February 19, 2020

Gang Violence Threatens Haiti Like Never Before

With a grateful heart, we want to thank you, Pastor Jentezen and your Kingdom Connection Partners, for your monthly gift of $10,000 for food—272,000 meals!


As you may know, Haiti has been in a food crisis for a long time, but the political unrest and gang violence has made it even worse. Due to the gangs getting assault rifles, AK47s, etc., they have been controlling Haiti since last year. It has almost brought the country to the point of starvation . . . They block the roads with vehicles, and frisk the poor, taking their food, their money, even their clothes. They stop the mothers and fathers who are traveling to sell goods at the marketplaces and take all that they have. Never, never have we seen anything like this since we moved to Haiti.



At our last distribution, where we distribute food to 93 organizations from all over Haiti, we doubled the food we usually give them, because they were not able to come out last month due to the violence. We wish you could have been here to see the joy on their faces as they loaded pallets of food into their trucks. They were so happy!


These people have orphanages, little schools in the mountains, and other outreaches feeding the poor. There is no way in the world they could ever afford to bring a container of food, or even buy this amount of food, Pastor Jentezen. 

Of course, we have continued to distribute food up in the mountains and many other places, but we must always be on alert for gangs and thieves. One of the most notorious gangs is the Papaya Gang. They are located deep in the papaya fields. We have to pass by them when going to any areas of town, to buy things or to pick up someone from the airport. (If you want to learn more, just Google "gang violence in Haiti creating food violence." or anything similar to this.)


We wish to thank you, and your partners, Pastor Franklin, for always being the "life‑line" to the poor in Haiti! Pray for us, and for the safety of all here.


Bobby & Sherry


Each month Jentezen Franklin Media Ministries sends 272,000 meals to Haiti. Malnutrition is one of the leading causes of death in Haiti with roughly 1 in 14 infants never seeing their 1st birthday. While we have supported numerous additional projects in Haiti over the years, sending food each month is a commitment we’ve kept for over a decade—and with your support, we can continue for years to come. For just $120 YOU can send 3,240 meals





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