What do You do When You Don’t Have Enough?

February 18, 2018

What do you do when the opportunities are drying up and there is no rain in sight? We’ve all been there: more bills than paycheck, more expectations from others than you have to give, a great task ahead, but all out of steam … What do you do?


First and foremost, remember that you aren’t just anyone. You are a child of God. As a child of God, it is never about what you can make happen. It’s always about God showing up and showing off on your behalf when we turn to Him in those times of drought and famine.


Here are some other things to consider as you look for your rain clouds in what appears to be a clear blue sky.


Key Points:

  1. Don’t run. When the house of bread goes breadless, you need to stay right where you are until the bread comes back.
  2. Don’t follow the crowd or the latest trend. It will take more for you to leave than to stay and wait. The eyes of a fool are always on the ends of the earth, but when you go there, you are there…and your problems stay with you.
  3. When you run, you will lose things you will never get back. You lose the hundred-fold blessing when you don’t sow during the time of famine.
  4. When you stay and take inventory, you will learn to appreciate what you have. Appreciate the relationships and the possessions you have.
  5. If there was bread before, there will be bread again. But when you leave prematurely, you miss out on the new bread that is coming.
  6. Sometimes the famine is a test. Can you bless God in the time of famine like you did in the time of plenty? Can you sow and pray and read your Bible in a time of spiritual famine, or only in times of plenty.
  7. There always appears to be plenty in the world. But God watches what we do during times of famine. Do you stay or do you bail?
  8. God uses less-than-perfect times to prove us and grow us. When others are unkind to you, will you stay faithful? When you feel all alone, will you still worship and dig in or will your eyes go to the ends of the earth.
  9. Giving to the Lord is not an option or a suggestion. Sow into your church. Sow even in a time of famine.
  10. You will find things you never knew you had. There will always be an unusual harvest when you sow during a famine.



  • Do you realize that if you plant and sow right now, even if you are in a season of famine, you will reap an extraordinary harvest?


Final Thoughts:

It’s the hard places that lead to the high places. God does not look for perfect places for you. He works in surprising places. Don’t escape, don’t quit, don’t leave. Commit to staying right where you are. You are on the right track. The places are not your source. God is your source. Stay where you are planted. It is the greater challenge to stay and see what God has for you right where you are planted…even during a famine. But it is also the greater reward. Sow in your land of famine, God is a God that will bless you here and in the life to come. Believe it! Plant. Sow. Believe!

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