January 25, 2019

Great Grace

God has one important thing to tell you: He will never, ever define you by the mistakes you have made, no matter how big! His love for us is not dependent on performance. We are free from striving for perfection because each of us will fall short of the glory of God. But with Jesus as Lord of our lives, we are entitled to receive great grace for our disgrace. His final work on the cross means we do not have to let mistakes or trivial decisions from our past be a hindrance to receiving the fullness of what God has for us. We are in a season of Great Grace. Now is the time to put off the things that try to steal our joy and focus our attention on the gift of grace that is available to us through Jesus.


The memory of our past and the uncertainty of our future can become a burden. But Jesus’ grace is sufficient to overcome everything from our past that may have disgraced us. In fact, it is the abundance of grace that is exchanged for disgrace and pain. God wants to transform you through your mistakes. Mistakes are the evidence that we need a savior. Mistakes can become the doorway to new possibilities in Christ.


Sometimes our yesterdays cause us to question God’s goodness. But the scripture tells us that the apostles went forth in great power given as a witness according to Acts 4:33. But we can declare freedom because of our assurance in Christ’s finished work.


Why stand in a defeated mindset over what has happened in the past? Why let yesterday steal today’s hope? If you are feeling discouragement because of your past, focus on the truth of God’s word and celebrate the victory of now. There is joy in the now! With praise we develop a spiritual resilience to renew our minds to grace. God does not define us by our mistakes, so why should we?


Both yesterday and tomorrow are opportunities that you do not have access to. Yesterday is gone and nothing done can be undone. Tomorrow is not here yet, so worrying about it is useless. Today is the day to seek God for his great grace. Psalms 145 says God is gracious and full of compassion, slow to anger and filled with great mercy. God’s mercy and grace are two of His greatest characteristics. He wants to magnify himself in the middle of your circumstances right now.


Put out of your mind what might disqualify you and focus on Christ who has qualified you through grace by surrendering your mistakes to the Lord. Grace gives us what we have not deserved, because it is a gift. But mercy holds back what we do deserve. God offers both great grace and mercy to fulfill his plan for your life. All heaven is ready to receive the confession of failures so that God can exchange it for grace and mercy. Don’t let the prison of yesterday or the chains of worry over tomorrow keep you bound up. Receive forgiveness through repentance, and let great grace flow over you. Your mistakes are not greater than God’s grace.


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