May 17, 2020

How to Encourage Yourself

And He said to him, “Pursue, for you will surely overtake them, and you will surely rescue all.”  
I Samuel 30:1-8


When David was at his lowest point, he stepped back and asked the Lord what He should do. There are times in life that we’re hit by things we don’t see coming. Sometimes an unseen enemy comes when things are going well and it stops us in our tracks ­– just like this Covid-19 shutdown all over the world. Whether you’re hit by things you see coming and things you don’t, they can make us feel overwhelmed. THAT’S when it’s time to step back, encourage yourself, and call on the name of the Lord, and ask what you need to do. He will give you back more than you lost.


Before the virus, our plates were full and then something happened that we could not see coming. Maybe you feel like life is spinning out of control. But after you have worried until you can worry no more, step back, inquire of the Lord and wait on Him.


Key Points

1. The best is yet to come! When it feels like the straw that broke the camel’s back, take courage, your God is for you and help is on the way!

2. Sometimes you need to get it out before you can get over it. When you go through difficult times, you are allowed to show feelings. It’s ok to feel confused and to grieve and to lament. Don’t act like everything is all right. It’s healthy to feel the pain and the sorrow of the moment. It’s ok to take a moment to process.

3. There has to come an “until” moment. Your “until” moment is when everything begins to change. It’s when your situation turns the corner and a new thing is born.

4. Be careful not to let bitter people in your life. Crisis can bring out the worst in others—and in you. When people have bitterness, eventually they’ll want to stone you. Finger pointing and blame is the tool of the enemy, so be careful in your relationships, and steer clear of those who want to play the blame-game.

5. Encourage yourself in the Lord.  There is a secret you need to learn. Sometimes you need to encourage yourself in the Lord. Here are three ways to encourage yourself:

1) Rehearse your past victories: There are hundreds of victories in your like if you focus on your past success and God’s past provision. Shake off feeling sorry for yourself. You are NOT a victim. Stand up to this challenge

2) Remember you are under Divine Protection: Angels are protecting you. In today’s crisis God is preserving you and your family! Think of the things that should have taken you under, but they didn’t! There may be battles ahead, but God’s protection is your promise.

3) Remind yourself who your God is: He is able. He is a way-maker. He is a miracle worker. He is the very door you need when it seems like all other doors are closed.

6. Praise is the pathway to encouragement and recovery. Praise begins with gratitude. Spend time TODAY in gratitude and praise. It will change your countenance.

7. You shall recover all and spoils beside. God does not allow you to go through things for nothing. He wants you to see miracles even in the valleys of life. When this is over, you shall recover all you have lost and spoils beside!


Final Thoughts

He is all you will ever need for every situation you will face. After David thought he lost everything at Ziklag, he inquired of the Lord and the Lord told him to go after all he had lost, and David recovered it all … and more. If there are things you have lost, be encouraged, inquire of the Lord, and know that you shall recover it all and spoils beside!


Believe for all that is possible for you and for your family and for your livelihood—you SHALL recover it all! It’s time to encourage yourself in the Lord.


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