May 19, 2017

God’s Formula for a Second Chance

If you have ever questioned the purpose and plan of God for your life, or felt like you have missed His divine appointment, there is an interesting story in Jeremiah chapter 18 that makes it clear we serve a God who leaves nothing to chance.


The scripture says the prophet looked at the nation of Israel and he said, “There is no hope.” Any voice that tells you “there is no hope” is not from God. It goes on to say that God told him to go down to the potter’s house and there he would see the potter forming the clay. Even though His materials were nothing more than dirt and dust, he would form and “shape” it into a vessel that He could use.


Imagine as the potter worked the clay with his hands, the wheel was going one way and the hand of the potter was going the other. Scripture says: “But the pot he was shaping from the clay was marred in his hands; so the potter formed it into another pot, shaping it as seemed best to him.”


What blesses me about this story is the potter didn’t just throw out the pot and break it!! The Bible says the potter made it again!


If you are someone who knows God has tried to do something in your life, but you have refused, don’t be in doubt. He’s not the kind of God that is mad at you and says, “Well, I’m through with you and I’m going to throw you out!” God says, “You know what I’ll do? I’ll just do it again, and I’ll shape you into the vessel I want you to be.”


It’s God’s promise of a second chance. So what aspect of your life do you need to put in the Potter’s hand? He can make you all over again!



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