The Power of Expectation

July 14, 2017


Do you need a miracle? A breakthrough? A word from God? Healing? It’s time to expect great things!


Hebrews 11:6 tells us that our faith pleases God. We need to understand that if God is going to do something, He looks for people who have expectation. In Luke 3:15, we see desperate people in eager expectation of their Messiah’s coming. One translation says that the people were on tiptoes in anticipation and expectation.


Our God is all-powerful, yet we limit His work in our lives when we refuse to believe in His ability and His victory. We need to activate our faith and stand in tiptoe expectation, knowing He can do the impossible! Let’s take a look at two men in the Bible that stood on their tiptoes in expectation.


Here are a Few Classic Examples


The Lame Man in the Temple (Acts 3:1-10)


This man was lame from birth and was carried to the temple to beg for money each day. His life revolved around his sickness. Day in, day out. But one day things changed. The Bible tells us that the lame man “gave them his attention, expecting to receive something from them.” And so they commanded him to walk in Jesus’ name! The man activated his faith and received his miracle right then and there because of his great expectation! What if he had said to Peter and John, “I’ve been here every day of my life up to this point. I guess I’m just destined to be here every day here on out.” His miracle wouldn’t have taken place without his faith. He expected a gift that day, and he got a life-changing one!


Blind Bartimaeus (Mark 10:46-52)


We read about Bartimaeus’ bold faith when he yells for Jesus to have mercy on him. But we often overlook the significance of his garment. During those times, beggars were issued government clothing signifying they were legitimately disabled. It labeled them for all to know and recognize their need. As Bartimaeus cried out to Jesus, it says he threw aside his garment! What he was saying was, "I know I can't see yet, I know I'm not healed yet, but if Jesus is anywhere in my vicinity, I'm casting this away, fully expecting that I will never go back to that life of begging again. Jesus is going to give me a miracle today." Now that is the power of expectation!


I want to remind you about something. The devil is not concerned with what you used to be. The devil is not concerned with what you are. He is quite content when you remain content with your ‘crippled’ or ‘blind’ state, never expecting things to change. You’re no threat to him in that state. But do you know what torments him? Satan is terrorized by what you can be!


You've got to keep going. You've got to get on your tiptoes with a spirit of expectation that the best is still yet to come.


You don't have to see it to believe. Start now. Praise in expectation. Sow in expectation. Pray in expectation. Expect the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in every area of your life. Our God is able! It's tiptoe time for you. Get up on your tiptoes and say, "Today I expect God to move. I believe I can be healed, filled, blessed, and anointed!"


What area are you expecting God to breakthrough in your life? I want you to stand on your tiptoes with great expectation!


Let’s talk.


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account_circle Montreal Granville


account_circle Montreal Granville

This was powerful.

account_circle Florilyn Cade

I'm expecting God to breakthrough in my life in the area of finances. I am expecting that He would grant me the money to buy the whole portion of the Galagar's property in Tacloban City in Philippines. I need millions of money to buy that property so i could build a church in that place. I am expecting God to bless me bountifully and mightily so I could put up a business of my own here in West Virginia or in the Philippines. I am praying that he would blessed me so much that I can't contain it so I could be a blessing to others, that He will be glorified through me. My God is a great God so I expect great things from Him. Hallelujah!

account_circle Alan Richards

We had a tongues and interpretation message in church this Sunday that said almost the same thing as this e-mail on "expectations". Part of it said "Cleanse yourselves. I am here and I have healings" My daughter listened to the message from Pastor Franklin and later prayed for a healing for someone very close to her of a very serious chronic illness that the person has had since birth. She said she really felt something happened during her praying and is expecting it to be answered.

account_circle Lez Myers

I needed this so badly today. I really need a miracle, and am believing God for one. I'm in the process of filing for bankruptcy and it has been very trying at the least. Thank you God for this message and thank you Pastor Jentezen.

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