The most valuable asset that you have, is your time.

January 1, 2018

When you think of something valuable, what comes to mind first? Most would see dollar bills, jewelry, or maybe some other asset; however, the most valuable asset that you have, is your time. You cannot add one minute to the end of a day, no matter how large your bank account grows. We tend to waste these moments with abandon, like we can never run out. While we are throwing hours away, we forget the one who gives us each and every second.

Many people focus on tangibles when they think of God. They focus on giving finances or getting physical health, but what about time? Tithe is a command and offerings are a blessing, but why not also give God your time? When is the last time you volunteered for a function that gave back to God? Have you fed the hungry or gave medicine to the sick?

How to Stay Devoted Out of the Spotlight

  1. Study. II Timothy 2:15 says, “Study to shew thyself approved unto God…” Devote yourself to moments alone in God’s Word. Don’t just read like any other book, but read to learn. Take a few extra moments to pick out pieces that you have not seen before and ask questions if there are things you don’t understand. Everest isn’t climbed in a day. Adventurers must go up the mountain in increments and let their lungs grow to the new challenge. The same is true with studying scripture. It’s a journey, as much as a destination.
  2. Prayer. Matthew 6:5 says, “And when you pray…” Later in this chapter we learn the Lord’s Prayer, but it starts with when. Prayer is an integral part of the faith. It is difficult to grow any relationship without communication, yet many people talk to themselves more than their God. Take time to just let God know that you love Him and are thinking about Him. It doesn’t take long to say, “I love you.”
  3. Fasting. Matthew 6:16 says, “Moreover when you fast…” Fasting is expected, it’s just a part of being a Christian. It is difficult to put aside food (whether all or part) for any period of time. You have to devote this time to God and stay true, otherwise the hamburgers start to look great. If you simply see it through, “… your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly.” (Matthew 6:18)

God is our Strength and our Shield. He helps when we can’t help ourselves and leads our way when we are lost. Giving to God should be a joy, but often we see it as a burden. We look to all the things we can’t have and lose sight of the better things that are in our hands and hearts. Time is precious, above all things money could buy. We need to make sure to set aside time for God, and be devoted to the moment.

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account_circle Mary Hayes

Hello praying for deliverance and salvation for my family members, protection, financial support for learning center at my church and the ministry. For wisdom, understanding and guidance for my Pastor and leaders ! Healing for two special family members ! And for a supernatural miracles for a new established business. And to walk by faith and not be anxious ! A renew mind for sisters , nieces , nephews and their children ! Healthy New year no sickness , diseases and evil to come upon us .

account_circle Kimberly Clark

GOD is working it out for those who stand on him word and promise.

account_circle Linda Thomas

THIS is the key for me. Please pray for me that I will be consistent and focus for 21 days. Thank you.

account_circle Ida Baker

I am fasting to increase my relationship with God; for my purpose and my church; thank God for allowing me to survive breast cancer; that my sister and brother will return to Christ; for my son; God will bless me with a husband; my finances as well as my job.

account_circle Charles Long

Great lead. Study, Pray, and Fast.

account_circle Belinda Simon

This is my first Fast of this length of time, I have been attempting to prepare my body for the 21day fast ,which begins tomorrow January 6,2018. I do desire a closeness with God I can’t seem to find. I have loved ones who know of God but don’t known Him. I desired to be debt free before new year started, I am close and believe I will owe no man nothing but to love him by or before the end of this fast. I am expecting a GREAT miracle in my life. Here I am God take my life and do something with it.

account_circle Kevin Moore

This is a great article and I needed to read it, I'm so interested and will be seeing the 21 day through it's my 1st fast as a Christian I never knew anything about fasting & it's importance because I don't spend time alone in scripture but will be daily during my fast.... thankyou for the information very inspiring

account_circle Denedriane Dean

I agree with Angela. More devotion and awe, less just going thru the motions. I am actually looking forward to this set aside time of fasting for greater intimacy with the Lord!

account_circle Sandra Early

Thank you Pastor Franklin for this annual fast to re-dedicate ourselves to seeking God's face.

account_circle John and Kim Neill

This article made me think of priorities and that God should always be that number one priority. Then I realized I put Him on a list; a list with grocery shopping and cleaning the house. This morning I was thinking about the things I needed to get done but I also needed and wanted to prepare my heart for the 21 day fast ....... and realized I put Him on the "list" again. My heart knows better than that and yet, there it was in black and white. Yes, I so much want more of Him and I know for a fact, because I have been there with Him, that when I spend quality time talking with Him, the rest of the day and my "list" work out. OR, if it doesn't , I am at such peace and happiness, it's okay. God's economy: time, money, etc. Sincerely seek Ye first. More of Him..... He always deserves so much more.

account_circle Duduzile Kumalo

I've been part of the fasting movement since 2008 however, I still need God to deliver me and my family financial challenges. My desperate need this year is to financially delivered.

account_circle Lita Martin

God is amazing and we can praise Him continuously for His infinite grace to His children. May we all be aware of His gifts to us...a new and beautiful sunrise or sunset every day, the flower that blooms just for our eyes, the birds that sing... Why would God do that? Because He wants to see us smile. He wants to say, "I love you!" to us. Just adore the one that adores you.

account_circle Angie Frantz

This is awesome, I think a lot of times I forget the gospel and being a follower of Jesus is made to be simple not legalistic or complicated. This year my prayer is that I would remain in the awe of God and his glory and truly live as a follower of Jesus and not someone who goes through the motions.

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