On Earth as It Is In Heaven

December 29, 2017

There comes a moment in our lives when devotion and discipline pay off. For athletes, that moment comes when you cross the finish line. For writers that moment comes when you type ‘The End.’ For artists, a signature on a finished piece is that moment. Even bankers have a finish line, the zero line at the end of a balance sheet signals a very satisfying moment. Regardless of how you spend your time, whether for work or pleasure, our devotion to moments are the foundation for memories of a well lived life.

For those of us of faith, that moment is characterized by fasting, prayer, and giving. As we contemplate the changing of the seasons, we further clarify those moments. Ask yourself this one question: Is this moment in your life heaven sent? Is this season God’s best? Consider this: It’s very possible that God is calling you into a moment that will alter all of the rest of your moments forever and ever.

God has stated in his word that He dwells in the secret place (Psalm 91) and He asks that we meet Him there in fasting, prayer, and in giving. There are many things pulling at us, especially this season. But this moment in our lives only comes once.

You will only be in this place of life once. You will only have these circumstances come together as they are now, once. This season is a once in a lifetime opportunity - and this moment is precious to God. He is seeking to be with you in this moment, and He counts it as His joy.

Do you feel as if your moments lack eternal meaning?

Jesus spoke to people in many different moments, and in many different backgrounds. But He always said the same things. He said that by having sincere hearts in our prayers, giving, and through fasting we could touch the eternal. Because when we create moments, or time, to meet with God in the secret place of our hearts, we bring heaven down to earth. We bring moments of heavenly significance to our lives. We find the true treasure of life through a relationship with Christ.

Fasting, prayer, and giving are the formula for meaningful moments. Devote your moments. If you will be devoted to spending moments with God, you will find meaning in your life. If you can develop the spiritual disciplines of prayer, your walk with God will be more fulfilling than you can imagine.. He is a rewarder of those that diligently seek Him.

A relationship with God through Christ makes the earthly moments heavenly.

Devoted Moments

  1. God made promises in His Word concerning you. To find out just how much He cares for you, start a bible reading plan this week.
  2. Has spiritual fasting been a part of your life in the past? Consider sharing a moment with a friend or significant other and fast together, holding each other accountable, while building your relationship up in Christ through a fast.

Let me pray with you about the moments you are facing this season. Heavenly Father, we agree that our heart is to make a decision this season to seek you more. We ask that you fill us with a deeper desire to know you. Lift the pressure of time so that we can devote more of it to knowing you. Help us to hold on to the moments that bring life. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Let’s talk.

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