June 6, 2020

Grace Grace


Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need. - Hebrews 4:16


Not by might, not by power, but by My Spirit sayeth the Lord. He shall bring it forth with shouts of GRACE, GRACE! The Lord has sent His Holy Spirit to you and your family! Don’t allow fear of all the challenges outside of you to be bigger than the God inside of you. Grace is all you need for every situation you will ever face.


Four Kinds of Grace

1. Saving grace. You don’t get good to get God; you get God to get good. You are saved by faith and His grace, not because of anything you do or have done.

2. Justifying grace. We have our peace because of justification. Think of justification like this: it’s just as if I’d never sinned. We are justified only because of the grace of God.

3. Teaching grace. The grace of God appears to men, teaching them to live right and to deny worldly lust. His grace is not freedom to sin. His grace is freedom from sin.

4. Enabling grace. This kind of grace helps you overcome the difficulties of this world. His grace is sufficient for you. God’s enabling grace allows you to do what would otherwise crush you. This kind of grace is there to help you when you go through troubles of this world.


Key Points

1. Identify the names of your mountains. Mountains are obstacles. Proclamations of Grace will help you overcome the mountains in your life. Don’t talk to God about how big your mountain is; tell your mountain how great your God is.

2. Talk to your mountain. When you speak truth to your mountain God will reduce it to a smooth place. God is about to smooth things out for you and your circumstance.

3. You have mountain-moving grace. Believe it because it is your inheritance as a child of God. But you must speak to your mountain before your mountain can be removed.

4. When a mountain appears in your life, God is up to something great! You’re not alone and He will overcome your problems and replace them with His promises.

5. It’s time to begin again! It’s time! When God gives you a word, he gives enabling grace to do it all. Begin to hope and fight again. Dream again.

6. Start shouting GRACE, GRACE over your circumstances. God WILL show up and show out! Don’t talk fear, depression, defeat, losing, or financial crisis. Declare grace over every circumstance in your life.

7. Don’t just speak it once – SHOUT it twice! And then every time you see that mountain, shout it until the mountain has been removed.


Final Thoughts

We need to go before the throne of grace when we need help. Grace is mentioned 125 times in the Bible and 16 out of 21 New Testament books begin with the word “grace”—all because it’s the foundational truth of our salvation and every area of our life. There is great power in the grace of God. Shout “Grace, Grace” over every circumstance of your life. And don’t just say it, shout it! Don’t just shout it, shout it twice!


There are circumstances in your life where you will reach the end of yourself and your abilities. There, God’s grace is the bridge between where you are and where you need to go; what you have and what you need. Open your mouth and shout GRACE, GRACE over your mountains today. God is looking for grace-shouters!


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