May 24, 2020

Propped Up On Your Leaning Side

“Who is this coming up from the wilderness Leaning upon her beloved?”
Solomon 8:5 AMP


The world has become a wilderness because of the global pandemic, but the scripture passage in Solomon talks about coming out of the wilderness. Today we face a wilderness economically, emotionally, and spiritually. The only way out of this wilderness is by leaning on Jesus. When it gets dark enough, the stars shine the brightest. If ever there was a time to shine like stars in this world with the message of the hope found in Jesus Christ it’s now. Sooner or later the circumstance of this life will bring worry and you may find yourself needing help. Call on the Lord and He will prop you up on your leaning side. Victory is coming over this pandemic. Likewise, you also need to be a person that props others up. But when there are times of personal struggle, lean on Jesus. He will not let you down.


People Who Propped Others Up

1. Aaron: When Aaron died, all of Israel mourned—more than for Moses. Aaron was relatable. Aaron was dependable, but he also had brief periods of disobedience, yet God did not discard Aaron, and used him as a help and encouragement to Moses and others.

2. Jonathan: Jonathan was David’s best friend and continually propped up David when he was most discouraged. We are called to prop others up through encouragement.

3. Barnabus: John Mark was at his lowest when Paul had cast him aside as a failure it was Barnabus who encouraged him. And propped him up when he was ready to fall. Barnabus means “you can make it.” We need to have a “you can make it” spirit.  The system had thrown John Mark aside but Barnabus saw the best and believed the best and we have the book of Mark in the New Testament because of the encouragement given by Barnabus.

4. Jesus: When Peter failed and had given up on ministry, it was Jesus who propped him up and restored him to his calling. Jesus knows when we are leaning toward quitting or giving up and He comes to prop you up. Lean on him.

5. General Hastings Ismay. He would prop Winston Churchill up when he was falling down morally and emotionally, and when the war was over, Churchill made this general the first commander over NATO.

6. Aaron and Hur: They both held up the arms of Moses because when Moses’ arms were raised the army would win the battle in the valley. God has called us to the ministry of propping other people’s hands up.

7. Jesus: As long as your hands are raised up in praise, Jesus will hold up your arms. He will prop you up on your leaning side. He is able to “keep you from falling.”


Final Thoughts

When you feel yourself leaning toward that old sin—that old addiction, lean on the Lord. When you are leaning on someone, just do what you can do and let God come and prop you up on your leaning side. It’s time to come up and come out. You put forth the effort - do it when it hurts and dream one more time, believe one more time, get up one more time. We have to keep trying and God will come and prop you up on HIS strength and not your own. You’ve been down too long. Get UP! Get OUT! Lean on Jesus. He will never fail you. What you are dealing with cannot be fixed by natural means, only by leaning on Jesus.


You are going to make it. God can use sinners. God can use failures. But God cannot use quitters. Shout it out loud today, “I WILL NOT QUIT.” God loves you and He is able to keep you from falling and present you faultless on the day of judgement.




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