September 19, 2017

The Blessing is in the Breaking | Part 2

Rarely do you hear a person ask God to be broken, and it is even rarer to hear a man or woman thank God for the brokenness they have found themselves in. Why is that? I have come to learn that God can do more with our brokenness than he can with our gifts and talents. We are surrounded by broken people every day. EVERY day. And I have found what God brings out of our brokenness is exactly the medicine needed for the wounded soul of others.


Here are some basic concepts I have found to be true:

  1. Blessings are found in the breaking. After He blessed it…He broke it. Refusing to be broken delays the blessing. The miracle begins at the breaking point. Have you thanked the Lord for the last time He broke you? He wasn’t killing you, He was blessing you.


  1. He feeds the multitude with your broken pieces. It is the broken pieces of our lives that feed the multitudes. Will you choose to hide and forget the broken seasons or will you allow the Lord to use them?


  1. Blessings flow THROUGH your hands…not FROM your hands. God gets the glory, not you. Never think you are what people need. We are vessels.


  1. When God does a miracle, He doesn’t just give enough, He gives overflow. God wants to give you overflow. God’s Name is El Shadai--- The God of more than enough! Call Him MORE THAN ENOUGH.


  1. Keep blessing other people. God’s desire is to bless others through YOUR faithfulness. All blessings you receive are not from man, they are from God!


Sometimes you have to tell your future about your past. God wants to test your memory in the storms by checking your recollection of His faithfulness in your past storms. Can you remember the storms God has brought you through?  Your power is not in where you are, it is in where you have been. Thank Him for what He is about to do based on what He has done before.


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