February 20, 2020

Playschool to Help Children in Israel

Progress on the Eshkol Region Trauma Center in Israel is underway. Thanks to the generosity of friends and partners, like you, of Jentezen Franklin Ministries, we're halfway to our goal in completing this project. Pastor Jentezen was there in November to break ground on this new state-of-the-art educational facility in Eshkol. 


A part of the new Trauma Center will include the Eshkol Playschool which will provide the region's 3,500 children a place of respite with a safe, indoor playground where fun and education can be combined not just during times of turmoil and attack, but everyday.


We cannot imagine the impact of living on the Gaza border—a place where mothers and fathers wake there children in the middle of the night at the sound of sirens giving just a 15 second warning of incoming rockets. A place where "post-traumatic" stress disorder is an understatement because the threat of violence never ends and trauma isn't post at all, but very real and present every day. 


The faith and resilience of these families who've called Israel home for generations is unlike anything else. We know God has called us, this ministry, and you, our partners, to stand with them in their greatest time of need. He has called us to bring comfort. He has called us to send hope. With your continued support, we will complete the new Eshkol Region Trauma Center and show our Jewish brothers and sisters that we stand with them in the love of Christ. 






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