May 5, 2020

Saving Caleb

Meet Caleb. Caleb is just one precious child who eats healthy, nutritious food because of the generous support provided by Jentezen Franklin and Kingdom Connection Partners each month.


His story comes to us from a Malnutrition Clinic in Haiti about two hours from the Kingdom Connection Food Distribution Center. Missionaries Bobby & Sherry Burnett, who operate the distribution center, have been providing food to this clinic for a long time.


Caleb first came to the clinic when he was just four months old. His papa brought him to the clinic in search of food. His mother was not mentally stable, and would hit the baby, and his father was doing his best to care for him.


Caleb's mother later died when he was a year old. They did fairly well for several months, but without a job, his father struggled to care for him and it became impossible to provide enough food to eat.


In order to find stable work, Caleb’s father decided to leave him with his grandfather, but his “papa” was just not able to care for him and saw how small and sick Caleb was becoming and turned to the clinic for help.

 Caleb Comes to Clinic

They took Caleb into the clinic and began to treat him and feed him. He was so malnourished he could not walk, but food and love changed his life. Proper nutrition and healthcare can turn a child's life around so quickly! He is now walking, running and playing!


Caleb Healed

You have made a difference in another life! And this is just one of many, many stories of children who only survive thanks to the food distribution that is shared among countless orphanages, clinics and feeding programs each month in Haiti.


Thank you to all of our partners and friends who donate allowing us to send 272,000 meals to Haiti each month.




Just $10 will help send 270 meals to the Kingdom Connection Food Distribution Center in Haiti! Please consider making a difference today.


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