Enthusiasm: There is a Cost for Low Enthusiasm

May 26, 2017

Seize the Moment!

Not every moment is an equal opportunity moment. It is a real wake-up call for us to understand that we don’t decide the time of breakthroughs and miracles.  We don’t decide when we’re going to just do God’s will, but we can miss our time of visitation.  I want to talk about recognizing those moments, and about the high cost of low enthusiasm. Did you know that you can miss your moment when you don’t respond to God when He speaks to you?


When God gives you a direction or a word, you don’t take it and just go about your business. You are to react with great enthusiasm!


There’s a high price for not getting excited about taking our faith to another level.  We have opportunities that come our way, and we all respond differently.  There has to be an excited response inside of us, or we miss unbelievable opportunities.  Not all moments are created equally.  There are intersections in life that come, and if you respond properly, God will do exceedingly, abundantly above all that you could ask or think.


Here are five things to consider when you enter God’s presence and offer your praise and worship:


1. Don’t be lukewarm. Jesus said if you’re lukewarm, He’ll spew you out of His mouth. Do you really think its possible to truly be in God’s presence and feel nothing?  If you feel nothing, then it is very doubtful you have been in His presence at all.


2. There is good news: Heartfelt praise and worship ushers you into God’s presence. Bottom line, you are as close to God as you choose to be. It is a choice. Choose wisely.


3. Sometimes your enthusiasm will draw negative attention and criticism. Be enthusiastic anyway!


The problem with religion is that the more religious a person becomes, the more likely they are to sit quietly during praise and worship, simply observing … and usually judging. If you know so much, you should be praising the loudest! 


4. Never forget whom you are dancing for! If the world does not approve, simply remind them, “I wasn’t dancing for you. I wasn’t even thinking about you.” 


Worship is more than noise.  It’s more than hiring people to make musical instruments praise God. We must never let it become lackadaisical. We must have excitement and enthusiasm. 


5. There are things you’ll never give birth to until you learn how to put on the garment of praise. Weeping may endure for the night, but joy comes in the morning.  And I’m going to praise Him now, until the dawn of the sunshine comes again in our life. Praise Him if you’ve had a hard week.  Praise Him if you’ve had a setback.  Praise Him.  Get enthusiastic and say, “You know what?  God’s still on the throne, and I will praise Him.” Sometimes God has to break us so that we can really praise Him. 



There’s a breaking going on in the church today.  Let Him break you.  Don’t hold back your emotions.  Give Him your enthusiasm.  Give Him your emotions.  Give Him your excitement. If you hunger for more, don’t be afraid. There’s a time and a place to praise the Lord, and we are in that time.



Take a moment and walk through the following:


  1. Rate your enthusiasm for the Lord on a scale from 1-10 (zero being none and ten being overflowing).

    Question: What would it take to move your score closer to a ten?
  2. Think about your times of praise and worship; private and public. 

    Question: Are you enthusiastic? Why or why not?
  3. Ask the Lord to show you what He wants to birth in your life if you’re willing to enthusiastically pursue and worship Him. Share your answer with someone.


I’d love to hear your thoughts!  Let’s Talk.


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