January 16, 2018

What does it mean to “target” my fasting? - Day 10

Look what the Lord has done already just in helping you make it this far in the fast. One of our pastors loves to quote the statement, “Every act of obedience is another invitation to greater intimacy with GOD.” Think about it like this, you are now 10 days of obedience closer to GOD than you have ever been!


Today’s Topic

What does it mean to “target” my fasting?


During your fast, writing your thoughts, prayers and requests down for later is absolutely a must. When 2018 comes to a close, and many times throughout the year after the fast, your personal fasting journal will bless you immensely with the awareness of just how much the Lord showed up on your behalf. 


From the basic definitions of “target” here are some thoughts to help train your mind as you write in your journal. 


(1) A target is a mark to shoot at. The target in fasting is to humble ourselves for more of HIS presence. Read your recorded thoughts, scriptures that are meaningful, sermon notes or song lyrics as well as your request out loud each time you pray. TALK TO GOD. Then target quiet as your mark—just listen. Be ready to take notes. HE eventually will speak. 


(2) A target is something or someone fired at or marked for attack. Your target in fasting is self. Attack your self. What has self-done for you compared to what you need and now are seeking from GOD? Self is most often what is in the way of our blessings. Confess your self-related issues to GOD during the fast and behold the wonders of how HE will help in those areas. 


A target can also be an object of ridicule or criticism. Ask GOD during this fast to reveal any unforgiveness, any unreleased offense, any critical or religious spirit in you that may be hindering the HOLY SPIRIT’s work in and through you. Target unforgiveness and offense ruthlessly and GOD will draw closer than you can imagine with peace like you’ve never known. 


Finally, a target is something or someone to be affected by an action or development. We are the targets to be affected by this willful act of fasting but so is GOD. We will receive more awareness of HIM and HE will be moved to draw us in even closer to HIS love, light, forgiveness and perfect will for our lives. 


You are 10 days in obedience closer to the lover of your soul and creator of this universe. Be encouraged. GOD is paying attention. Remember, every act of obedience is an invitation to greater intimacy with GOD.


Father GOD, we thank YOU for this opportunity to target together a closer walk with YOU! JESUS, You’re here, wonder working power, you’re here Emanuel and you never fail. Amen. 


What is God doing in your life through this fast?

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