June 23, 2019

Picking Up Dropped Dreams


It’s time to pick up those dreams you thought were dead. They are not dead---God is breathing new life into your destiny!


God gives His people a dream, a purpose, and a plan for their life. A dream is a God-given projected destiny. It means God helps you see something out there that says, “This is who I see in you.” It’s a vision of where you will be when God places His hand upon your life.


A dream is a God-given projected destiny.


There are many of you who have had a dream that you have either given up on or let die. But it’s time for you to pick up that dream! It’s time to pick it up, dust it off, and place it in God’s hands. It’s time!


What’s Your Dream?

There’s no question that God has a dream for every person, but with God’s dream, there always comes hell’s nightmare to try to steal that dream. If you don’t learn to endure the nightmare, you will never experience the dream.


Too many people give up and quit because they have a dream, planted by God in their heart, but the nightmare comes to intimidate and create fear. And fear is always a liar.


It’s impossible for God to give you a dream without the enemy attacking with his nightmare. Unless you can endure hell’s nightmare, you’ll never experience heaven’s dream for your life. The moment most people give up is the moment of the greatest opportunity.


Everything you want is on the other side of not giving up.


What is the nightmare? On one hand, the nightmare is the enemy trying to steal the dream and get you to give up. But on the other hand, the nightmare is also God’s pathway to your destiny. You cannot get to the dream without the nightmare, because it serves a purpose—it purifies you. It purifies your motives.


Can You Be Trusted?

The question is, can God trust you with trouble? The moment that the enemy senses you have a God-given dream, he will send trouble, confusion, and strife. But I have good news—trouble is a vote of heaven’s confidence in you. Your trouble is your pathway to triumph. Your pain is your pathway to a higher praise. Your mess is a pathway to the miraculous things of God in your life.


Trouble is a vote of heaven’s confidence in you


The book of Job has assisted millions of people. God gave Job a dream that he and his family would be blessed … and then came the nightmare. Everything that he had was taken and shaken. Like Job, if God has allowed you to go through the nightmare, it’s because you’re supposed to assist somebody else with what you’ve gone through.


The closer you get to the dream, the closer you get to your purpose, but the closer you get to the goal which God has in mind, the tougher it gets.


The purpose of the dream is two-fold.

The first purpose of the dream is to give you a sense of destiny; that you’re not just here wandering through life. There is a sense of destiny, purpose, and calling that is upon your life when you have a God-given dream. God has a dream for every person. You have a purpose and the dream is about a sense of destiny on your life.


The second purpose of a dream is to inspire you to reach for it, to stretch, to get out of your comfort zone, and to go beyond what you think you’re capable of doing. That’s what a dream God plants in your heart will do for you.


Self-discovery and God-discovery

The nightmare is about self-discovery. You’re going to find out who you are. You’re going to find out that your security cannot be in what other people say or feel about you, but it’s also about God-discovery. You’ll find more about God in the darkness in your life than you will in the sunshine days. God said, “I dwell in thick darkness.” He actually said that. He said, “I dwell in thick darkness.” In other words, if you want to know more about God, then He allows you to go through darkness.


Lastly, the nightmare is to shut the devil’s mouth. When your nightmare is over, like Job, it will shut the devil’s mouth. That nightmare is going to shut the devil’s mouth when God turns it around, and I promise you, He will turn it around.


Begin with the End In Mind

When they make movies, sometimes they shoot the last scene first, so that you know how it’s going to end. The director and the cast know where the story is heading all the way through every scene. God does the same thing with your life—He takes you through every step with the end in mind.


When God gives you a dream, He doesn’t plant a dream in you and hope you’re going to get to it. He begins with the ending, and then He goes back and says, “If you won’t quit, if you will endure the nightmare, you will experience the dream, because I finish what I start.”


It’s Time

So many times, people give up and quit right on the verge. But not you! Stand in faith; don’t worry and don’t be fearful. Be anxious for nothing. It’s time to go back and pick up some dropped dreams. Just because it wasn’t on your timetable doesn’t mean it wasn’t going to happen. Everything that you want is on the other side of not giving up!