What does God see when He sees me fasting? - Day 4

January 10, 2018

Welcome to Day 4 of the Fast!

Some people have no problem pursuing a job they really want; they will pack up their family and move across country if the right opportunity comes along. Some will pursue a mate relentlessly until he or she agrees to that first date. But how many people take time out of their busy lives to pursue God?

That’s what you’re doing now on this 21 day fast. When you fast, you “present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service” (Romans 12:1 NKJV). God is looking for those whose hearts are fully committed to Him. God sees the choice you have made to consecrate yourself, or to set yourself apart, just to pursue Him. You are running after Him when you fast, and He sees that you have humbled yourself and are completely dependent on Him.

Here is the question of the day: What does God see when He sees me fasting?

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God knows how much food means to our daily routine and is keenly aware of the body’s desire for food throughout the day. He knows how much we enjoy eating, and many times eating is also centered around friends, family, and co-workers. We celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, we have lunch meetings—all centered around food. When we fast, we give up not only food but some social interactions. Fasting tells your heavenly father that you want more of Him and less of the world. He sees that the only thing that can satisfy that deep hunger is Him.

You’ve chosen to go without food, one of our most basic human fleshly needs, because you have a strong spiritual desire to be with and hear from God. God sees and will respond to your physical hunger. He wants to fill up that empty space with His blessings and goodness.  You have attracted the Lord’s attention in an extraordinary way.

Extraordinary sacrifice leads to supernatural intervention and attention. However, for lasting change to occur and to experience the fullness of God’s power and provision, you must make room for Him—in your heart, your mind, and your daily schedule. Adjust what you’re focusing on; make sure that you’re not just giving up food—make sure that when your stomach is empty, you turn to your Father and make room for the miracles He has in store for you. Our temporary physical discomfort has spiritual rewards.

You’ve got His attention. He’s looking at you right now. Ask your questions…make your petitions. He’s listening.



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account_circle Oina Seiuli

I am not sure what God see's...but I hope that in my desire and humble efforts for a closer relationship and asking for his blessings on my family and loved ones, for healing and changes in our lives, by the changes in how we live each day more of Him and less of us. That what we do and think aligns with the true purpose of our life. That we are not of this world, although we live in this world. May my children and I find Grace in his sight, may we commit our lives in service for His Kingdom to come and for life eternal...I pray and fast, for we cannot do it on our own two feet, only by His divine intervention, are we able to overcome temptations and weaknesses. Without Him we cannot succeed, I cannot succeed.

account_circle Martin Peeples

God sees a son that truly believe in His Word although it seems the enemy is taunting me i believe truly in my heart God sees a son that is tired of giving up. I will serve God and live by His Word afraid hungry and taunted by my wife that is the bread winner making more the Word that says God give the ability to make wealth taunted by the Word that say i will never leave nor forsake you and when i look around and still am afraid i believe God sees a son that believe in His Word Lord make me over in Jesus name Amen.

account_circle Barbara McKee

When God looks at me He sees me as one of His sincere children who wants to bring others to Him so they can have a better life matter what the circumstances are in my life...He sees someone He has given the gift of Faith....who believes...all things are possible through Him....He sees someone He loves....and someone who loves Him despite human frailty... He sees an overcomer.. Thank You Lord....:)

account_circle Mary Hayes

What does God see when I fast? I pray he see me as a person who is really seeking him for myself and family !! Even though I have fallen short on a couple of days !! I pray forgiveness and he will honor my fasting!!

account_circle Mary Hayes

What does God see I pray he is my effort trying to be what he needs me to be !! Even though I have fallen short on a couple of days !! Praying for your forgiveness!! Amen

account_circle Ingrid Mihaltan

Happy to be part of with you all . Great things will happen for our lives🙏 God bless you all !

account_circle Rosemary Turner

God gets the praise. I hope God sees one's (my) desire to please Him, the desire to get closer to ABBA, to honor God and to seek God first. I also think God sees everything, my heart, my hurts, my dreams and my hopes and how I am bringing them to the altar. I thank God that He loves me and I love Him too. In Jesus name. Amen

account_circle Evelyn Cintron

commitment...I believe thats what He see in me. He knows I'm in desperately need of Deliverance.!!

account_circle Myra Gonzalez

I think God sees a confused woman...

account_circle Paige Kutta

God sees someone who chose the long road and the hard way. I believe he sees a lonely but open heart. A heart that is seeking and needs his presence.

account_circle Vodra Smith

What does God see when he sees me fasting? I truly believe what God sees in me fasting is a woman who is seeking God to be closer to him. Getting to know him more intimately. He sees a person that wants to be a prayer Warrior, a person that is trying 2 have less of her and more of him each day. He sees a person who is trying to just please him and get to know him even more by denying herself of things that appeases her. He sees a person that is really trying to stay focused each day.

account_circle tiffany Harris

God sees my honestly trying to connect with him, and understand how to experience peace and to live abundantly.

account_circle Deedy Williams

I have God's attention. As I read thru some of the blogs I constanly saw that so many needed financial miracles, and breakthroughs, as well as myself. Todays word of encouragement in day 4 of this fast says we have God's attention and we need to make our requests known. I'm making my requests known and all of yours too. We are God's children, and everything he has, we have, I pray and command a release today for all of Gods children and every request in the name that's Greater than every name, JESUS CHRIST! AMEN AND IT IS SO. Thank you Jesus for the breakthrough, the miracles and the deliverances of and for your children!

account_circle Tami Dreher

When He sees me fasting...I believe He sees my heart, my intentions, my desire to press in and depend on and trust Him. Giving up control. Giving Him control. More of Him and less of me. He sees me making Him my main focus and priority.

account_circle ROXANN Wilson

Praise his holy name. Longing to be closer to him Thanking him for a breakthrough.

account_circle Shantell Neely-James

What does God see when He sees me fasting? God sees a busy individual that wants Him to know that he is First in her life. He sees His daughter that wants to resharpen her spiritual axe, so she can continue to hear his voice clearly

account_circle Ntombi Xamela

God sees my humble heart.

account_circle Karla Cole

God sees his daughter looking for changes in her life. He sees me pulling away from the worldly pulls that keep me in sin, lying, gossiping, backbiting, sloftfulness, complacency, gluttony. I want thIs time to be a time of refreshing with my daddy God. I want more of you God as I start 2018.

account_circle Wanda Gardner

God sees a daughter, a sister, a wife and a mother wanting nothing but greatness for her, and her family. Closer walk, financial increase, debt cancellations, healthy family, children doing exceedingly, abundantly above all they can ask or think educationally, socially and spiritually!!! Seeking God's Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding His Purpose for my life. Increased Faith and Favor!!!!! Interpretations of Visions, Dreams and Tongues.

account_circle Chrissy Cummings

I want much more intimacy with Him.

account_circle Charles Opara

I'm so excited about this time. I'm joining for the first time from Nigeria. Ours will begin 1st February. I joining this now. Double glory and anointing for this year. I love you Pastor Franklin

account_circle arsena bin saidi

A man who is redirecting and refocusing on God; Spirit, mind and soul. for all in all; with an expected heart for now and the future.

account_circle Chad Gloetzner

This is a good reminder to take some extra time to focus on God this morning.

account_circle Lorna Brangman

He sees my struggle but my determination to connect with him and to put him first consistently and without apology...I want to be a strong witness of his love and his truth.

account_circle Mishael Gongar

He sees a willing and obedient servant, who has made himself available to be his more, who is desperate for more of him.

account_circle John and Kim Neill

He sees the barriers that have come up since I started this fast. He sees my weaknesses that I am so aware of but He also sees the blood the Jesus. He sees a person who knows how much she needs Him. He sees a person who knows there is nothing and no one else like Him and a person who craves His love and time and presence.

account_circle Stephanie Reinhart

Amen. Looking back over prophetic words spoken over me in the past, one word stands out JOURNALING. I've even been encouraged by many to consider writing, that my short writings have impacted their heart. I've begun. For too long the enemy has lied to me and I've bought it hook, line and sinker, that because of my past failures, God is unable to use me. I've heard this preached on and know it to be a lie of the enemy, but still have not begun to write, I believe it's because I failed to actually repent-get down on my knees and repent, ask God's forgiveness and commit to do a 180 and go the opposite direction. Instead, as many have also experienced (as we are all human and thus have common struggled), what I KNEW didn't affect how I lived, or what I secretly langoured in within my heart and mind, soul and spirit. The Lord shined a light on it for me this morning and I repent! I repent for langouring in the lies of the enemy. Langour is an old French noun meaning, 1.lack of energy or vitality; sluggishness. 2.lack of spirit or interest; listlessness; stagnation.3.physical weakness or faintness. 4.emotional softness or tenderness. Well, enough and NO MORE! I am praying God will use this time in all our lives to transform us into His image that we may be used to bring forth the knowledge of His Glory in the earth, in every realm or mountain of influence we have.

account_circle Cherie Lea

God sees his child surrendering to Him and placing total dependency on Him! God sees his daughter wanting to get closer to him and seeking a deeper and more intimate relationship with him. He sees the struggle but He also knows the reward you will receive! God thank you for this post because it is right on time.

account_circle Dorcas Bryant

When God see me fasting, He sees a heart of gratitude that is grateful to Him. He also sees a hungry and thirsty soul that is humbly seeking more of Him.

account_circle Shirley Smith

This lesson helps me when I'm in the middle or beginning of a temptation to think of God watching me in anticipation and remembering that the Joy of the Lord is my strength Neh 8:10

account_circle Gwendolyn Daley

wOW THANK YOU FOR THIS WAY TO EXPRESS I have not told anyone in my church family. This is my 4th time yet it is so so so sacred because I want to hear "HIM" clearer, receive fresh revelation in the word. I am excited for 2018. I want HIS anointing to use my physical to lay hands on sick, to speak a word of knowledge, to see more in the spirit. I weep even as I type this I JUST WANT MORE DOES THAT SOUND CRAZY??/

account_circle Ann-Marie Flores

God sees his child laying everything down to sit at his feet. He sees you giving up your selfishness to spend time with him. He turns to you and listens with full attention!

account_circle Joan Young

Hallelujah what a time I'm having in God I just love the days reading especially the part that says we must make time to practice God's presence I know that I know that unless I make room for God's intervention in my life there will never be change and as long as I stay in love with God the door of my heart mind and soul will be wide open to the changes God wants to make I'm the prodigal coming back to God seeking Him first making Him the centre of my life I thank God for all of the fasting community we are positioned for an unprecedented corporate blessing. Today I am in pursuit of aligning my heart I am humbly committed to getting in step with Holy Spirit

account_circle Suzanne Khadambi

When I fast, God sees someone who longs to be close to Him. Someone who is willing to experience discomfort to ensure that this longing is fulfilled.

account_circle Ntombizodwa Maria Mavundla

He sees His faithful servant, who trust Him with all of his heart.

account_circle Renee West

I pray he sees me his daughter here in my truest form coming to him with all that I am forsaking the desires of the flesh bearing it all to him. God the father has being so good to me if it had not being for his grace their is no telling where I would be. As I take this time and meditate on his words I'm assured that ill is well. "Now I am hidden in the safety of your love I trust your heart and your intentions trust you completely I'm listening intently."

account_circle Alexcia Nelson

Thank you for the encouragement!

account_circle Maria Barnes

A renewed commitment to him and his love, a sacrifice with choosing him God instead of the almighty food for comfort and peace

account_circle Nkwateleng Mohau

Ibelieve God sees how desperate I am for presence in my life and my children. I desperately long for presence. He has promised us that if we seek him first then all our needs will be provided. I am desperate for His intervention in my finances and deliverance of my elder.son who is drinking alcohol. Also ask Him to intervene in their studies so that they succeed.

account_circle Mary Offei Buabeng

What does God see when He sees me fasting? I think, God sees a broken heart seeking ALL of Him, a daughter with full of questions and conviction, trying to do all her best to please Him. But truth is, there is nothing I can do, He loves and accepts me the way I am. Just that, I just need to understand this and live in this truth.

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