Time To Stand

March 5, 2020


It’s time for believers to stand in courage and speak up for their faith. We cannot stand by and watch this Nation be torn apart by silence­. We must address those things occurring that are in direct contradiction to God’s Word. God is not a Republican nor a Democrat; He governs by His Word.


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account_circle Stanley Phipps

I love Jentezen & Cherise Franklin. They speak up and they LEAD by their actions and words. This GREAT country is - I truly believe - God's Country. It is his place of Faith, Hope and Love on this Earth that all other nations and people may look to as THE hope for a better future for all of Mankind. The USA is a Christian nation with freedom of religion, freedom from persecution, freedom of speech, the right to a fair trial by one's peers, where differences of opinion are (should be) welcomed and encouraged. The Chinese wanted to understand what makes America Great - what is the key to our success and what sets us apart - because the Chinese government wants what America is - to be the greatest nation on Earth. After studying all aspects of America, their conclusion is that the fouindation to the greatness of the USA is...Christianity. Christianity!! Christianity is the foundation that sets us apart because of what Christ Jesus taught us - Faith, Hope and Love. That ALL men & women are created equal. That we love the Lord our God with all our heart & soul & mind and we love our neighbor as ourselves. Christians respect differences - it is our diversity that makes us Great because God created all of us in his image regardless of the color of our skin - but we cannot remain silent - we must shout Christ's message from the rooftops!. These are the foundational principles for all that is good and honorable and Christian. Today our government leaders tear us apart - dividing us - in their quest to grow their personal power and wealth. They lie to further themselves. They bear false witness against their neighbor. They seek help not from Christ, but from outside entities that persecute their people, outlaw religion, oppress women, and terrorize their neighbors. And they seek that help to spread lies, sow discontent and divide our great nation. We cannot stray from the path of Faith, Hope and Love that Christ taught us. America is THE HOPE for the world - because of our foundation in Christianity! God Bless The Franklin Family, all of you and God Bless America! AMEN

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