Get Up, Get Out, Get Free

June 9, 2017

Feeling defeated or limited? Convinced that there’s no way out of the situation you’re in? I’ve got good news for you. God wants to break open those prison doors and set you free!


In Acts 12:6-11 we read the story of Peter’s miraculous escape from prison. Peter was bound in a jail cell guarded by two soldiers. He was locked behind iron gates awaiting possible execution. There was no way out, until an angel suddenly appeared and walked Peter right outside.


I’ve got good news for you. God wants to break open those prison doors and set you free!


There are a number of tools the enemy uses to keep you down and imprisoned. Let’s take a look at Peter and the things that kept him bound.


The Two Chains of Fear and Doubt

Peter had one chain around his hands and another around his feet, and yet another around his mind. Many of you have great things ahead of you, but you can’t move forward because of these two chains of fear and doubt. Fear says, “What if I fail? What if I can’t get the money? What will they think of me?” and so on. Doubt questions God’s ability to work on your behalf, and it also questions your own ability as His child. But the Bible tells us clearly that God has not given us a spirit of fear. Don’t let the chain of fear and the chain of doubt hold you back from God’s very best for your life.


The Two Guards of Discouragement and Intimidation

Once the chains fell off Peter, he then had two soldiers to walk past. I believe the guards represent discouragement and intimidation. When you are low and feeling defeated, sitting on that prison floor, these towering guards look huge! But what happens when you stand up in the strength of the Spirit? When you stand on the Word of God? All of a sudden, those guards don’t look quite as tall. You were created to rule and reign in Jesus. It’s time to stand up in Him, and walk right past discouragement and intimidation.


You were created to rule and reign in Jesus!


Locked Doors

What always appeared locked to Peter was instantly opened at God’s command. This should be encouraging news to you! You may be facing a seemingly impossible situation, a locked door. The enemy may be telling you there’s no way this door will ever open. But God desires to swing open those iron doors in His perfect timing, and all you have to do is have a little faith to stand up and walk through.


We have an enemy who has decided that his job is to keep every believer from breaking free. He loves to whisper lies, defeat, and shame into your ears all day long until you finally give in and never get free.


You may be in the shadows of a prison right now, bound by the two chains of fear and doubt. Discouragement and intimidation may be looming over you and you’re locked behind an iron gate. But I’m here to declare that the Spirit of God is ready to shine suddenly in the darkness and set you free. It’s time to get up from where you’ve been sitting, get out of that prison that’s been holding you down, and get free!


I’m here to declare that the Spirit of God is ready to shine suddenly in the darkness and set you free!


Take Action— Get Up, Get Out, Get Free!

Our strength does not come from people but from the Lord! He that the Son sets free is FREE indeed! (John 8:36)  Everything looks bigger when you are down. There is power when you get up! We have to keep moving forward. Remember how big our God is. Even if your faith is small, big doors will open if you Get up. You will Get out and Get Free!

He that the Son sets free is FREE indeed!


Peter had to act upon the angel’s command to stand up, put on his shoes, and walk past those prison guards. If Peter hadn’t responded, he would have never escaped. God used Peter’s faith and performed a great miracle! God wants to take your faith and set you free, too. Get up, get out, and get free!


I want to hear form you:

  1. In what areas do you feel the enemy has kept you bound?
  2. What discouragement or intimidation have you faced lately?
  3. Are there doors you need God to open?


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