Prosperity of Adversity

May 30, 2020


Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. - Galatians 6:9


There is a law in God’s word concerning the prosperity that comes through adversity. There are heroes in the kingdom of God, but they aren’t whom you might think. They are unknown by man, but well known by God. Who they are isn’t what matters quite as much as what they have done. This could be you. Do you feel like no one ever sees all the good you do? God sees.


I believe we have turned the corner on this period of lockdown and pandemic, and now it’s time to reap the prosperity of the adversity we have all faced. The devil has tried to kill, steal, and destroy, but God is saying this is about to change. He says, “ENOUGH!” Things are about to get better and our prosperity from this adversity is about to take place.


Compensations, Joys, Crowns, Appointments, and Compensations are coming

1. There is prosperity coming in finances. Sometimes you just need a breakthrough and for God to move on your behalf … your time is coming.

2. Hold on. If you don’t faint, you will reap. Don’t lose your faith and your joy. Don’t give in to that temptation. Don’t believe the lie that you are all alone. You are not alone. Things are turning for good. Hang on and cling to Jesus.

3. We will slay with Goliath’s sword. The tool the devil designed to take out the church only made the church stronger. He thought he took away our churches and instead millions of new churches were born in homes all over the world. Better yet, that gave birth to an expansion of the church in greater numbers than we have ever seen.

4. Sometimes you have to go low before you can go high. Humility and surrender always precede reward and position. Humble yourself in the sight of the Lord and HE will lift you up.

5. Revival is coming. Revival follows a period of dryness and loss of feeling. When we come out of this pandemic and the lockdown, we will experience a renewal like we have never known. Discouragement is a killer, but revival brings everything back to life.

6. Adversity brings prosperity. Your loss will be restored and all that has been lost will be doubled. There is a prosperity coming out of the adversity we have been facing.

7. This is your catch-up year. God will do more with the months that are left in this year to prosper you than you would have had if all 12 went as normal.

8. He is putting His eyes on your eyes. Your vision needs to be revived and God is reviving your vision.

9. He is putting His hands on your hands. God is going to resurrect the work of your hands. He is placing a special anointing on your hands to revive your craft!

10. He is putting His mouth on your mouth. You must start speaking victory and prosperity. Declare that God is taking what the enemy meant for evil, and turning it all for your good! Declare prosperity! Declare an end to worry, doubt, and fear. It all starts with the words that come from your mouth.

11. Sow your way out. Keep giving. Keep tithing. Give with great expectation for all the Lord is about to do in your life, and in the life of the church all over the world.


Final Thoughts

There is a divine wave of wonder and blessings and miracles coming out of all this mess. The Spirit of the Lord will come in like a mighty wave that brings a harvest. It’s time to quit seeing the negative. Adversity qualifies you for prosperity. “If you can’t get out, just keep swimming around.” God is going to bring you through this. God has not changed, and He has not changed His mind about your destiny. It has been planned. Nothing has caught God by surprise. Though your faith has been challenged, shake off all negativity and receive the spirit of victory and prosperity. God has a plan for you. Trust that. Take the weapon the enemy chose to try and destroy you and place it in God’s hands to turn your adversity into prosperity.

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