September 1, 2017

Make Room for a Miracle

God is ever present and all-powerful. We know this because the Bible tells us so. He has promised that we can come boldly to his throne of grace, and that we can ask anything in his name. Yet even those of us who have direct access to Him may go through life without ever experiencing the full benefits that we have in Christ. You may wonder, “If God is with me and knows my situation, why hasn’t He given me the miracle I so desperately need?”


At times you may even feel as if God is passing you by. According to Scripture, it is possible for God to pass by and not benefit us. You see it is not an issue of whether He is present. The real question is how will you respond to His presence? What is the difference between those who experience radical change in His presence and those who do not?


As we examine the lives of ordinary people in scripture who received miracles from God, some key characteristics stand out:

  1. Desperation- In the Bible, the Holy Spirit is often likened to a river that is always moving. This river represents God’s power and provision. Everything we need is in the river, but need alone does not obligate God to do miracles. You and I must make contact with the river or it will pass us by and we will miss out on the abundant life that is in that river. Desperation is what drives a person to defy their fears, move out of their comfort zone, and cry out to Jesus. Desperate people are not content to just sit and watch the river of God go by. They must jump into the river and pursue Him with all their might.
  2. Repentance- Luke 19:1-9 tells the story of a man named Zacchaeus who wanted to see Jesus but could not see over the crowd due to his short stature. At that point he could have easily given up and just let Jesus pass by. Instead he got desperate and decided to climb a tree. In our sinful state all of us are too small to reach God, but Calvary enables us to leave our sin behind and climb to higher heights so we can see Jesus and be changed. The miracle for Zacchaeus that day? He bought Jesus home with him and salvation came to his home that day.
  3. Making Room-Desperation and repentance are the starting points in receiving your miracle. However, for lasting change to occur and to experience the fullness of God’s power and provision, you must make room for Him, in your heart, your mind, your schedule, your family, and your home. To make room for the miraculous you must be willing to adjust your focus, enlarge your borders, and let go of mental limitations.



Need alone does not obligate God to act, nor does danger (See Mark 6:47-49). What does motivate God to act on our behalf is faith and passionate worship. But that faith must be intentional and our worship drives us toward Him. The Bible says, “Faith without works is dead.” (James 2:17) Without intentional faith, desperation becomes despair, sorrow for our sin becomes self-pity and never moves us to change, and we just continue to watch him pass by from behind our closed doors without ever making room for him. All you need is enough faith to cry out to Him, to take that first step toward Him. He saw his disciples struggling in the storm that night. (Mark 4:47) He sees us, even when we don’t see Him. Because He dwells outside of time and space He is there as soon as we cry out to Him, as soon as we take that first step. When we are willing to make room for Him, nothing will be impossible for us. Nothing. Do you believe it?


Watch Make Room for a Miracle to learn more about getting God’s attention.


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