June 12, 2020

"Thank You" from Haiti

Dear Pastor Jentezen,


We wish to thank you, with all our hearts, for the faithful monthly support you send to Haiti. We are able to provide 272,000 meals each month thanks to your support.


We know it is a great sacrifice for your partners, especially during this time, to give so generously allowing us to continue food distribution to the needy families, children, and orphanages. This genuinely touches our hearts, because you all continue to give "in the midst of the storm." We are amazed! Thank you and please thank your partners. The people and children here are more than grateful for this food each month.


In the midst of everything, we are working hard each day. We are getting ready to do our large food distribution to share with 96 other organizations who also feed hungry children here in Haiti. Of course, this would not be possible without your Kingdom Connection Food Distribution Center! We keep it clean and organized, because we take care of what God has blessed us with!


The Kingdom Connection Village [100 homes built after devastating earthquake] is still doing very well, and of course we share food with them each month as well.


The Mache Mirak [Miracle Market] is doing very well! Someone recently sponsored a Gas Station at Mache Mirak, and it will be a great blessing! We just had a soft opening and cars, and motors and trucks were lined up for a long ways! This brings in more jobs and will help the Market be even more successful in providing means for the people of Haiti. It is all about sustainability!


Your ministry has been a great inspiration to us, Pastor Jentezen, because you never stand still! You are always moving, expanding, taking big leaps for the Lord, and blessing more people. This has inspired us to do the same here in Haiti. In the midst of all our trials, in the midst of the Coronavirus, in the midst of all the political violence, we are not standing still! We are working harder than ever to care for those in need and push through to deliver food in hard-to-reach locations. We love you and your partners, and we thank you with all our heart.


May God Richly Bless You and continue to lengthen your cords,


Bobby and Sherry Burnette



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