Should I fast in secret? Or is it OK to tell other people? - Day 5

January 11, 2018

Your concern about the public nature of your fast is honoring to God. The Bible speaks very positively about the “Secret Place” where God sees what you do privately, and rewards you openly in a public way. This is not a bargaining strategy for the Christian, but rather an open invitation by God to press into His presence. 


“Moreover, when you fast, do not be like the hypocrites, with a sad countenance. For they disfigure their faces that they may appear to men to be fasting. Assuredly, I say to you, they have their reward. But you, when you fast, anoint your head and wash your face, so that you do not appear to men to be fasting, but to your Father who is in the secret place; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly” (Matthew 6:16-18 NKJV).


Clearly, it says that fasting is to be seen only by God. Thus, fasting in seclusion is the lion share of what God is seeking from you as His Child. Your sheltered discipline is a fragrant aroma to the God who sees your true heart and ultimate sacrifice. Your motive for this act of submission is revealed in the quite moments of your physical lack, and such a determination of your faith is what touches Heaven’s hand in your favor. Day-by-day, your earnest aspiration to pursue your Heavenly Father in an isolated manner shouts praises to the King of King and Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ. The Result: God takes notice!


Then there are times when pastors or leaders of faith call for a corporate fast. If the leader of a congregation calls a public fast and you sense God is speaking to you through that leader, then you should come under that God-given authority and commit to fasting with the others. This public decree is echoed among the Saints of Old and calls for modern believers everywhere to join in the Lord’s battle through fasting. In this instance, shout it from the rooftops and invite others to join this communal fast to bring about change, healing and hope.


In our annual 21-day corporate fast, we literally join with millions from all over the world as we fast together and set apart the first portion of the year to seek the Living God as a congregation and as the Body of Christ. It is a powerful time of surrender. It is a holy time of consecration. It is a petition for righteousness all over the Globe. In this occurrence, it is very appropriate, and even recommended, to join with others in small groups, special services, or in online formats like social media to encourage each other and provide accountability and inspiration.


How can we encourage or pray for you today? 

Be sure to sign in to answer this question in the comments below and join the conversation! Our team will be moderating and replying to your comments each day! It’s the best way to experience the encouragement, prayers, and support so critical to this corporate fast. Even if you’re fasting alone, you’ve got this community!


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account_circle Osaretin Osaigbovo

I am having financial problem my annual house rent expires this month. But i believe that God will make a way. He always does. Please pray for me. I know that God will save me from disgrace He always does

account_circle Jeri Steele

I have been having problems with pain in my legs. It exploded last week. Please pray that God will guide me in what action to take and for healing.

account_circle Anahi Romero

People of God, help pray for my husband Angel and my kids,,lily, isaac,Noah, Nathan for a surrendered life to Jesus Christ. I feel a real spiritual battle at home. I'm in need of a job, spiritual awakening and closer walk with God, my mother, father and 3 brothers for salvation. I struggle with debt and having less than what my financial needs are, but nevertheless I want to honor God always with my first fruits. Thank you all. Amen

account_circle Helen Hearts

Karla, thank you so much for the response. I did not look at it that way but I guess this would be an opportunity to share the word of God as you have said. Greatly appreciate it :)

account_circle Karla Cole

Helen, don’t deny that you are fasting it asked, use it as an opportunity to share Jesus. If people ask to many questions just say it’s personal between me and God. They’ll leave you alone or want to hear more. Then you can tell them about Free Chapel and Jentezen Franklin ministries. Blessings to you and be strong, keep the faith.

account_circle Pamela Robinson

Praying that I will surrender my will and what I had in mind, and be filled with much faith to trust God's plan and what He has in mind.

account_circle Deborah Miller

Deborah, i have been joining with this church community in this fast for 9 yrs. I am so excited for what God is about to do in this year. No eye has seen, no ear has heard. When we obey God and do His Will He does mighty, awesome, miraculous things. Since I started this fast on th 7th I have already seen miracles take place in a friend's life who has been running from God but as of this day she now is starting to believe and talk about God. My husband who has been rejecting anything about God in the past since this fast is now speaking Gods word. Praise be to God, thank you Jesus, Thank you Holy Spirit. I can't tell you in words how joyful my heart feels on this particular fast. Let all just keep praying for all our brother and sisters who have joined in this fast this year. Also, for the families and friends connected to them. Thank you to pastor Jentezen Franklin for your continued obedience to God for this fast. May God Bless you and your family MIGHTILY. Buckle your seatbelts brothers and sisters and get ready for the best year of our lives. Love your sister in Christ Deborah

account_circle Kenny Seidens

Today is day 5 for me and my experience thus far has been one of wanting to do right, not half-hearted but going the extra. I'm enjoying my conversations with others and my topic is more about what I've learned about God today than the daily grind. I feel blessed and grateful that I made the decision to be part of this fast. God bless everyone and favor Holy Spirit as He works in our lives. :)

account_circle Linda Thomas

YES, YOU CAN PRAY and BELIEVE WITH ME...I ask Our Father to bless me with a long hotel stay so I can be away from my present situation so He and I can be alone as much as possible. I told Him about the Westin Hotel that is in route to the school where I work. Thank you in advance! I praying right alone with you guys and pray that Our Father meets you where you (are). In HIS love, I remain....

account_circle Mary Hayes

Good morning all !! I thank God for knowing that others are on this journey with me and it give me hope that someone is standing and praying for me !! My prayers needs is for forgiveness for falling short on a couple of days! Prayer for my deliverance and protection, healing, lifestyle changes for my family! Favor for my new established business, my Pastor and ministry! For a church members unity , healing for Family members suffering from illness and diseases . Blessings for my sisters , brother, nieces, nephews, grands, church family, in laws !! Anointing to fall fresh on me !! Amen

account_circle Barbara McKee

Pray for me that I will bring with the Spirits help people to know the Lord. Pray that my heart and actions will be right toward people. Lost people are always SO quick to play the "judgment" card because...I guess its something the Devil puts in them. This guy I told about Gods love and gave him Pastors info so he could talk to a Godly male keeps trying to "date" me. I told him not interested in dating three times...Finally I just had to let him know that as a Christian I am not to date people who are not Spiritually inclined. Right away...of course....he said I was judging him... I was just going by what I saw. He did NOT reach out to the Pastor and did not want to come to Church dinner and Bible Study. But instead wants to date me. I cant provide the help he needs. Only God can. I dont believe in flirting to convert. If my heart is not right about that then I am sure the Lord will change it PEOPLE NEED THE LORD NOT A CHEAP COUNTERFEIT OR A SUGA MAMA :)

account_circle Chad Gloetzner

Today I’m praying for financial breakthrough.

account_circle Miracle Lotus

I believe I'm in heir with Christ of Revelation 5:12"“And the Angels sang in a mighty chorus: “Worthy is the Lamb who was slaughtered— to receive power and riches and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and blessing." In this fast, I want to see this promise of inheritance manifesting in my life&my children lives.I am a tithes and giver. My life has been so blessed by The Lord Almighty. I know whatever God said in His Words, He will fulfill it. Heaven and earth shall pass away but His words will stand forever. And I believe JESUS CHRIST is the same yesterday-today and forever.May You All Be Blessed By This Fast.May All Be Healed and Whole.May GOD Himself will get all the glory of His Faithfulness.May The Name Of The Lord JESUS CHRIST Be Exalt Throughout The Earth From Now to Eternity.May Peace Be On Earth and Goodwill Toward Mankind.In JESUS's name.Amen🙏🏻❤️🕊

account_circle Rosemary Turner

Thanks so much for clarifying this. I was not sure if it was ok to write or respond at first. Thanks for answering Question 7. Jesus is my Wisdom. Jesus is my Righteousness. So grateful that Jesus promised that He will not leave me without support. When I come sometimes back to home later in the evening, please agree that God God supplies the grace to feed my Faith and that I taste and see that God is good. i also would like you to agree and I thank God that I can cast my cares on Him because He cares about me. In 2018 I thank God that I can Rest and receive God's Covenant blessings. I Give God thanks. Thank You ABBA Father.

account_circle Dorcas Bryant

My husband and I need a miracle to have children. And healing and health for two of us.

account_circle ROXANN Wilson

Please pray for god to release the bonds of addiction that is holding my husband’s mind

account_circle ROXANN Wilson

Please pray for healing in my marriage

account_circle Monchita Davis

Hello people of God. I'm fasting alone, and in need of prayer, for strength, encouragement, direction. Although, I'm excited about the fast, today I've been craving junk foods, my thoughts have been off today, I'm feeling tired. I know it's going to be alright in Jesus name.

account_circle Sandra Early

Praying for all that are on this corporate fast will experience a closer walk with the Lord. In the process, He will answer prayers according to His Holy will. Thank you Lord, Amen.

account_circle Victoria Martinez

This is my 5 Fifth Fast with you all. We are from California, and we have been attending a Church for the first time that FASTS at the same time. SOOO Exciting. This Fast I am taking more seriously than I have in the past. First 3 days liquids only. Got to tell you I dreamed about the Resurrection of Jesus last night (Very Intense), My reading this morning was John 16 through 20; the Resurrection. While getting ready for work I told my self no more isolating I am past the 3 days of liquids only. WOW I got really excited. To me , it was all connected and I got goose bumps and all I could do is Thank you my Heavenly Father for experiencing this. I wanted to share this; it was such an eye opener for me. God Bless and Thank you

account_circle John and Kim Neill

I'm sure, like many others, things have come up during this fast that we wish had not. But now on day 5, I feel safer than when things catch me off guard. Thank you and continue to pray for us all as we will for you. People won't always put their problems on a blog but I know there are silent people out there fasting and praying for a breakthrough who might be feeling discouraged today. God can seem awfully quiet and still sometimes but He is the God who never sleeps and is a mighty, might force. And we do, after all, belong to Him.

account_circle Deedy Williams

Thankful for the fasting community and the endurance to see this through. Continue to pray for me and the needs of my family as well as the needs of every family represented in this fasting community. Have a Blessed Day.

account_circle Joann Dade

I have been blessed thus far and I am enjoying the online services that I have been able to catch. Wednesday Night was phenomenal as the power of the Holy Spirit feel there and in my room as I watched. I praise GOD for Pastor Franklin and his gift of leading the nation in fasting, praying and giving.

account_circle Jose and Cindy Flores

I want to live in the center of the Lord's will for myself and my husband and want to see my children find their christian mates as well as a dear sister who is longing to be married in Christ and is worried she is getting too old. I want to be a stronger and wiser witness for Jesus and not waste time. I am a poor time manager and need God's help greatly to stay focused and on task.

account_circle mojisola adejuyigbe

Please Pray for the salvation of Son, my dad , mum and siblings. My son is in rebellion I need God's mercy and favour upon him

account_circle Dee Gach

I live in Missouri and participate in this fast every year! I would appreciate your prayers for physical healing and healing of relationships. Thank you for making this resource available, it has been such a blessing!

account_circle Adjei Nyarko Prince

I was going through a rough time in my third of the fast, but after reading the Blog on day 4 am inspired to continue. Thank you Pastor Franklin.

account_circle Evelyn Cintron

i tell people if i'm in public I'm on a detox diet for Christ...

account_circle Ruth Nganga

My first encounter with God was in High school rally ,I got filled with Holy Spirit and I saw a vision which the spirit told me to share with young and innocent but I obeyed. When I approached one of the usher he said please tell it yourself...(think he doubted) well I shared the message and there was response....I was thrilled at same time humbled....I have stumbled and neglected my close walk but God has always been faithful. Last I had 21day fast I was seeking husband after bad heartbreak....He answered and we have 17months boy. When I set to fast I wanted to realise my purpose ,financial breakthrough, better job for hubby,citizenship, job, house,and investment breakthroughs as well as health for our son who is allergic and reacts to cold. But on third day of fast I felt no,what I need is Gods encounter,I want to “feel ,”touch” God. I want to be transformed inside out. The rest will follow when I seek God I need my vision gift restored I want to experience God. I believe the rest He has answered..I want more of him and less of me. ...... believer from Italy.

account_circle Stephanie Reinhart

I so appreciate this daily blog, as I journey through this fast. It gives me strength, hope and wisdom, even on how to handle talking to others about it. Such a great Word today. Such a great nearness I sense. Hungry for more of His presence, His voice and direction for 2018. Blessings to all you, my fasting spiritual family. I love knowing there are others fasting in the secret place right along side me. Such an encouragement. May God visit you in deep and meaningful ways. May you experience the glory of His presence today!

account_circle Elsie Mokoena

Please stand in agreement with me for healing for my baby girl and myself. Thank you.

account_circle Margareth Larose

Thank you. This blog is very helpful to my spiritual growth. God does answer prayers and I am a testament of that. Please pray for my first son to find Christ and be directed by the Holy Spirit. Thank you!

account_circle Patrick Dodson

Seeking prayer for current job as well as a job interview that I have tomorrow. Praying for Godly favor.

account_circle Debbie Marmon

Please pray for my youngest son to return to walking with the Lord. Also for healing for my oldest son, he has sever ulcerative colitis that is affecting very aspect of his life. He is only 30yrs old, and is very limited by this disease and concerned that it could take his life.

account_circle Ann-Marie Flores

I have been praying for my daughter to come home its been 3 years she has been gone and turned her eyes from God. Jan 1 she called and asked to come home, God is faithful. The battle is extremely strong now and I need prayers in agreement that the work God started will be seen to completion like his word says. thank you!

account_circle Barbara McKee

Me and my daughter are together alot so she knows about the fast. She thinks I am starving....of course I am not....I wish there had been a way for me to Not tell her.

account_circle Nomveliso Vika

When I was still planning my 21 days fasting I tuned on the TV channel when Pastor Jentezen was preaching and announced that on the 7th will be the beginning of the fast and I decided to join in. I'm in South Africa trusting God to regain my financies and total healing and deliverance

account_circle Tomasina Williams

I need strength in my obedience to the Spirit. Some mornings when I get that early morning nug to get up to pray, it seems like I'm awake but I can't get my body out of the bed.

account_circle Maria Cristina Zephirin

Good morning! I am joining the fast movement for the 2nd time from Saint Lucia in the Caribbean. Thanks for being there! Can feel that I am part of this wonderful anticipation of what God is going to perform on our behalf in this new year! Be blessed

account_circle Maria Barnes

Please pray for my better health and release and breakthrough of gluttony, also prayers for my family and our disconnection,, I also ask prayer for a peaceful mind and soul,

account_circle Vodra Smith

How can you pray for me today? My prayer request is that I get a promotion on my job or in my career as an assistant principal. Prayer for my mother who has the spirit of fear, being alone and living by herself.

account_circle tiffany Harris

I'm fasting alone, but just knowing others are praying with, and for me online is encouraging. Initially I was concerned about doing this alone, but God had given me peace.

account_circle Marilen Ocampo

I am thankful to be part of this community in doing this 3 day Fast. I truly am blessed to have been able to fast and be closer to God . Please continue to pray for my salvation and my ex husband and children. We have gone through a very bad Divorce which has put me in a dark place that I never thought I could be and knowing that this year will be a year of nothing but pure healing of my hang ups and bad habits , I trust and have faith in our father Gone that he will restore my family as it was in his plans. I pray for better breakthrough for myself for my health , finances, better job to support my children in being a single mom it’s very hard but father God I will depend on you and I will call upon you to guide me and Bless me and my family for all more to come our way. In Jesus name AMEN!

account_circle Helen Hearts

I am glad to be a part of this fast and I am feeling the presence of God much more and this has given me the opportunity to reflect on my past and how God's love has never failed and given up on me... I really want to do the Daniel fast by only eating vegetables but there's a health hazard in my country at the moment and almost all stores are not stocking up vegetables and fruits and my own fears of this hazard are preventing me from this type of fast. I do not know what to do or handle this. Secondly, I am in an open office and during lunch break I do not eat or have even a cup of tea and it has somehow been noticed by others and I got a questionas to whether I am fasting. i denied it openly. Was i wrong to do that? What would have been the best way to handle such a situation?

account_circle Joan Young

Need prayer and encouragement to influence a community for Jesus

account_circle Joan Young

Good morning community wow! It's day 5 Gods day of divine favour the favour to get the spiritual fortitude to see us through and to enrich our lives in unique and individual ways for this I am eternally thankful to Elshadaai. My prayers request today is for encouragement to evangelize a specific community here in our Borough and I feel so overwhelmed with the burden of witnessing to these people God needs our church to rise up and impact this community and today I need your support in Prayer that I may be bold rise up in that Authority Pastor Franklin taught us about to Bind the strong man in this region I have asked for support in my church but don't know if and when they will respond since there is an urgency that's in my spirit that just does not seem to ignite a fire in everyone in our congregation and I know that this may be my calling so I'm not expecting everyone to join me since they all have their individual no ministries this is why I'm seeking support from the fasting movement support in prayers that God will eqiuip me with wisdom to use the right bait for the right fish basically in Jesus name Amen

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