October 11, 2022

"Pastors Ready to Minister God's Love to the Ukrainian People..."

Here's an update from our missionary partners in Ukraine. Thank you for your continued partnership with this ministry, allowing us to make miracles like this happen in the most unlikely places! Please continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in Ukraine and the surrounding areas. 


Dear friend!

Just wanted to send you an update - and a THANK YOU - regarding Ukraine!

This past weekend we were able to arrange our very first pastor’s conference in the nation since the war started, and hundreds of pastors from all over Ukraine gathered to allow the presence and the power of God to minister to them. The Spirit was poured out in such a remarkable way, equipping and comforting these precious men and women for the very special task of being shepherds for God’s people in times of war, death, and destruction. It was incredible to see, and brought tears of gratitude to all who participated!

The reports we received this weekend from our 80 Word of Life churches in the nation make it clear that in the middle of the horrors of the war, God has started to move in the nation! We had so many testimonies of crowds of people receiving Christ, opening their hearts, and experiencing miracles. It seems God is right now in the process of responding to the darkness of war by sending a major revival to the nation! 

Today Monday, right after the pastor's conference was finished, news spread across the world about Putin’s retaliation attacks with missiles all over the nation in major cities like Kiyv, Lviv, and others. Our comfort was that in each city, there are now spiritually recharged pastors ready to minister God’s love to the Ukrainian people, whose hearts are more open to receive Jesus than ever before.

Our humanitarian efforts are also expanding all over the nation. 170 full truckloads of medicine, food, and clothes have been sent to all Ukrainian regions from our new center of command, on top of countless distributions by our minibus fleet that can still reach all the way into the war-torn areas of the Southeast.

None of this would have been possible without the generous support and donations you have provided. You have literally been part of bringing humanitarian and spiritual support to a nation that today clearly qualifies into what Christ referred to as ’the least of these’. 

Again, from the bottom of my heart - thank you!!