Little by Little

August 12, 2019

God wants you to be powerfully favored, supernaturally gifted, and abundantly successful! But the progress to your promise land may not move as fast as you think it should.


Have you ever felt like you just can’t get where you’re headed fast enough? You know God has promised it, and yet the progress, success, or advancement is just going way too slow? I remember when I was little watching my brothers zoom by me on the go-cart. I couldn’t wait for my turn to put the pedal to the medal and whirl passed them! When it was finally my turn, I got behind the wheel, took off and … nothing. It was like driving my bike. My mom and dad had a governor on the go-cart, because they knew as soon as I got on, I was determined to go as fast as I could. No matter how much I slammed my foot almost through the floor, it would only go so fast. It just wasn’t fait! “Faster, faster, faster,” I’d scream, watching my brothers speed past me. They were going fast, and I felt like I was barely moving.


Do you feel that way in life? Like God has a governor on your dream? Why would God slow you down when it seems everyone else is moving at light speed? Here’s why, because if failure and defeat have slain their thousands, instant success has slain its tens of thousands. The question is not if God can get you there, the question is can you handle it when He does. You may feel like you’re on the slow-boat to success, but it’s the path to progress that will protect you. God is growing you every step of the way to prepare you for the power and responsibility that comes when that governor is taken off, and finally you’re at full-speed!


Psalms 84:11 says, “The Lord gives favor and honor. He holds back nothing good from those who walk in the way that is right.” It’s in God’s very nature to bless you with victory and success. He doesn’t want to hold anything back from you. He wants you to be powerfully favored, supernaturally gifted, and abundantly successful. But He wants you to first learn, that none of those things will change who you are or how valuable you are to Him. God is not going to love you anymore when you get that promotion, win the award, or earn a title than He loves you right now. Your worth is in who you are, not what you do or accomplish.


It’s possible to get what you want, at the expense of losing what you need. You’ve watched it happen to countless athletes, actors and actresses, business professionals, and even spiritual leaders. There is a blessing in little by little. It gives you time to build your dependency on and intimacy with the Lord. It changes your perspective. It teaches you that your greatest blessing is not in your gifting or talent. Your greatest blessing is to know and be known by God.


Victory and success will be yours if you’ll follow Him—there’s no doubt! But you need to trust the process … trust God. Your father has not forgotten you; He’s trying to save you. What you learn at the bottom will help you stay on top!



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account_circle James Kariuki

Man of God, am James from Kenya, citizen of Kenya, am happyto alwayslistentoyoursermons. May our good lord bless more. Shalom and God bless your entire family.

account_circle Deanna Pillay

I graduated in 2018. I went on a 21 day fast with Pastor Jenezten Franklin, I trusted Jesus. I knew he was going to bless me. I waited for Jesus to provide me with a job. These past few weeks I began to question God as to why am I not getting a job, what am I doing wrong. But reading this email gave me such a relief. Thank you.

account_circle George Ndigirigi

This was very timely, am in that season and I was wondering whether God can speak in situation and alas the Email. Its not easy but hope God is meaning it for good. Keep them coming

account_circle [[Unknown]]

I am always blessed listening to you on Youtube, and reading these heart warming writings that brings the word of God to life in me..ahh.. its well-spring of everlasting life and I thank God for opening my eyes to these beautiful words God puts in your mind to speak to me. Priscilla from Papua New Guinea

account_circle Robert Rocco

Wow, just what I an we need to hear and remember. Love God with all of our heart and develop a remarkable relationship with Him and He will take care of the results! He is our source for all good things; so why not rely on our Father and not our self-esteem, job, money, position in society or any other non-eternal entity. Thank you Jentezen!

account_circle Lisa Byrd

Thanks so much for the encouraging words, I really needed that, l been through alot in the last few years seems like I can't get on top for nothing. I thought after I got out of the abusive marriage things would get better but it's just the opposite, I pray go to church pay my tithes and offerings and I serve at church I know God hasn't forgotten about me but it seems like it

account_circle Evangelina Holguin

Thank you! A much needed answer from my prayers. John 6:68

account_circle James Lewis

One of the best blogs i have read! Powerful and needed!!!

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