Satan's Master Man

September 20, 2020

He performs great signs, so that he even makes fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men. And he deceives those who dwell on the earth by those signs which he was granted to do in the sight of the beast, telling those who dwell on the earth to make an image to the beast who was wounded by the sword and lived.

Revelations 13:13-14


In the end times there will be a deceiver that comes on the scene parading as an innocent lamb, but who actually has horns. This deceiver will demand a mark on your body that even decides if you can shop and by food. This is the 666 you have heard so much about. This deceiver is called the anti-Christ, the beast, the man of sin, and the man of lawlessness, the son of perdition.


When the end times come, there will be social agitation and troubled waters—directly related to social and racial unrest, much like we see today—troubled like a churning sea with muck and mire surfacing. The Bible warns that the anti-Christ will surface in a time like this.


Key Scripture:

Revelation 13:11-18; Isaiah 14; The Book of Ezekiel; Revelation 14


Key Points About the Anti-Christ and the End Times

1. Just like there are three persons in the Trinity, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, there will be three dark individuals that arise in the end times: Satan, The Beast, and The false Prophet

2. There will be a servant of Satan which is called the anti-Christ—the Beast. He will have the voice of dragon’s breath, full of deceitful words. He will be indescribably wicked, but charming; persuasive but deceiving.

3. We see the spirit of anti-Christ in the world today. Attacks on innocent men and women, violence and destruction, plagues, and lawlessness; these are all of the signs of the times of the anti-Christ.

4. Russia plays a prominent role in the end times as a bear, a wounded bear. We see that wounded bear today with its crippling economy, oppression of its people, and much corruption. The Book of Ezekiel shows Russia playing a major role.

5. China represents the Dragon that the Book of Revelations talks about. Great power and destructive intentions. They are responsible for the prison camps of the persecuted church and are literally attempting genocide of every religion. The Dragon is one of the emblems of China. Covid19 comes from China, and is just a test-balloon for what is coming.

6. There are four animals that define the make-up of the spirit of anti-Christ (Daniel):

The face of a lion - stately walk, but teeth that shred

The face of a bear - great strength, but claws that rip to pieces

The face of a Leopard - represents the speed at which the anti-Christ will grip the nations

The face of a dragon - destruction comes from its nostrils

7. The anti-Christ will dwell on the earth and be wounded in the head, but dramatically brought back to life. This could be a reference to an imitation of the resurrection of Jesus, which will usher in the grand entrance of Satan himself. He is a copycat, an imposter imitating the power of Jesus.

8. Lucifer was heaven’s worship leader before he was cast down and he attempts to have his own worshippers on earth. There is a rise of Satanic worship, even today.  There are people touching on dark arts and black arts of witchcraft—almost a revival of Satanism. Child abuse, molestation, and pornography are at all-time highs.

9. The spirit of anti-Christ exists for destruction and violence, and people do not even realize that spirit is leading them. There will be an all out defying of Jesus by the global powers with a goal of destroying the church and all Jesus’ followers.

10. There will be Christians left behind during the tribulation—the underground church. In fact there are prison camps and concentration camps in China even as you read these words. Many Christ-followers will die as martyrs during the tribulation.

11. What we have experienced during the Covid19 epidemic was just a tremor for what is coming. We are facing things no other generation has faced.

12. The Lamb gives you a name while the anti-Christ gives you a number. You have to choose.


Final Thoughts

Something is going on. The signs of the times are everywhere you look. Are you going to take the number from the beast or the name given by Jesus? No one knows the day or the time of Christ’s return but our job is to get ready. Are you ready? Our job is to get ready for the coming of the Lord, to shine the love of Jesus, to be salt and light. Our job is to tell the world about Jesus, how He died for their sins and rose again to rule and reign forever and ever. Our job is to tell people of the hope of eternal life. Our job is to tell people that Jesus saves, heals, forgives, and cleanses even from every form of addiction.


God has something in store for the church. The beast may control for a season, but Jesus offers salvation for an eternity.

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