What can help motivate me to not give up during my fast?

January 18, 2018

Even purely from a physical standpoint, fasting does a body good. It’s like spring cleaning for the system, and depending on how long you stick with it, you can experience anything from weight loss to more profound health benefits. This can be a good reminder when you feel like giving up. While these are positive benefits, they should be secondary to the main purpose of sticking to the fast.


Let’s take a moment to remind ourselves that the singular act of denying food does not constitute the type of fast that God intended. This is a spiritual fast, not a physical diet. If we don’t want our motivation to be solely measured by the physical body, we should take a deeper look at where our spiritual motivation should come from.


Today’s Topic

What can help motivate me to not give up during my fast?


Psalm 119:2 says, “Blessed are those who keep his statutes and seek him with all their heart” (NIV). Because God clearly expects us to fast (“When you fast…”, Matthew 6:16, NIV, emphasis added), this is one of His statutes. Want to be blessed by the Lord? Want to see His favor explode in your life? Keep His statutes. Fast. Give. Pray. During this time of fasting, seek Him with all your heart.  As you seek Him, refer back to your personal reasons for fasting. If you’ve not created this list yet, I urge you to do so.  This list, in and of itself, is a powerful source of motivation.


By setting your sights on the promised end result of this special time between you and God, your spiritual senses will be heightened, giving you ears to hear and eyes to see God’s perfect will for this time or season in your life. Over the remaining days of the fast, I challenge you to get quiet with God. Tune out the world around you and really open your heart. Listen to the small, still voice within. It is during these moments that the Lord will reveal Himself to you. I feel urgency to discover and know God’s plan. My motivation is that I no longer want to waste time with my own plans. Fasting prepares us for a new anointing or a new direction. It’s like flipping the “On” switch, releasing God’s power in a way that wouldn’t happen with the switch turned off. (Philippians 4:13) (Romans 2:6)


I encourage you to not give up during this fast. Persevere. “Blessed [happy, spiritually prosperous, favored by God] is the man who is steadfast under trial and perseveres when tempted; for when he has passed the test and been approved, he will receive the [victor’s] crown of life which the Lord has promised to those who love Him” (James 1:12, Amplified).


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account_circle Cherie southerland

Thank u Lord

account_circle Rosemary Turner

Giving God thanks I Get to see this day and soo grateful for His Grace and Comfort. So grateful I Get to spend time with ABBA, God, our Loving ABBA Father promises to bless us with every spiritual blessings (Eph. 1:3) God stays. God works. He fights for me/us. So so thankful for direction and new direction. Thankful for this blessed Community of Believers in our Lord Jesus.

account_circle Mary Hayes

After reading this topic ! what can help motivate me to not give up .. to be truthful I felt like eating.. and I did a couple of days and was really beating myself up !!! But because I know God is a forgiving God and he is worthy to be praise and all honor and Glory is his. it motivate me to not give up !! Also because I really need a supernatural miracle and he is able to do immeasurably more than all I ask or imagine I return back to fasting again !! 👏⭐️💫✨💥🌟⚡️

account_circle C Wilson

Thanks for these encouraging words! They have added more pep in my steps to go the whole marathon, "I WILL NOT GIVE UP NOR GIVE IN!! Because greater is He that is within me, than he that is in the world. When I falter, I just say "satan, you have no power over me!" and whisper a prayer and press on. God is good and merciful, He'll see us all through, no one said it would be easy; but the rewards will be beyond our imagination. Let's keep the faith and persevere! God bless you all!

account_circle John and Kim Neill

I so needed this today, Pastor. The words of wisdom that the Lord gave you to give to us is priceless. Thank you for hearing and thank you for sharing.

account_circle Mary Hayes

Excellent encouragement Topic because sometimes it just doesn’t seem like God see and acknowledge my effort!! But I need not to give up 🤗!! Because he is Faithful 💥✨🌟💫⭐️😊. I am reminded in the word ... When you said, Seek My Face , My Heart ❤️ said to You , “ Your Face, Lord , I will seek”.. PSALM 27:8 !! Blessings to All Amen

account_circle Ntombi Xamela

Amen thank you pastor am blessed so much. Prayer request for a friend in ICU to pull through in Jesus name.

account_circle Ultressa Diamond

I will NOT give up on my spiritual breakthrough that is coming and will continue with my fast. Persevering and being expectant of what He is going to do with me a I continue to seek Him with my entire heart!

account_circle Leo Baan

At the beginning of the fast I was reading ‘The Daniel Prayer’ by Anne Graham Lotz. What I read in there was probably the reason I was able to stick with this fast and to continue against all odds. It was always in my mind and it carry me through the most difficult days. She was writing about spiritual warfare. From Daniel 10,11, 19 she wrote, ‘Did Daniel think because his prayer had not been answered as immediately and specifically as his previous prayer had been, that he had somehow fallen out of favour with God? That Heaven was no longer moved by his prayers? Is that what you think? When God delays answering your prayer, do you think … • That somehow prayer just doesn’t work for you • That God doesn’t hear your prayers? • That He’s too busy to be bothered with you? • That you are not worth His attention? • That the promises of God are not for you so don’t expect Him to keep them • That prayer didn’t work the last time, so why bother praying this time? • That you’re not a prayer warrior anyway? • That God is going to punish you by letting you sit in the mess you’ve made? Or maybe you think that … • You’re not special enough, • You’re just not that important to God, • You don’t have enough faith, • You haven’t fasted the right way, • You haven’t used the right “formula” in prayer, • You haven’t humbled yourself enough, • You haven’t claimed just the right combination of His promises, • You haven’t prayed long enough … or fervently enough … or specifically enough … or piously enough.’ Then she continues and writes, ‘The above list includes just some of the thoughts I have had when answers to my prayers have been delayed. But do you know something? Ninety-nine percent of the time, those thoughts are the hiss of the old serpent, the devil himself, who slithers up and sows suggestions in my ear, trying to undermine my confidence in God. The above list of thoughts are sneaky, subtle lies straight from the father of lies.’ I just remembered this throughout this time and when I got the thoughts like, ‘This is useless, I’m wasting my time, I might as well give up etc … it was then that I remembered that satan would love for me to give up --- probably knowing that a great victory lies ahead, or whatever.

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