September 15, 2017

The Blessing is in the Breaking | Part 1

We must constantly tell our future about God’s faithfulness in our past.


Why is it that every time we go through a difficulty, our first instinct is to worry and fret? Why is it that I can be so on fire for God one moment…focused and making progress, until a storm arises in my life…and then, almost as if Satan himself were the conductor and I were the orchestra…I shift my focus completely off of what I was doing and place it squarely and completely on the difficulty. Suddenly my thoughts and my energy are solely focused on the dilemma. Not only do I step in and decide that I have to fix it…I forget the hundreds of other times when God came through time and time again, storm after storm and made the sea to lay flat…made the mountain move and calmed the raging sea.


Why do we forget that He is still the God of miracles? And speaking of miracles, here is a thing or two I have learned about God in my seasons of doubt and unbelief.


Miracles begin with what you have. Too may focus on what they don’t have when the miracle begins with what you have.


God uses people that other people say don’t count. The women and children weren’t counted, but it was a child who had the bread. You may not have what you need to get to where you want to go, but if you give God what you have, He will multiply it.


The greatest miracles take time. Jesus separated the people into groups and that took time. Sometimes it takes order and structure and management of what you have. Sometimes you have not managed what you have so God can’t give you more. You need to get the structure ready for what He is going to give you before you can receive it


You have to be thankful for what you have---for what is not enough, before He can give you more than enough. God blesses what you have and what is to come before he multiplies into more than enough. Multiplication will not follow ingratitude.


No one is going through a storm that God is not aware of. You are going through a storm by Divine instruction.


The storm you are going through is the pathway Jesus uses to get to you. In the middle of your storm here comes Jesus walking on the water.


Storms are tests. Always have been. But I have learned that every test comes AFTER the lesson has been taught. You already know He is faithful. You already know He has been faithful in every season. The present test is to see if you remember all the times God was with you in your former storms and act accordingly in your present storm. Tell your present about your past!




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