May 12, 2019

Rubber Band Faith


Like a rubber band, your faith is useless unless it’s stretched. Can you think of a single thing to do with a rubber band in its “relaxed,” natural state? Yet when you stretch out that rubber band, its potential is unlimited. Just Google rubber band uses and you’ll get list after list of ideas. Put a couple of rubber bands in front of a kid and in minutes you’ll have a car, a gun, a bouncy ball, chopsticks … but they all require stretching.


The tension and stress we feel when God is stretching us is uncomfortable, but it’s not without a divine purpose! God knows your full potential. He knows what you were created to become. You can’t reach the extraordinary, until you’re stretched beyond the ordinary. Opportunities are waiting in the stretch!


Too many believers are living in their minimum rather than reaching their maximum! When that rubber band is stretched, it’s not getting any bigger than it already was … it’s just expanding to its maximum potential. Remember we serve a God who all throughout the Bible asked people to do the impossible. You may think your dream is just a dream, but if God is telling you to do it, go for it! You may think you’re not equipped for that promotion, or new job, or to become a parent. Maybe you don’t believe you have what it takes to look at your history in the face and say, “No More!” Well, the truth is, maybe you don’t. But when you stretch yourself out there and reach for the impossible, that’s when God steps in and makes it possible!


Do you think Moses could part the sea? Or that Elisha could raise the dead? Do you think Peter could walk on water? Do you think a crippled man could stretch out his hand and suddenly what had been in a shriveled-up, crimpled mess could be stretched into its intended purpose? No. None of those people were capable of the impossible tasks they were asked to do in their own strength and abilities.


When you give into the stretch, stop saying “I can’t” and start saying “God can” you, too, will exceed your own expectations and reach your maximum potential!


What do all athletes do before a big game or even practice? Stretching is necessary. It’s not what hurts you; it’s what keeps you flexible. Stretching is the ability to get longer and wider without breaking or tearing.  So embrace the stretch. It’s not going to break you—it’s going to make you!




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