on to something else altogether new?

account_circle Ntombi Xamela

Hi please supply those ten prayer points of what to pray for when we fast. Thanks. May God bless you all and thanks for the opportunity to be part of your community.

account_circle Ntombi Xamela

Thanks for the above eating guideline. May you also supply the ten prayer points of things to pray about. Thank you for this opportunity to be part of this community of prayer and fasting. Please pray for me removal of lack and seeking employment.

account_circle ROXANN Wilson

Please pray for god to restore my marriage and family and break the bonds of nicotine that is holding my husband

account_circle Tamara Welsh

please pray for me a husband, wisdom, knowledge and direction. Also i am praying for healing of my uncle who was recently diagnosed with stage 4 small cell lung cancer with metastasis to his brain.

account_circle Cherie southerland

Hello... I'm so excited to be apart of this fast... Jentezen is right.. Before we start this year with our busy plans and other things we have in mind... We should always start our year with a fast. I believe that's how we say Thank you for bringing us through last year and how he's about to take us through this year as well. This will be a year of peace, love , goodness. I pray God take complete control of any plans I have. I pray for spiritual, physical, financial, and mental healing over my family and this world. I pray for my kids and my niece and nephews that's growing through this new generation... so much has changed and I pray that they will always stay connected to God. I pray for my Fiance and his family may God continue to bless them and may our relationship grow stronger and our love for each other will continue to grow deeper. Lord continue to be with us all. Allow your holy spirit to guide us each and every day and help to keep still when needed so we can hear your lovely voice Lord God. Thank you Lord for being our God our Amazing father. I pray you will always be with us in Jesus name I pray... Amen

account_circle Tammie Parrott

Thank you JF ministries for helping me to find prosperity in the lay out of this fast!

account_circle Tammie Parrott

@MartyGabriel God is SO in love with you! God desires His very best for you, He wants the man that He would allow to take you to become one with, to be so close to His Own heart that there would not be a second thought of your worth. You are amazingly desired, not because if your gifts or failures but, because your Creator created you to be.

account_circle Cecelia Labi

Please pray for my son who has drug addictions so he can breakthrough from this addiction. This is my 3rd year of joining this fasting journey.

account_circle Lisa Ellious

Please pray for my husband's salvation and for his alcohol addiction to be broken. We are currently going through tough financial times, as he was unemployed for 3 months and we had no income/aid coming in.

account_circle Martin Peeples

God i pray for the prayers on this page finacial healing. New jobs to support family. Lord Your children are here pouring out our hearts to You Father. Bless the land Father with revival. Bless our churches with revival Bless us Father not to be a church with a great falling away. Bless us Father to believe in Your Word and not be afraid to challenge the thoughts that come against what is true of us that are in Christ give us vision in this fast counsel and guide us in a new year and season of expectations. Lord please hear the cries of Your children in the name of Jesus Amen.

account_circle Alyson Hughes

Pray for a friend of mine, Kelly, who lost her husband to suicide. She has two small sons to raise and a business to run in his absence. She loves Jesus....He WILL see her through this. Pray she clings to him tightly and grows in supernatural strength during this tragic time. Thank you for praying for Kelly

account_circle Myra Gonzalez

This is my 4th year doing the fast with free chapel.. please help me pray for a God first mentality, wisdom and knowledge and understand of His Word!

account_circle Joan Young

I have been praying and studying Matthew 6:33 in keeping with the teaching on putting God and His word first in my Spirit soul and then my body I am seeking prayer for grace to listen especially concerning my three children I react before I've had a chance to listen to what God has to say about my decision making with regard to them. I just get to thinking that God first in life changing decisions concerning finances and other demands is easier adhered to then this area of my life which also has life changing ramifications kindly pray for me so that I develop in the stewardship of God's blessings

account_circle Laurice Carr

Please pray for my family for healing. My grandson Daniel needs a miracle, he is two years old and can’t talk, he is trying to speak and I am trusting the Lord on my fast to loose his tongue to speak. He is very frustrated and bangs his head often, I believe God is a healer.

account_circle Carolina Frias

Very good information, thank you so much.

account_circle Evelyn Cintron

pray for healing on my mind and body, feel attack by enemy w sickness and headaches all weekend

account_circle Jay Martinez

I’m praying for a breakthrough in my marriage and for God to give me wisdom and knowledge regarding my orthodontist treatment. I have been having problems with getting the proper care and really trusting God to make a way for me to get my teeth properly taken care of

account_circle Margaret Dyer

I am finding myself crying and at times a sense of fear. I am in a deep need of a break through . So glad to be doing this with others . Margaret

account_circle Sophia Wilson

Sophia Wilson I have been fasting for more than 7 years. This is my 4 or 5th time corporate fasting with Free Chapel with Pastor Jentezen Franklin. Praying for: A) Closer Relationship with the Lord, B) New Job, C) To Meet My Husband, D) My Health, E) My Family, F) God’s Will for My Life, G) Finances, H) United States

account_circle Lisa Planck

For God to restore family relationships and for me a Husband.

account_circle Marilyn Roberts

I am fasting to have a closer relationship with God and for the salvation of my two sons and their wives. Thank you for agreeing with me.

account_circle Kim Hatten

This is my first fast. My prayer is a closer walk with Jesus. My husband and myself better jobs. Resolve our family issues. With this fast I completely give it all to God 🙏

account_circle Barbara Robinson

Will you post directions daily

account_circle Jacqueline Tsebe

Please agree with me to grow closers to God in 2018 forward. I put my family forward especially my mom, for her to find healing, my kids to progress in life under the wing of the mighty God. I pray that they should be the head not the tail in all that they touch including their school work. I declare and decree that 2018 I will graduate as am currently preparing for my exams writing in two weeks. Pray for healing, for marriage and promotion in 2018. In Jesus name.

account_circle SONJA KUCZYK

Please pray for all those who don't have the freedom to pray and worship our LORD. Pray for all of those who are suffering because of our LORD JESUS CHRIST. Please pray that all of us who have the freedom to worship Jesus to come closer to HIM and one another. And lets pray for our country.... USA

account_circle Maria Barnes

I request prayer for a closer walk with God , a breakthrough for my life's direction, My family especially my mother and her health,

account_circle C Wilson

My prayer request is for discipline, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, clarity, endurance, priority and determination as I embark on this precious 21 day journey. Father may all self be slain and You and only You be the center and leader of it all!

account_circle Jeff Holden

This is our first 21 day fast as well,we are praying for 1. Getting closer to GOD and wanting to know HIS will for us. 2. restoration for our marriage of 34 yrs. 3. Along with our 4 children and their marriages. 4. Healing for our family, 5. Financial Breakthroughs. We have been severely attacked in 2017 and we are believing for Complete Breakthroughs in 2018. In JESUS NAME

account_circle Angela Mwape

This is my third time in the 21-day fast ...allow me to share my experience as this might encourage someone - I don’t know . 1st time I was fasting for a job in a foreign land and to my dismay it didn’t happen but God did something ...he made the transition of leaving that country so smooth that I was ready for change when I went back to my country . The relocation was smooth and the pain bearable. Funny enough God allowed me to revisit the country on holiday and I had such a good time in comparison to when I was living there . 2nd time - I was basically fasting for my relationship with my now ex. This relationship had such a stronghold on me that I was ready to risk it all and be with him . Truth is I was too weak to let go even when I saw everything wrong with it but I wanted God to intervene and change him . To my dismay it never happened and I did something I thought I would never do I simply left the relationship and never ever looked back . It was not my power but God’s power at work in me . 3rd time ( this 2018 fast ) at that place where I want God to guide me , not my will but his will be done over my life . Of course I do have hopes and desires that I have shared with him but am leaving them in Gods hands . Praying for open doors and breakthroughs . 2018 is my year to rise and soar high . I don’t know what God has in store but I know he will never leave me nor forsake me . All those years the locusts have taken , God is giving them back to me . The enemy is returning my stuff a 100 fold increase . Sometimes what we pray for is not what we get but trust me God gives answers that make us content and at peace . He’s a good good father . He restores dreams and visions . He gives strength to the week . I have never seen the righteous forsaken nor their children begging for bread . Yes what I wanted may not have been answered but I have seen the hand of God at work . He’s taken me places I thought I never go and caused my heart to leap with Joy and smile again . I feel like Sarah I am not in a relationship at the moment and am not earning a whole lot of money as I was earning before but guess what - these things are not my source of happiness or joy . But I am at peace and I have unspeakable joy in me . This joy that I have - the world didn’t give it to me ( job , car , money etc ) and the world won’t take it away . Hope be my anchor day after day I need my Jesus every day . He’s increasing in me so that I may decrease ....2018 we are going strong’s blind faith all the way . I don’t know what it is but am praising God in advance.

account_circle Connie Garvey

I need prayer as I got I to the world with a man and left my husband. I need prayer for God's direction. I am a Pastor.

account_circle Connie Garvey

I joined this fast yesterday alone Is this where I submit a prayer request?

account_circle Andrew Lall

Praying for Financial breakthrough, good health, citizenship, marriage and Legacy offering(which goes towards a new church facility here in Auckland, New Zealand) for Life NZ where Pastor Jentezen will be speaking at our conference in April :)

account_circle Soraya Djajadi

This is my 6th corporate fast with Free Chapel and after every fast, i see doors opens and blessings come that I did not expect. Unfortunately 2017, due to my own bad decisions, i faced many challenges. I was more tuned in to the enemy's voice rather than Gods voice. I am so glad this FAST is here and I am able to partake with the church. I do want more of HIM and less of me. Please keep me in your prayers! Soraya

account_circle Vanessa Anrhony

I'm thanking God first for answered prayers from a past fast. As I re-read my journal about praying for your marriage, I was excited to find that God had done more than I had asked. Praying that He will continue to work not only in my marriage but in the marriage of the people I brought before Him in prayer.

account_circle Marissa Navarro

I need clarity and strength on ending a unhealthy relationship. I feel so confused, afraid and alone.

account_circle Shanice Latham

My prayer request is for health and healing, for God to be my only foundation and for peace,strength and courage.

account_circle Sandra Early

Please pray for my family, that all will be in harmony with one another today. Pray for my strength to do what I need to do today. God bless all that are participating, is my prayer.

account_circle Mizjnw W

I am very excited about joining the fast this year; I have attempted it a couple of times before but never followed through. My goal is to be much more serious about putting GOD first in my life and this is the goal for me. Thank you and I will be participating fully, pray that I stay engaged and stick with it.

account_circle Karla Cole

I'm standing in agreement with my brothers and sisters and their prayer requests. Tanesha I'm believing for complete and total healing for your mother. The devil is a liar! The word of God says that we are healed by his stripes, 1 Peter 2:24, Jesus took ALL of our sickness and disease on the cross. I'm standing in agreement with you and the word of God.

account_circle Joann Dade

Please join me in prayer for my nephew's healing. He has a condition in which he smells like rotten eggs or dead flesh even after bathing. It is unbearable to be around him. He is only 39 years old. He has no insurance, does not qualify for Medicaid and therefore cannot go to a doctor.

account_circle Ann Applin

Pray that God will give the discipline needed faithfully seek him during these 21 days. Man cannot live by bread alone but by every word that procede out of the mouth of God.

account_circle Lynn Watkins

Struggling today! First, getting back into the "back to school" routine is challenging even without the fast. Second, I like eating! My flesh is very unhappy; it's hard to focus on the Lord today, even though I fully understand the benefits of fasting. Third, the fast [as always] falls on my birthday. Today I am feeling very blue that there will be no celebration or getting together with friends.For some reason, that really bothers me today. BUT I am determined to seek the Lord in spite of it all.

account_circle Ultressa Diamond

I am excited about doing the 21 day fast as the Lord is going to do amazing and life changing things through me and my brother and sisters-In-Christ. Please pray for me as I have been experiencing significant financial debt and struggles that I need freedom from completely. Restoration and reconciliation with my mother, brother, and father.

account_circle Jarti Rongo

One of my prayer point during this fast period is for a reputable company who has contacted me for the HR Manager role to consider me and make the job offer. I need a secure job right now to bring my wife and kids back to stay with me. So the job with good benefits such as house will help bring my family to stay with me in the National Capital of PNG.. Thank you...AMEN

account_circle Mary Phosa

Please help me understand my first revelation God rrquires of me. He asked that i build an altar of sacrifice for Him. I dont understand what it means. Secondly please pray for my marriage to be restored and reconciled. Please email me any scriptures regarding building the altar for God. Thank you and blessed fasting. Day 2

account_circle Stephanie Reinhart

So excited to be fasting with you and your church again this year! I look forward to this time of special fellowship with the Lord and always experience a greater, sometimes knee buckling, sense of His presence and power during this time of consecration. So blessed and yet hungry for all God has for me in 2018. Trusting He will direct my path and make the way clear!

account_circle Maria Gallo

Blessings, please pray so I can find motivation on my daily tasks, as well to be strong in the Lord. I have been without motivation since a couple of months and I want it back in Jesus name! Thanks

account_circle Liya Maydanyuk

Please pray for God to fully restore my marriage and for my husband's salvation.

account_circle Liya Maydanyuk

Please pray for God to fully restore my marriage and for my husbands salvation

account_circle Dorothy Manning

I'm praying for a closer walk with God for His direction and focus and to be effective for Him in ministry.

account_circle Felicita Izaguirre

Believing God for a debt free life

account_circle Latisha Jacques

Im in prayer for and would love prayer for a more consistent walk with the Lord, my childrens wisdom and health, my families finances, and my health. I. KNOW GOD is able and so as I continue on this fast I will lift him up for who he is and not just what he does. Amen

account_circle Ntombizodwa Maria Mavundla

I have been part of this movement since 2010 and God is good to me. Please agree in prayer as im interceding for my two boys Nkosisiphile and Msizi for thei protection throughout the year. Nkosisiphile is starting grade 1 this, may the Lord give him wisdom from above to overcome any obstacles throughout the year and pass his grade.

account_circle Barbara McKee

Please pray for me and my daughter today as we get a few things worked out.

account_circle Barbara McKee

This morning started out better. After I studied last night I got a good nights sleep. Woke up around 5 am ready to go...Felt closer to the Lord...Read...and took notes on Philippians chapter 4 and will meditate on this several times today...also prayed and thanked the Lord as I did so...The Bible says we are to pray with thanksgiving and God gives us His peace...I lovethat:) Something interesting stuck out. First be content in WHATEVER state I am. Second the Word full and be hungry...Does that mean keep myself full of God in my life yet still hunger for more? I am so thankful for Gods Word and the ability to seek Him in prayer...Peace and much love to you all and have a great day.

account_circle Barbara McKee

Is firstfruits the Tithe or something else?

account_circle Judy Duren

I am fasting mainly because i feel as if i have lost my walk with God!!

account_circle Elsie Mokoena

Hello Family, please stand in agreement with my husband and I as we trust the Lord for breakthroughs in certain areas of our lives. We are trusting the Lord,[1] for direction in my job/career/calling; [2] a job for my husband whose been out of work for a considerable period now; [3] financial breakthrough/debt cancellation. Thank you so much.

account_circle mwania mutinda

Pls pray that God intervenes because my boss demoted me when I refused to execute his corrupt directives. I was demoted from a Manager's post to a junior position just to frustrate me.

account_circle kefilwe moutswi

Hi thanks! Im glad we here. Is there a way i can access the full 21 day fasting material because my phone internet bundles might finish before the end of the fast? Please, if theres a way to help. Thanks

account_circle Calista Onu

Thanks for the information. I really want to participate fully on this fast but I am breastfeeding. How do I go about it as my baby does not drink formular. Please I need some answers. Thanks

account_circle tiffany Harris

I pray for discipline to complete some overdue task, and wisdom with how to prioritize my day, along with increased awareness of God's presence in my life today. Thank you all!

account_circle david Oche

I've been blessed by this exposition and am so glad it's coming at no better apt time than now,.. I'll definitely make some adjustments to my fast,.. Am so glad to be a part of this fast with everyone...Trusting God for an awesome year for us all. Thanks. Dave from Nigeria.

account_circle Marty Gabriel

please pray for my friend who just got out of a relationship with the lady he thought he would marry, we are getting serious but he is still afraid of rejection. I pray that that yoke and soul-tie be broken in Jesus name!

account_circle Tanesha Clarke

This year fast I eagerly hope to be filled with the Holy Spirit like never before! I pray that the devils attack on my life and my family will be cancelled nd my mother healed from stage 3 breast cancer. I pray for a boldness in Christ that will see me fulfilling God’s will in my life. So that I can live each day giving my all and making a difference to those I encounter. To be a positive influence to other young women.

account_circle Barbara McKee

Last year after Salvation I became interested in the Daniel Fast...drawn to the health benefits of it. I ordered a book through my Church and some Daniel Fast recipe books. And I learned that I love juicing and smoothies also. I am excited to be doing this to be closer spiritually to God.

account_circle Shawnyea Rokos

My prayer request is for God to remove the hinderances and distractions in my mind so that I can focus more on him.

account_circle Charles Atkins

This is my first 21 day fast. My prayer is: 1. To be closer to the Lord that I may decrease and He increases in my life. 2. To be truly led by the Holy Spirit in all things and to be blessed with His gifts for ministry. 3. Restoration and a healed marriage 4. To have wayward children return to the Lord. 5. Have opportunities to serve the Lord and others in prayer, support and needs. 6. Have the ability to bless others with my finances

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