June 23, 2017

God Opens and Closes Doors

The When and the Why


God opens doors and He shuts doors. The Lord is your doorkeeper. The search for open doors comes during seasons of transition, discomfort, or even inspiration. We want God to open and shut doors in the different seasons of our lives. Sometimes we think that a transition has to be a long journey. The truth is, God can set a door in your life even at this moment and move you from one place into a whole NEW place in a moment.


Doors in the Bible are very important. Open doors give you access to something. Shut doors mean you don’t have access. The Lord is your doorkeeper. He opens doors and He shuts doors. And if you trust Him, He’s going to let you have the access to His plan and His purpose for your life.


Sometimes a shut door is for protection and sometimes a shut door is for privacy. There are some doors that need to open for you, some places you’re supposed to be, and some things you’re supposed to do.


Doors in Our Lives


1. Doors of Protection

The destroyer may be assigned to your home to destroy it and you may be fearful of what the destroyer would love to do to your little family. But I’m proclaiming protection over your family and over your life. Don’t let fear torment you. Don’t let the enemy tell you something happened and it’s going to come back and haunt you again. The Lord is your doorkeeper, and He’s watching your house.


2. Doors that Move

Since the Lord is our doorkeeper, sometimes He moves the door. There are some people God does not want to have access to you anymore. God can come with a word, and at the sound of His voice the doorposts move. He can move the door so that certain people no longer have access to you. Every open door to someone matters.


Have you ever opened the door to someone and wished you hadn’t? I’ve discovered every time God gives a significant word, my door moves. And if some people have access to you, they will cause you to abort what God wants you to give birth to. They’ll rob you of your faith


3. Doors to New Challenges

The people you surround yourself with in transition is critical. You need people who call you to your highest place, people around you who modify your behavior for the better. You need people who don’t take you down the wrong road.


4. Doors With New Neighbors

When you go through an open door, it is very likely that you will find yourself in a new place. When this happens, it is a guarantee that new people are coming into your life. Blessing people, spirit people. You had a lot of flesh people before, but now you need some spirit people. Power relationships. Kingdom connections.


Learn more about this in our online course, Right People, Right Place, Right Plan.


Allow me to ask you a few questions:

  1. Are there some doors you need the Lord to close in this season of life?

  2. Are there some doors, or a door, that you need the Lord to open in this season of life?
  3. Are you looking back instead of looking forward? Sometimes, when things get hard, our first search for an open door is looking back to where there were open doors before. Doors that USED to be open doors of previous employment, previous relationships, and even previous moves of God often look better in our memory than they actually were.
  4. Another thing I have seen is that when people talk as thought they are looking for an open door from God, they are actually only looking in the place they want to go. Not starting your search for all things “next” in surrender to anything and anywhere God chooses can result in a lot of knocking on walls where there is no door. Walls are God’s way of saying, “This isn’t the place.”


Listen to this message from Jentezen Franklin, The Lord is my Doorkeeper.


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