October 23, 2019

Food, Emergency Supplies & Medicine Ready


272,000 meals each month are sent to Haiti thanks to the monthly support of our Kingdom Connection Partners. The meals are stored in the 30,000 square foot Kingdom Connection Food Distribution Center. This building alone is an incredible blessing to the people of Haiti. This facility, built by our partners like you in 2013, is a literal storehouse for the food shipments that are delivered. They are able to store emergency relief supplies, and protect the goods that come until they are able to distribute them directly to starving familes and children, plus 94 mission organizations and orphanages whose children depend on this food to survive. 


Here's a recent report from a Saturday distribution out of the KC Food Distrubution Center:


We had a wonderful food distribution on Saturday from the Kingdom Connection Food Distribution Center. 93 organizations came; half were orphan homes. We distributed 355,000 meals! The Kingdom Connection Food Distribution Center is a huge blessing! We have emergency supplies and medicines ready for hurricanes. Right now, we are very short on food. So many Haitian families have overwhelmed us.

Thank you, Kingdom Connection Partners, for the food you send each month and all that you have done.

Bobby and Sherry



The devaluation of Haitian money continues to have a devastating impact on the poor. “It’s a very sad situation,” said missionary Bobby Burnette, director of Love a Child in Haiti. “Pastor Jentezen and his Kingdom Connection partners are literally saving lives.”


Please consider what you can do today to help us continue sending food to Haiti every month. A one-time donation can go a long way: $24 = 648 meals, $120 = 3,240 meals, and $1000 = 27,000 meals. And your monthly partnership can help us continue supporting not only the children in Haiti, but the many ministries we lift up each month like Holocaust survivors in Israel, emancipated youth at the Dream Center, and recovering mothers and their children right here at home who are working to keep their family together.



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