January 17, 2020

New Beginnings Opens Dorm for Teen Girls

Pastor Jentezen & Cherise were honored to be present for the dedication of Dorm #5 at New Beginnings in mid December.  This dorm was specifically built to house teenage girls between the ages of 12-17 who are struggling with drug and alcohol use, and many who have been physically and sexually abused. New Beginnings is known as a refuge for women who need a second chance, and as of January 1st, 2020, they are able to take applications specifically for girls in this young age group, giving them the first chance they deserve!


With the help of our Kingdom Connection Partners and friends of this ministry, together, we built this a brand new dormitory. There are already teenagers at New Beginnings who began drug use as young as 6 years old! NOW, they will have designated housing to take-in and care for these impressionable young ladies.




In addition to building the dorm, our team and members of Free Chapel spent time on site cleaning, organizing, decorating, and most importantly praying in preparation for the first residents in this home.


Thank you for responding to the urgent need to make room for these children, so that New Beginnings can intervene and stop the cycle of drug use before it’s too late. Because of your generous support, these young girls now have a chance to experience the childhood they deserve.


Please help us continue our monthly support of this outstanding resource to women and children in need.




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