May 6, 2017

Super Friends

Several years ago Pastor Franklin preached a message called Super Friends. I enjoyed listening to that message because he used one of my favorite cartoon characters Batman. If you know the story of Bruce Wayne, he was from an affluent family. Criminals robbed his family and then killed his mother and father right before his eyes. At the gravesite, Bruce Wayne, as a little boy, kneeled down and said, “What has happened to you … I swear will never happen to me or anybody else in this family.” That day Bruce Wayne became Batman.


But that wasn’t the end of the story as far as crime fighters go. As much as Batman was determined not to allow past hurts and violence and crime to overtake his future and his city, he still needed help. Now the friend that he had was not as strong as he was. He was not as good looking as he was. He couldn’t fight as good. But the deal is, Robin kept getting blessed because of his friendship with Batman.


We need to get to the place where we understand that because we’re connected to the Lord … we are blessed! We may be weak, and we may be insufficient, and we may not have all that we need. But if you’d just get connected with Jesus, and then with the right people, and with the Church … it’s like a partnership. Every victory for Batman was a victory for Robin. They helped one another.


As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.
Proverbs 27:17


The Bible says, “Iron sharpens iron.” So it is with friends. Even super-friends. I was thinking about how they sharpen swords with a hammer, and when they put it in the fire, usually sparks will fly. You don’t have true friends unless every once in a while some sparks fly. Sure you can have a “yes” friend who tells you, “You’re so wonderful. You’re so right. You’re so good. Everyone else is so wrong. You poor little thing.” Or you can get a real friend, someone who cares about you. They’ll tell you when you’re wrong. They’ll let you know when you need to apologize. Then they will be there to prop you up when you need it. Even God will discipline you, because He loves you, and He knows in order to be who He’s created you to be, some sparks have got to fly.


That sword would be dull and useless if those sparks didn’t fly. And Robin would just be Robin if it weren’t for Batman. And Batman … well he may not have needed Robin all the time, but he wanted a friend.


We all need someone to lean on from time to time. We need people in our lives to lift us up, sharpen our character, and celebrate are victories with. Who’s propping you up? Who are you propping up? And most important of all, are you leaning on God?


Remember, sometimes in friendship, sparks will fly! Don’t let that separate you. Be quick to forgive. And don’t let people exit your life over hurt feelings.