November 24, 2017

The Right Place

Do you believe God has a place for you? Do you believe that where He guides, He will provide? Do you really believe that He will bless you in the place He sends you?


Truth is…God will bless you if you are WHERE he wants you to be.



  1. God is your source.
  2. It’s unwise to depend on an old path for every new assignment God gives you. 
  3. It is a mistake to be married to a memory or anchored to a method.
  4. God may change your direction even in mid-life. He commanded the widow woman to feed you THERE. And ONLY there. Go anywhere else and there will be no provision.


God wants to give new wine in new seasons. Sometimes God calls you to “break the plow” so the old method will not provide for you. He may be giving you a brand new wine skin for the new wine.



  • When things go right, do you take a moment and thank God for His role?
  • Do finances control your decisions about what you believe God wants you to do? OR, do you say, your will be done Lord, even if it isn’t the best financial decision?
  • Could it be that you can’t see what comes next because it hasn’t been done or done that way before?
  • Are you open to God showing you something He hasn’t shown anyone else?


You must stay in relationship to receive the blessings God has for you. Where you go to church matters. When you are in the right church the blessings God has for you will be coming down on you IN THAT PLACE. Right place matters.



Final Thoughts

Why would you want to miss out on all God has for you? Commit to being in the right place every week…God’s house. Sometimes the people God sends to bless you are found in the places you are supposed to be. God has a place of blessing and delivery for you.



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