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​​​​​​​What can I expect to happen after the fast is over? - Day 21

January 27, 2018

Question of the day:

What can I expect to happen after the fast is over?


What’s next?  What happens after I fast?  Many of us ponder this question as we near the end of a fasting experience.  The answers can be as many and varied as the stories of people who’ve seen what fasting can do . . . to change not only circumstances but to change THEM.  Here’s one such story from a member of our Free Chapel family . . . one that is true, and triumphant.


When my husband died two years ago, my step-son, Sam, arrived high on heroine and took with him a valuable family keepsake and his father’s credit card, within days of the funeral – to get drug money. The discovery of his theft and betrayal was a final straw for me. Perhaps justifiably, I called the county sheriff and swore out a warrant for his arrest. “Enough!” I said, and put the matter away, righteously resolute in my decision.


As the months wore on, the action I had taken was soon forgotten until one day an email arrived. Sam’s mother said that he had been arrested. He was in jail under suicide watch. Upon looking at the police report for the first time, one word jumped out at me: felony. Suddenly, the white-hot indignation I had felt was exchanged for an ominous, bone-chilling reality: my step-son, my child, was facing life-altering prison time. I can’t tell you how that felt, only that life as I had known it was over. The law had taken its course and there was no turning back.


I spent the next two days going from the sheriff’s office to the district attorney’s office – AND I FASTED – for the first time in my life. Each visit, I couldn’t get past the front desk. Round and round I went, accomplishing nothing . . . growing more heartsick with despair as the clock ticked. I’d surely never fasted before, so I began searching for something – anything – to read to “get my mind off” the situation when a dusty old book seemed to surface from the back of a forgotten stack in my office, The Authority of the Believer by John MacMillan.


I started reading; the words were old-fashioned, but the strangest thing happened. I started to see Bible verses popping into my mind, like someone was standing over my shoulder whispering them into my ear.  Verses from the 23rd Psalm read and memorized long ago, coming to life . . . “The Lord is my Shepherd . . . I shall not want . . .” “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me. . . “


All at once, the words of that promise crystallized: SURELY goodness will follow me . . . SURELY mercy will follow me . . . and I knew in that moment the literal reality of this promise. I knew that if the hammer of the law fell on Sam, I would never have goodness again. I was being robbed of a promise MY Father made to ME. I was under attack! In that moment of clarity, the helpless desperation I had felt was replaced by holy determination. And I began declaring that promise and demanding that the devil back off.


I suddenly had the urge to go to the sheriff’s office again. On the way, something said “Turn!” In an instant, I instead found myself in the office of the district attorney, standing in front of the same receptionist I’d had no luck with before. “It’s all over,” I thought. “There’s no way I’m going to see anybody at 4 o’clock on Friday . . .” when out of nowhere a woman appeared down the hall. “Are you being helped?” she asked. Before the receptionist could object, I stepped into the hall and replied that only the district attorney could help me. To my utter amazement, she said, “Well, he hasn’t left yet . . . come on back.” Within the hour, the DA had agreed to allow me to drop the charges against my step-son. On Monday, Sam was on his way home, totally free.


In that time of fasting, it was like a veil lifted and I was able to see the utter truth of God’s every word . . . that He means what He says. I can stop the enemy from stealing the goodness God intends for me to have. Did fasting cause that impossible sequence of events to fall into place? You’ll never convince me otherwise. Did Sam deserve to be arrested and have the book thrown at him? Some would say so; in fact, the district attorney insisted so. But that time of fasting taught me that though an action may be justifiable, who am I to stand as judge. Is being “right” worth the price I and others would have to pay.


As I finished the fast and was thanking God, I came across Micah 6:8 . . . a verse that’s still on my dressing table to this day:


“And what does the Lord require of you but to do good, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God.” 


Wow – what a testimony to the power of fasting!  But keep in mind that not all answers are as immediate, or dramatic.  This woman received an 11th-Hour answer to an 11th-Hour crisis.  More often than not, God responds over the weeks and months that follow a fast. Remember . . . all of the miracles in Jesus’ life took place in the three years following the fast that launched His ministry. Most of the books of the New Testament – and the entire expansion of the early church – came in the years that followed Paul’s initial three-day fast.


The wonderful news you have to take with you following a fast is that you can live with great expectation and with the knowledge that you are different because you have been in the presence of the Lord. There may be a time of waiting, especially if other peoples’ wills and destinies are involved in the answer.  There also may be a matter of timing, where God is working behind the scenes in ways that you can’t see. But like the woman in our story, fasting will slough off clutter and distraction and allow the promise of the living and active word of God to shine through as an unshakeable truth. So continue to speak the impossible and stand immovable – knowing that, according to Romans 8:28, God HAS heard your prayers and petitions and is working all things together for your good!


Let’s talk.


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account_circle Mary Hayes

What can I expect after the fast is over ??😊🌟✨💫⭐️💥☀️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️EXPECTATION😊🤗🙂😀😃😮😇 He is a promises Keeper!! Hallelujah Amen

account_circle Barbara McKee

Thats a beautiful testimony. Its a good lesson to not strike out at people but to employ humbleness, love, prayer, and fastiing for them to know God. Please keep me in prayer as I do my Wednesday and Sunday Fasts. I could not have asked for a better Saviour who loves and shows grace and mercy to me and now I can pay it forth to others. If God punished me for each wrong I have done I would be locked away without the possibility of parole. But instead as heard in one of the previous messages He shows me I am no mistake, He has not given up on me and He is for me. My God who can and does do exceediingly and abundantly above ALL that I can ask or think. Thank you.

account_circle Mary Offei Buabeng

Thank you Pastor Franklin and team for the precious 21 days of focusing to on the LORD and "intentionally" pray my way through the day. I have come to realise that, I complain and compare a lot. I have chosen/decided to turn my complaints into praise and "my" comparing into thankfulness. Once again than you and may the LORD richly bless you.

account_circle Mary Hayes

After this fast what I can see and expecting by faith God can do absolutely anything he is a EPH 3:20 God 💫😊✨🌟⭐️⚡️💥 ! Therefore this year going to see healing , deliverance, protection, lifestyle changes, financial miracle!! New established business to prosper!! Son healing and mom for their mind !! Ministry to prosperity, family , nieces and nephews, children! Grands 💫🌟⚡️⭐️😊💥✨♥️😋☀️☀️💫🌟 Peace in this world 🌍!! Me to be confident to lead ministry in my church

account_circle Dorethia Graham

Thanks JFM for this year's 21 day fast. I'm not a person who usually blogs, but I'm so grateful I can't keep silent. This fast has renewed my fellowship with God. Habits and addictions have been destroyed. BI have returned to my first love ❤️ with all my heart. The Lord has been speaking to me through his word, people, dreams and circumstances. I feel renewed and back on God's destiny path that I had detoured from. I am now seeking his guidance for a body of believers and place of worship to join with. Thanks a million Pastor Franklin for being Abba's humble servant. May he continually bless and prosper you. Dorethia 😊.

account_circle Margareth Larose

Good Morning! Brothers and sisters, in case you are still tuned in. The apostle Paul in his letters would always thank the people of different congregations/churches he visited for the work that they do in Christ and for the things that they do for him in Christ. Today, I feel the same way and I want to thank Pastor Franklin for not saying no to the Lord when he got the vision to start this Fasting movement. It is tremendous. It is changing my life. It's been changing my life. I also want to thank my brothers and sisters in Christ who decided to join all over the world and all the bloggers on this blog. You have formed a community like the ones Paul talked about. I know you've prayed for me. I have prayed for you - and for some of you by name - even though I don't know you. You have uplifted my spirit. You have taught me a whole lot about Christ and about myself. This Fast opened my eyes to let go of myself and to have more of God in my life. I pray that all of us will get the full spiritual benefit that this Fast brings and will bring when God answers all of our prayers. Pray for me to continue to practice More of God and less of me. To God be the glory. Peace be to all of you. In Jesus' name. Amen!

account_circle Maria Clara Chang

What a beautiful testimony! I believe that through fasting we can hear God's voice clearly and our heart changes This blog has been a great guidance during these 21 days! Thank you!

account_circle Martin Peeples

God has placed the victory in my mind that He will make me the head not the tail a scripture that pops in my head is God will make slaves as kings. All my life i have been a slave to being poor, a slave to sin. God's promise is that there (will) come a time that i will speak to these mountains and they will have no other choice but to obey. I will become as a king over lack and so on and ending this fast although i haven't seen heaven open and blessings pouring out i trust God with my whole heart. Thank you Paster Franklin for this fast and all that joined we are agreeing together our faith is co laboring in breaking the grounds for a break through. God bless Amen

account_circle Ultressa Diamond

I am so thankful that I was able to be apart of the 21-day Fast with the Free Chapel Church family! I am so expectant of what the Lord is doing in my life and what else He has planned for my financial breakthroughs, miracles of salvation with my brother, father, and my brother’s wife and her family. Brokenness and surrender for my mother with spiritual and physical healing! This year of 2018 WILL be an amazing year of God moving in my life and the lives of my brothers and sisters in Christ who have been Fasting over these 21 days! Thank you Lord! Praise Your Holy Name!

account_circle Judy Duren

Praise Jesus!!!

account_circle Sandra Early

Praise the Lord, for a financial blessing on this last day of the fast. I was happy to see the answer to the question of should we ask for a financial blessing during the fast, was yes. I am awaiting the blessing of results of a thyroid nodule biopsy being benign. My God can do anything but fail. Thank you Jesus!!!

account_circle Yimeka Robbins

This has been a wonderful fast Thank You for the daily blogs. Please pray for me that my family and I will be able to buy a New House in 2018 That is what I'm beliving God for We have been in Apartment for 9 years I have a toddler I want him to have back yard be able to play. Jump run be a kid so Please pray for us Thank You

account_circle Gail Bodnar

Thank You, Jesus!!! Amen! Zeph. 3:17

account_circle Diana Wynn

This is my first time to do a Daniel fast and I am so happy I decided to join. I have been following your preaching online for a year now and decided to join the fast. I have drawn closer to God than ever before and strengthened my faith, I have felt God's presence and love, I am in total awe of God. I will definitely live my life from here on with a confident expectation of good. I feel refreshed and energized with the power of God in His word. I have no doubt that God has had my prayers and is working all things together for my good. He is my strength to be patient and wait on Him for my breakthrough.

account_circle Joann Jackson

❤️Thank You Jesus❤️I stand on one of my favorite Scriptures in John 11:40 "If you believe, you WILL see the Glory of GOD"✨Hallelujah 🙌🏾 Thank You JESUS in this season of fasting and prayer, I have seen less of me and MORE Of YOU! That my friends is enough to shout🗣 about! I believe greater is coming! Be Blessed and Shine as GOD'S Bright Stars🌟🌟🌟

account_circle Deedy Williams

What a powerful word! This brought me to tears, thinking of my own petitions to the Lord during this fast. I am encouraged and thankful for another year to fast with the body of Christ. Praise God .

account_circle Karla Cole

First I want to thank JFM for allowing the world to participate in this yearly fast. I haven’t found a local church that encourages fasting to this extent at the beginning of each year. Blessings to you for following the word of God in this area of our walk. I’m going to miss my fasting family and encouraging words from everyone. I’ve experienced some breakthroughs in the area of my character being remolded and shaped into the daughter/woman of God I should be. I’ve experienced checks in the mail, thank you Lord! Many prayer requests haven’t manifest yet but I’m EXPECTING to see God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit move in family members lives this year. I can say I’m spiritually more in tune and my relationship with my daddy God is stronger and much better. Everyone keep pressing into the things of God, seek him first and we will see the glory of God and him move on our behalf throughout 2018.

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