June 11, 2018

North Korea: A Historic Opportunity---A Call to Prayer

Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.


                                                                                    Matthew 5:9


While hostilities between North and South Korea ended in 1953 after three years of war, there has yet to be any formal end to the war and, as recent as today, a three-mile wide demilitarization zone has existed as a buffer between these two nations. Over the next 24 hours, that all could change. Regardless of what one might think about the politics of the situation or any one individual, when one looks at the people who stand to feel the weight of this decision, and especially at the people of North Korea, we should be moved to prayer for the peace process, both international leaders, and for safety for all involved in this monumental task.


I am personally asking for Christians to set aside a time of prayer and even fasting for these proceedings and for God’s hand of protection and voice of wisdom to lead our president and his team. While many focus on all that could go wrong in these proceedings and the days that follow, I am asking that, as we pray, we envision all that is possible if these talks are successful. I am asking that we focus on those who are starving and in desperate need of medical attention. I am asking that we imagine a scenario where political and religious prisoners are set free and reunited with their families. I am asking that you envision borders where the gospel is allowed to enter and the millions of lives that will come to know Jesus as a result of these talks between two world leaders.


I believe that God has heard the prayers of the persecuted church and those held captive and has positioned people in just the right place, at just the right time, for the miracle of peace to prevail and for captives, physical and spiritual, to be set free. When these talks are over, there will be those who try to derail the process for personal or political gain. I pray that rather than division, we see peace and see what is possible when the hand of God intervenes on behalf of men and women who humble themselves, seek His face, and cry out to Him in earnest corporate prayer.


Pray today, not just for extraordinary results from the peace talks between men, but for supernatural outcomes and prison shaking power from a prison shaking Savior. Pray for our president and his team, and pray for the people of North and South Korea. This is one of those historic occasions where we need to stop what we are doing for a moment in time and lift our voices together in prayer to God and ask, millions of voices in one united prayer, that He intervene, so that His Kingdom might be advanced to the darkest corner of the Korean Peninsula. 


Jentezen Franklin